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Soltek Energy Reviews

Soltek Energy
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Soltek Energy Overall Rating From 72 Reviews:

72 Reviews

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Soltek Energy is a leading provider of solar power solutions throughout Australia in both commercial and residential environments. The company has a team of specialist renewable electrical engineers who are experienced in solar technology. The Australian company aims to help customers lower their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment - both things that can be achieved through a high quality solar power system. Soltek Energy is accredited by the Clean Energy Council, giving customers assurance that they are getting the best possible service and expertise. The company can also offer advice on making the most of government rebates and incentives.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
We had some issues trying to get the Inverter to talk to the computer so as to b ...
>>> See Andrew's review
Andrew NSW 2117

>>> See Mike's review
Mike NSW 2750

>>> See Gaurav's review
Gaurav NSW 2170
Other companies were probably just as good. One was email quote only (I like to ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2066
All three referred installers responsed quickly and were helpful and courteous. ...
>>> See Michael's review
Michael NSW 2042

>>> See John's review
John NSW 2137

>>> See Jill's review
Jill NSW 2750

>>> See John's review
John NSW 2137
Excellent customer service, great installers. Damien took the time to drop in a ...
>>> See Anthea's review
Anthea NSW 2088
They were quite responsive and helpful to get the business but took multiple fol ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2155
Damian from Soltek is straight with me and his experience showed. He took the ti ...
>>> See Martin's review
Martin NSW 2121

>>> See Bernard's review
Bernard NSW 2100
Given this is relatively new technology and anybody could tell you anything it w ...
>>> See Ian's review
Ian NSW 2087
very professional, great customer service
>>> See Mary's review
Mary NSW 2173

>>> See Brad's review
Brad NSW 2155
I have a stand alone system. There was a reticence from installers to even reply ...
>>> See Chris's review
Chris NSW 2534
Damien was excellent, nothing was a problem, they were very quick with the insta ...
>>> See Amie's review
Amie NSW 2768
When I asked for a quote I had excellent customer service. Damien took all the ...
>>> See Rachel's review
Rachel NSW 2117

>>> See Pedro's review
Pedro NSW 2769
Damien is great and the girl at reception was really helpful too. He was the ...
>>> See John's review
John NSW 2111
Soltek were the 1st to respond, arranging a visit to assess the location, measur ...
>>> See Rodney's review
Rodney NSW 2232
Contacts from each of the recommended suppliers were good and professional, and ...
>>> See Les's review
Les NSW 2122
Like most people I wanted to cut through the rubbish and risk factors in investi ...
>>> See Michael's review
Michael NSW 2750
I have been extremely happy with the whole process of acquiring solar power on m ...
>>> See Alan's review
Alan NSW 2065
We were very happy with Soltek's follow up. They called to make an appointment i ...
>>> See Joan's review
Joan NSW 2113

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2516

>>> See Lawrence Paul's review
Lawrence Paul NSW 2220
Our system was intalled 3 year sago but had a problem with the inverter. Damien ...
>>> See Michael's review
Michael NSW 2770
Sales rep came out to my house and promoted solar. After getting a couple of quo ...
>>> See Dave's review
Dave NSW 2148

>>> See Andrew's review
Andrew NSW 2062
Of the four groups from whom we requested site inspections and quotations, Solte ...
>>> See Andrew's review
Andrew NSW 2118
It was not exactly as the sales person said , location of solar panels and I ha ...
>>> See Ian's review
Ian NSW 2571
The Soltek Energy team really went out of their way to make sure we got the best ...
>>> See Steve's review
Steve NSW 2067
Damien was great.Service and installation was excellent. Would recommend Soltek ...
>>> See Ann's review
Ann NSW 2570
I was impressed with Damien for coming out to my house and showing me exactly wh ...
>>> See Adrian's review
Adrian NSW 2761
We had some roof leaks after the installation but they were dealt with very quic ...
>>> See Jake's review
Jake NSW 2193
The payback period should be really short. The installation went without any dr ...
>>> See Tim's review
Tim NSW 2234
Very impressed with the level of communication, but an initial failure to do a s ...
>>> See Matt's review
Matt NSW 2777
Soltek Energy listened to what I said and answered all my questions and made exc ...
>>> See Mark's review
Mark NSW 2085
This company was the only one that took any real interest,and followed up after ...
>>> See Les's review
Les NSW 2765
I was listened too and any of my questions were answered to with their thorough ...
>>> See M's review
M NSW 2085

>>> See Peter's review
Peter NSW 2567
Pricewise compared well. Sales people happy to spend time explaining the detail ...
>>> See Karin's review
Karin NSW 2203
Damien from Soltek very promptly rang me in answer to my email enquiry and we ar ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter NSW 2779

>>> See Geoffrey's review
Geoffrey NSW 2760
I have had a positive experience with all my dealings with Soltek Energy, from t ...
>>> See Geoffrey's review
Geoffrey NSW 2760
All 3 solar installers recommended by Solar Quotes were courteous, knowledgeable ...
>>> See Jean's review
Jean NSW 2745
Soltek have been great in terms of an interpersonal relationship. Any issues we' ...
>>> See Elyte's review
Elyte NSW 2038
Previous accidental damage caused during installation resolved without question ...
>>> See Graeme's review
Graeme NSW 2206

>>> See Lewis's review
Lewis NSW 2775
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