Is AGL’s ‘Solar Savers’ 20c Feed-In Tariff A Good Deal?

AGL 20c Feed In Tariff - Solar Savers

AGL’s 20 cent feed-in tariff could be  a good deal for efficient homes with over 5 kilowatts of inverter capacity.

If I were to ask:

“Would you like a 20 cent feed-in tariff for the electricity your solar system sends into the grid?”

Chances are at least some of you would reply:

“A whole 20 cents?  That’s more than what I’m getting now, so yeah, baby!  Yeah!”

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Victoria’s New Time Varying Solar Feed-In Tariff Is Worth Getting

Victoria Time Varying Solar Feed-In Tariff

As of 1 July 2018 there is a new, optional, feed-in-tariff in Victoria that changes through the day.

A new type of solar feed-in tariff is now available in Victoria.  It’s called a time varying tariff and the amount of money it pays for solar electricity depends on the time of day it’s sent into the grid.  It is worth less during off-peak periods, more during shoulder periods, and the most during peak periods. [Read more…]

New Solar Homes Robbed Of Choice In ACT: Demand Or Time-of-Use Tariffs Only

rock or hard place? Electricity tariffs in Canberra

If you live in ACT and install solar – you are forced to choose between 2 not very great electricity tariffs.

If you are getting a new house built or having solar power installed in the ACT I have some bad news.  You will lose the ability to freely choose between electricity plans. You will no longer be able to select a standard tariff; which is usually best for solar households.  Instead you will be forced on to either a time-of-use tariff or a demand tariff. [Read more…]

“Power Of Choice” Pushes Costs Onto Electricity Consumers

Power Of Choice - Electricity Meters
Last week I wrote about the “Power of Choice” reforms that put electricity retailers in charge of electricity meters.

Today I’m writing how Power of Choice reforms harm the consumer by stealing the most valuable thing you possess: your time on this Earth. [Read more…]

South Australia’s Electricity Has Always Been Expensive

South Australian electricity prices

In South Australia we pay a lot for electricity.

If you feel the need to respond to that statement by saying, “Well, whoop-de-doo!  We pay a lot for electricity in Newcastle,” I will understand.  All Australians pay too much for household electricity.  This is true whether you look at historical prices or at countries you’d expect us to be similar to such as the United States or Canada. [Read more…]

Sydney Now Has The Most Affordable Electricity. Adelaide The Most Expensive

Electricity prices in Australia

In May last year I investigated what the total cost of electricity was for a typical household in Australia’s states and territories.  I found that rather than South Australia having the most expensive electricity, as the Coalition claimed, once the effects of fixed charges and controlled loads for hot water were taken into account, it was the second cheapest state for household electricity.

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Want Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Cool Cash?  Buy An Energy Efficient Fridge


Ronald’s fridge yesterday.

Disaster has struck the Brakels household! And I’m not talking about a minor disaster like a son or daughter breaking a leg.

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Want $0 Electricity Bills? On-Grid Solar Beats Batteries.

zero dollar bills?

Want Free Future Electricity Without Blowing The Bank?  Get On-Grid Solar Without Batteries.

When it comes to buying rooftop solar and batteries, people have a wide range of motivations.  Some want to save money, most are environmentally concerned, there are tech-heads interested in the technology, while others just want to be trendy.  Then there are confused people who ordered a battery thinking they were buying artillery or possibly a chicken.

But one motivation that pervades our society is love.  Love for free stuff.  In this case, free electricity.  Most people I know would love to have $0 electricity bills or better yet, be paid for providing clean solar electricity to the grid.

If $0 bills are what you want, it’s okay to admit it.  You’re among friends here. [Read more…]

Why Solar Feed-In Tariffs Are Likely To Fall Within 3 Years

Crystal ball

Ronald’s crystal ball says: “The future may bring lower feed in tariffs if wholesale electricity prices tumble.”

Increasing renewables will reduce wholesale electricity prices. Unfortunately that means feed in tariffs will probably fall too.

Solar feed-in tariffs – the payment households receive for surplus solar electricity they send into the grid – are likely to fall within the next three years along with wholesale electricity prices.

The bad news: a fall in both feed-in tariffs and grid electricity prices will reduce the returns from rooftop solar. [Read more…]

A Fair Solar Feed-In Tariff For Australia Is Around 22 Cents


Solar Feed-In Tariffs Should Be Higher Than They Are — But Not As High As Some Believe

In my not at all humble opinion, Australian solar feed-in tariffs are too damn low!  People aren’t receiving a fair deal for the clean solar energy they export to the grid.  This is bad for our nation and the world because with a fairer price we would see more rooftop solar installed which would reduce the damage to our health and our environment from burning fossil fuels.

But before I am voted leader of the revolution for higher feed-in tariffs and march my armies on Canberra — or maybe somewhere that’s actually nice to go — I should point out that, unlike some people, I don’t think solar feed-in tariffs should equal the retail cost of electricity.  While feed-in tariffs  should be higher than they are now, a “fair” price is likely to still be less than what most of us are are normally charged for grid electricity.

As a result, this article will probably end up a successful attempt at making the maximum number of people possible disagree with me. [Read more…]