Is Your Electricity Retailer Ripping You Off On Solar Feed-In Tariffs?

pick pocket

I’m getting reports that some electricity retailers are refusing to honour the full feed-in-tariff. In my opinion, that is theft.

Let Me Know If Your Electricity Retailer Is Cheating You Out Of Your Solar Feed-In Tariff… [Read more…]

Turnbull Twisting Arms Over Natural Gas Is A Zero Sum Game

malcolm turnbull having a gas

Don’t believe the hype. Domestic gas prices have very little effect on retail electricity prices. Someone should tell Turnbull.

According to the mainstream media, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been busy twisting the arms of natural gas producers. He wants Australians to pay less for Australian gas. Specifically he wants us to pay less than overseas customers pay for Australian gas.

This has upset gas producers because, like most companies, they would prefer to sell stuff for more money rather than less. [Read more…]

WA Hikes Electricity Bills 20% For Poorest, 1% For Billionaires


rich vs poor

Supply charge rises in WA will hurt the poorest the most.

On the first of July electricity prices increased in Western Australia.  This was not a surprise as the state government had announced prices would be increasing over the next three years.  The surprise was they increased them in the worst possible way. [Read more…]

When Electricity Price Hikes Don’t Improve The Economics Of Batteries

batteries and bills

Do rising electricity prices always improve the economics of batteries? No. Read on to discover why. (And don’t stand on your roof without wearing an approved safety harness – especially if you are balancing giant golden scales on your head.)

I’ve already written on how electricity prices are set to rise substantially.

Because Australians will soon have to shell out like an evicted hermit crab when it comes to grid power, both the good and bad mainstream media are declaring that rising power costs make buying batteries more attractive.

Unfortunately for fans of shock boxes this is unlikely to be the case. Counter-intuitive I know. But bear with me. [Read more…]

Electricity Bills Are Rising Because Of A Lack of Competition And Coalition Opposition To Renewables

ronald in scooby style unveiling

Ronald unveils the true culprit behind current electricity price rises.

Australia’s grid electricity prices are about to soar so high they’ll probably suffer from altitude sickness.  Households in all states, with the possible exception of Tasmania, are looking at increases in electricity bills of roughly 20% over the next two to three years. [Read more…]

Natural Gas Blamed For Rising Electricity Prices But Is Not the Main Villain

lady looking at electricity price rise graph

Is the rising electricity price really all down to gas prices?

Last week I wrote about how electricity prices in Australia are about to shoot so high the International Space Station will have to take evasive action.  It appears it’s not enough for the electricity sector to make Australians pay ridiculous prices, they are going to force us to go right to ludicrous. [Read more…]

South Australia Is Actually Second Cheapest State For Household Electricity


Not true Malcolm! A typical house in SA pays less per kWh for electricity than any other state except NSW.

Grid electricity is not cheap in South Australia.  Here in Adelaide it’s never a happy time when I get an electricity bill.  My last quarterly bill was $203 for 389 kilowatt-hours of use.  All up, that means I paid over 52 cents for each kilowatt-hour of grid electricity. [Read more…]

Blackouts In SA While Generators Stand Idle & Politicians Bicker

Barnaby Joyce Coal Heatwave

Joyce titters, Weatherill gets mad, Australia cooks.

Late on Wednesday afternoon, in the middle of a heatwave, electricity was cut off to roughly 90,000 Adelaide properties for around 45 minutes.

Because I have access to a working TV at the moment1 I have seen an implausible number of people shitting bricks over this incident.  So many bricks I could use them to build a Great Wall of South Australia.  I’m sure it would be effective at keeping foreigners out.  After all, who’d want to enter a state surrounded by shitty bricks?

To all the people who are acting like this is some sort of unprecedented event2, I have to ask which bloody country do you live in?  Rolling blackouts during heatwaves in Australia are not uncommon and have occurred in every mainland state, including those that are almost entirely powered by coal.

But for those who are complaining for the right reasons, your anger is bloody well justified. [Read more…]

NSW Feed In Tariff Changes – Channel 9 Adds To The Confusion

Last night Channel Nine News in Sydney ran a short segment on how NSW’s high gross solar feed-in tariffs are ending in a few days time.

Many of the details in this segment were not correct. [Read more…]

Cheapest Electricity Plans For Solar Owners Revealed

ronald's head exploding

This is how I felt after spending 2 days trying to work out the best electricity plans for solar owners.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, electricity bills are confusing.

If you are one of those rare people who don’t find electricity bills confusing, then I have two things to say to you. Firstly, “Good for you”.

Secondly, “When are you returning to your home planet?” because I find it hard to believe you are human.

Because they are so confusing, it is very difficult to know which retailer offers the best plan for your household. Especially for people with rooftop solar, as they have the additional complication of accounting for feed-in tariffs. [Read more…]