Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – March 2019

auSSII report covering February 2019

The trend towards increasingly larger solar power systems continued in February as Australians sought to get the best returns from the electricity bill-busting technology.

System Capacity Stats

More Australians are thinking really big when it comes to solar. 6 months ago, the proportion of those who had a capacity in mind and specified systems larger than 6kW was around 19% – last month it hit 24%.

For 6kW or higher, the proportion has crept up to just shy of 60% – up from 58% in January. There’s still a significant number of potential solar buyers wanting advice on system sizing – around 32% of all submissions – and that’s a good thing, assuming of course they are getting that advice from a good installer.

System size preference February 2019

Installation Timeframe

Interest in having a solar power system installed immediately again tapered off in February to around 19% (January 21%, December 26% November 24%). There was also a drop-off in the proportion wanting a system installed anytime from right away to within 3 months – 81% in February vs. 84% in January and 86% in December and November.

Solar purchase intent - February 2019

Solar Price And Quality Preference

Approximately 79% were wanting a system that was “a good mix of quality and price” – so not much change there (80% in January and 79% in December). However, there was an uptick those wanting a top quality (most expensive) system (~14% vs. 12% in January) and the figure for a “good budget system” remained at 7%.

Solar price vs. quality - February 2019

Battery Ready PV Systems

February again saw another reduction in the proportion of those after battery-ready systems – down to around 28% compared to January’s 29% and Decembers 30%.  Most solar power systems  are “battery-ready” to some degree, but we ask this question to help inform  system design for prospective installers.

Battery Ready Solar Interest - February 2019

Solar + Battery Installation Interest

Only around 8% indicated they were interested in battery storage installed at the same time as their solar power system. Australia isn’t there yet in terms of battery pricing and the extra bucks are better spent on a bigger solar panel system.

Concurrent solar + battery storage installation - February 2019

Battery Capacity Preference

For those who did request concurrent battery installation and specified capacity, around 18% wanted 1-5kWh (16% in January), 43% requested pricing for a 5-10kWh battery (January 48%) and 38% a 10kWh+ system (January 36%). 52% of the overall total wanted advice on battery sizing. This number tends to bounce between 50% and 55%.

Battery capacity preference February 2019

Intended Battery Use

Close to 5% were wanting a solar battery primarily for backup purposes (3% in January and ~4% in December) and 45% for minimising grid electricity use – down quite a bit on January’s 50%.  Just under 51% wanted a battery for both applications (47% in January).

Intended battery use February 2019

Pre-Solar Power Electricity Bills

Among those who knew what their quarterly electricity bill amounts were, 46% reported $500 – $1,000; getting back down towards December’s figure of 45% after rising to 49% in January. As in January and December, 11% said they quarterly electricity bills of $1,000 or more.

How much Australians are paying for electricity - February 2019

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      That’s pretty good, but possible for a lithium ion phone battery because they lie about how charged they are. It’s possible the phone hasn’t recalibrated how much charge the battery holds for a long time and so when it says 84% charge it may be significantly less. To get it to recalibrate use it until it’s fully drained and shuts down then let it fully recharge.

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