Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – January 2018

auSSII solar report - January 2018

While the holiday season and lead-up to it had an impact on the number of Australians looking at going solar (as it often does), interest in new solar power installations was still very strong in December.

2017 was a stellar year for small-scale solar energy in Australia on many fronts. Here at SolarQuotes, we welcomed a record number of visitors to this web site during the year; many of whom requested quotes.

Here’s what Australians were wanting in PV during December:

System Size Preference

In December, big systems continued to reign supreme and gained strength, with 5kW solar systems and larger making up 42.1% of quote requests (including those where system size wasn’t specified); compared to 34.6% in November. 1.5kW systems made up less than 1% of requests.

PV system size preferences - Australia

PV Purchase Intent Timeframe

Australians are still keen to install solar panels as soon as possible, with 21.5% indicating they want installation straight away. This was a significant jump from November when 19% gave a time-frame of “immediately”. A further 29% wanted installation within the next 4 weeks.

Solar power system purchase timeframe

Price Against Quality

In the battle between price and quality, the trend continues of a balance between both, with 80% of Australians indicating they wanted a “a good mix of quality and price” in a solar power system – this figure has barely moved in the last few months. Those asking for a “good budget system” remained in the minority, at just under 7%.

solar power budget

Battery-Ready Systems

Most Australians interested in going solar still don’t appear to be overly fussed regarding adding battery storage down the track, with only around 13% specifically requesting quotes on battery-ready systems – little change from November.

battery ready PV

Concurrent Solar + Battery Storage

While big things have been predicted by some for concurrent solar + battery installations during 2018, there wasn’t a hint of it yet in what we saw in December; with just under 5% of submitters requesting a solar + battery system quote. There was zero interest in the Northern Territory again – that may change with new solar incentives now available.

concurrent solar + battery system requests

As always, we like to point out in this section of the report that the SQ quoting system generates a flag when solar + batteries are selected, providing indicative costs and offering the option of proceeding or selecting “battery-ready” as an alternative.

Battery System Capacity

Where a battery size was specified, close to 47% of requests were for solar quotes including energy storage of 10kWh+ capacity. Just over 37% of submitters weren’t sure of what capacity they wanted.

Battery system capacity

Energy Storage Application

The envisioned application for battery storage was backup in 6% of submissions, minimising grid electricity consumption in 38% and 55% of submitters want to use a battery for both.

battery application

Electricity Costs – Quarterly Bills

61% of Australians indicated they had average quarterly electricity bills of $500 or more. This has crept up again since November (60%) and will likely to continue upwards in the near future, particularly given Victorians were lumped with electricity price increases of up to 14.9% from January 1.

Australian electricity bills

About The auSSII Report

Thousands of requests for solar quotes are made via the SolarQuotes web site each month. These quotes are provided by Australian installers pre-vetted by SQ who are participating in our installer network. The auSSII report is based on information provided by submitters during our quoting process.

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About Michael Bloch

Michael caught the solar power bug after purchasing components to cobble together a small off-grid PV system in 2008. He's been reporting on Australian and international solar energy news ever since.


  1. Barry Walker says

    As I have been using solar in a camper van ,and have my workshops totally working without grid power as well as having our house with a 4.1kva system installed with grid for backup and are battery ready with a 5kva inverterincluding battery charger you can see I am totally hooked

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