Aussies Vs. Kiwis On Climate Change Action Satisfaction

Climate catalyst

Between Australians and New Zealanders, who are the most satisfied with their respective government’s action on climate change?

The Climate Catalyst is a tracking study seeking to determine how well governments around the world are meeting citizens’ expectations on addressing the threat of climate change. The first polling was conducted 11 – 17 March 2020 and involved respondents from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the USA – around 1,050 from each.

I’ll just focus on the Australian responses and those from our good friends and potential travel bubble buddies across the ditch in New Zealand.

In response to the question:

“How satisfied are you with your government’s performance in these areas: – Response to Climate Change”

56% of New Zealanders indicated they were satisfied while just 39% of Australians were. Given recent events, high dissatisfaction levels in Australia may continue.

But a majority of Kiwis being satisfied doesn’t mean they don’t believe more shouldn’t be done. On the question:

“Do you believe your government should do more or less to address climate change”

76% of the Australians and 74% of New Zealanders said yes.

It also seems Kiwis are more optimistic about society overcoming the challenges of climate change – 54% vs. 48% of the Australians.

The Nuclear Question

For the question:

“Do you support the use of nuclear power in order to help reduce carbon emissions?”

38% of the Australian respondents indicated support (31% said no), while 26% of the New Zealand respondents said yes and 42% stated no.

A Roy Morgan poll last year found 51% (up 16% since July 2011) of Australian respondents believed we should develop nuclear power to reduce the country’s carbon dioxide emissions. Just over a third 34% (down 24%) said no.

Missing from the Climate Catalyst study were any questions relating to renewable energy, and renewables are always a people-pleaser; particularly in the land down under. The Australia Institute’s Climate Of The Nation report from September last year found solar power was the most favoured energy source across all gender, age, state and voting group (76%); followed by wind power (30%). Nuclear power came in at 5th and coal second-last.

The full Climate Catalyst report can be downloaded here.

Just on the nuclear question – Ronald published an interesting article late last year on a House Of Representatives report on a possible future for nuclear energy in Australia.

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