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WA Signs Companies for ‘Green’ Hydrogen & Ammonia Precinct

green hydrogen

The Western Australian government has allocated land to four companies in its Maitland Strategic Industrial Area, to develop allegedly ‘green’ hydrogen and ammonia projects. [Read more…]

LAVO Scores $5 Million Grant For Home Hydrogen Battery Production

Lavo battery grant

The NSW government has reportedly provided a significant grant to a local company manufacturing a unique hydrogen-based energy storage system for homes and businesses. [Read more…]

Australian Firm Aims For Cleaner Cremation With Green Hydrogen

Cremation with green hydrogen

As more Australians look to lowering their carbon footprint in death as in life, renewables-based hydrogen could play a role. [Read more…]

SA Labor’s Hydrogen Hype: A Second Rate Plan For The First Element

SA Labor Hydrogen Plan

South Australian Labor clearly hope their new Hydrogen Plan can help them win back power in the March 2022 state election.

Will their huffing of hydrogen hype lift them higher than a zeppelin, or will it bomb? [Read more…]

Curious Solar + Hydrogen Trial For The Northern Territory

Solar and hydrogen trial - Northern Territory

This one is a bit of a head scratcher – a proposed project for the Northern Territory seeks to use solar power to pull water from the air and create hydrogen from that water to be used for electricity generation. [Read more…]

LAVO’s Australian Made Hydrogen Battery: Incredible Engineering. Tough Sell.

Lavo hydrogen battery review

The LAVO hydrogen battery is a feat of engineering -but who will buy it?

If all you’ve ever wanted out of life is to own an Australian made, hydrogen-powered, fuel cell, energy storage system then I have some really good news for you.  In October, Australian company LAVO launched a hydrogen energy storage system for homes and businesses.  While it’s mainly a fuel cell, they refer to it as a hydrogen battery, so if you want to call it a battery knock yourself out. [Read more…]

ANU Claims Hydrogen At $2-3 A KG By 2030 — I Say Not Bloody Likely

Hydrogen vs. emission offset natural gas

Hydrogen won’t be $2-3 per kilogram by 2030. It’ll be much cheaper!

Hydrogen is the car fuel of the future.  Just not our future. 

[Read more…]

Has Chief Scientist Alan Finkel Got It Wrong On Hydrogen And Natural Gas?

Chief Scientist Dr. Alan Finkel - Hydrogen

On Wednesday last week Australia’s Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, gave a talk on Australia’s energy future at the National Press Club.  While there’s no doubt Australia’s Chief Scientist is a smart cookie, I think a couple of predictions he made are fairly obviously wrong. [Read more…]

WA Government Funding Renewable Hydrogen Feasibility Studies

Renewable Hydrogen - Western Australia

Image source: WA Government

Western Australia’s McGowan Government has stumped up $1.68 million to support renewable hydrogen feasibility studies across the state. [Read more…]

$11.4 Million Tonsley Hydrogen Cracker is Crackers

Tonsley Hydrogen electrolyser project is crackers

Siemens may have “ingenuity for life” but calling their hydrogen electrolysis machine a Windgas HaBfurt doesn’t strike me as the most ingenious of names.

The South Australian Government has given development approval to Australian Gas Networks (AGN) for an $11.4 million dollar electrolyser project. It will produce hydrogen in Adelaide’s not at all scenic suburb of Tonsley. [Read more…]

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