Amber Electric 12 Month Review: Lower Bills Despite Battery Issues

Joining Amber Electric a year ago, I began an exciting journey with 6.6kW of solar and a 10kWh SolarEdge battery on my Adelaide townhouse. The promise of sky-high prices for exported energy was irresistible. [Read more…]

Amber Electric Review: My First Six Months

Amber Electric For Batteries review

Six months ago, I retrofitted a SolarEdge Energy Bank battery to my 6.6kW solar system.

Finn encouraged me to join a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to add depth to my battery ownership experience. I chose Amber Electric’s ‘Amber for Batteries’. [Read more…]

SolarEdge Home Battery Review: 3 Months In

SolarEdge Home Battery arriving for installation

Two years ago, I had a 6.6kW SolarEdge/Seraphim solar system installed on my house in Adelaide. A few months ago I decided to join the increasingly-less-exclusive club of home battery owners. [Read more…]

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