Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – May 2018

auSSII solar report - April 2018

Interest from Australians in solar power systems during April continued to indicate bigger is better, and budget solar is trumped by quality.

System Size Choices

While 5kW packages continue to dominate (making up 43% of quote requests where a size was specified) and 6kW solar systems also had a strong showing (~21%), many Australians are now looking even larger, with 16% wanting pricing on installing systems bigger than 6kW. 39% of overall quote requests asked for advice on system sizing.

PV system sizing selection

Solar Power System Purchase Timeframe

In April, 17% of Australians using our service were ready to buy a system immediately, well up from March (14%) and also up on February (15%) and January (16%). 24% wanted to buy within 4 weeks (down from 26% in March). For anywhere from now to 3 months, the figure was 75%; similar to March.

Solar system purchase timeframe

A Combination Of Good Quality And Price

As in previous months, approximately 79% of Australians were wanting to install a system that was a “a good mix of quality and price”.  The “good budget system” option also remained steady at 7% and “top quality (most expensive)” was again around the 14% mark.

solar quality and price

Battery Ready Systems

Interest in battery-ready systems jumped significantly in April , with 29% registering this option (March: 14%, February: 12% and January: 11%). While all grid connect systems can be considered battery ready, we ask this question on the quote form to help installers who will be providing a quote to understand the prospective purchaser’s future intentions; as this will influence system design.

battery ready solar option

Concurrent Solar + Battery System Installation

In April, 5.2% of submitters requested a quote for a concurrent solar power + battery installation – this figure has remained relatively static since we began the auSSII last year. As in other months, during April we had a flag display when submitters select solar + storage indicating ballpark pricing and offering a battery-ready option instead in order to help avoid “sticker-shock” when people receive quotes. Solar + storage is still very pricey and generally speaking, better bang for buck can be realised through solar-only at this stage.

concurrent solar + storage installation

Battery System Size Preference

For those who did proceed with requesting a solar + storage installation quote and had a battery size in mind, 48% were wanting a home battery system with 10kWh+ capacity. As with solar power system sizing, many weren’t sure of what they wanted, with 48% requesting advice in this regard.

Battery storage capacity

Primary Battery Use

4% wanted to install a battery primarily for backup (2% in March, 5% in February and 4% in January), 44% for  minimising grid electricity use  (43% in March, 46% in Feb. and 42% in Jan.) and 53% for both applications (55%: March, 49%: February and 54% in Jan.)

battery application

Average Quarterly Electricity Bills

Just over 46% of those submitting for quotes indicated they had quarterly electricity bills $500 – $1,000 – up on March (45%) and February (44%). As in March, 12% reported quarterly bills of $1,000 or greater. Approximately 7% weren’t sure what they paid per quarter on average, as was the case in March and February.

Australian electricity bills

About The auSSII Report

The figures above are based on the thousands of requests for solar quotes received via the SolarQuotes web site in April.

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About Michael Bloch

Michael caught the solar power bug after purchasing components to cobble together a small off-grid PV system in 2008. He's been reporting on Australian and international solar energy news ever since.


  1. Bret Busby in Perth, Western Australia says

    Isn’t the use of storage batteries for “minimising grid electricity use”, still not economically feasible, with the economically feasible option for “minimising grid electricity use”, still being installing and using the greatesty possible panels capacity?

    • Michael Bloch says

      That solar-only generally provides better bang for buck is mentioned earlier in the report.

  2. I think “feasible” may not be the right word. Not economically attractive – certainly.

    It’s certainly feasible for many folks to install batteries, but the costs are still generally too high* for it to be a money-making exercise. I have the money and the technological curiosity to be able to do it, but I would rather spend that money on more panels to maximize displacement of coal or gas generation for the moment.

    * Of course we could all do it if we had access to a stack of second-hand truck batteries and some old panels that fell off Skylab or something.

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