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Home Solar + Battery + Electrification Payback Under 10 Years? No Worries!

Solar and battery payback

Investing in a residential home battery and solar system is generally considered feasible only if the payback falls within the battery warranty period – typically 10 years. According to this bloke, that’s easily doable. [Read more…]

How Solar Can Help Small Business Avoid Crippling ‘Large-User’ Tariffs

Commercial solar power and small business

This is essential reading if you’re a business owner who doesn’t like paying through the nose for electricity.

The benefits of having commercial solar are clear to most, but sometimes there are other reasons that aren’t so obvious unless pointed out. In this case, if you’re a business owner, it’s not just the solar power that creates the savings. [Read more…]

Tasmanian Solar Company Brings Solar Power To PNG

Off-grid solar and battery installation in Papua New Guinea

Recently things warmed up for Tasmanian solar company I Want Energy when they partnered with Astra Solar in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, to deliver four off-grid solar power projects in Bougainville PNG. [Read more…]

How To Upgrade To A Bigger Solar Power System

How to upgrade a solar power system

If you want to increase the size of your existing rooftop solar system, you typically have 4 options for upgrading: [Read more…]

SolarEdge + Home Assistant Hack Puts Battery Owner In Control

SolarEdge Home Battery control with Home Assistant

This is the story of Mathias Boer-Mah, a self-confessed tinkerer, energy nerd and SolarEdge Home Battery owner. Mathias wanted more control of his battery than SolarEdge could provide, so he hooked up his SolarEdge inverter to a free open-source software application for home automation. [Read more…]

Charge HQ: Easily Coordinate Your EV Charger, Battery and Electricity Tariff


As electric vehicle ownership accelerates in Australia, new EV owners face the challenge of charging their cars as cheaply and conveniently as possible. [Read more…]

Interview With YouTuber Tesla Tom, AKA Ludicrous Feed

SolarQuotes Interview - Ludicrous Feed's Tesla Tom

Tesla Tom runs a popular YouTube channel called Ludicrous Feed, that aims to encourage others to look at an electric vehicle for their next purchase, as well as invest in renewable energy such as solar panels and battery storage for their home. [Read more…]

Revealed: The Pioneers Of Australian Solar Energy

Australian solar energy pioneers

This article celebrates some of the events and people who pioneered the modern solar energy revolution in Australia over the past 80 years. Without these pioneers, Australia would not be the world leader in residential solar that it is today. [Read more…]

Home Battery Warranties And Musical Chairs: When The Music Stops

Home battery warranties in Australia

What’s the difference between a home battery warranty and a game of musical chairs?

One is a situation in which people or things are moved, shuffled, or rearranged from one position to another, and the other is a game. [Read more…]

The (Next) Top 7 Mistakes People Make When Buying Solar Systems: A Sequel

A few years ago, SolarQuotes founder Finn wrote about the top 7 mistakes made when buying solar.  [Read more…]

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