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The astonishingly beautiful South East Queensland inland city of Toowoomba must be one of the “greenest” cities in Australia given its abundance of public parks and gardens.

The city’s temperate climate, with warm summers and coolish winters, is not just conducive to growing the city’s myriad plants and flowers; it also supports the beginnings of a future for the city based on solar energy.

Toowoomba households and residents have been quick to jump on the solar power bandwagon, with more than 8,800 small-scale systems representing close to 32MW of combined capacity installed as at June 2018.

All these rooftop solar panels are saving the households below them some serious cash on electricity bills – and lightening their domestic carbon footprint.

Over the years, the Toowoomba region has often been in Australia’s top ten postcodes for PV uptake.

Toowoomba Regional Council has also been supportive of solar energy. In 2015, it approved the construction of a solar farm approximately 150 kilometres west of Toowoomba. Should the project proceed, it could be as large as 2,0000 megawatts.

Unversity of Southern Queensland’s Toowoomba Campus will also be harvesting the power of the sun through the installation of more than 4000 solar panels above its largest campus carpark, covering an area approximately the size of four football fields.

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