I’ve Seen The Future And It’s Tesla’s New UK VPP

Tesla UK virtual power plant - VPP

Late last month Tesla, in partnership with electricity retailer Octopus Energy, announced a new Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in the UK. Interestingly, Tesla’s UK VPP is a much simpler proposition than Tesla’s Australian VPP. [Read more…]

Feed-In Tariff For New Solar Slashed In Western Australia — Only 3 Cents Before 3 PM!

Western Australia solar feed in tariff

From yesterday (31 August 2020), new residential solar power systems installed in Western Australia will no longer receive the REBS or ‘Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme’ solar feed-in tariff of 7.135 cents per kilowatt-hour.  Instead, it will receive the DEBS or ‘Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme’ that will instead pay: [Read more…]

Cuts To Electricity Prices And Feed-in Tariffs From July Will Extend Solar Payback

Electricity price and solar feed in tariff reductions

COVID-19 has contributed to wholesale electricity prices cuts, which should be reflected in your power bills from July.

The coronavirus has killed more than 340,000 people worldwide and taken a big bite out of economic activity.  Fortunately, Australia’s death toll has been low thanks to the effective response from medical professionals.

While we’ve gotten off lightly with regard to lives lost, there has been a sizable economic downturn.  This has caused wholesale electricity prices to drop, which you should see reflected your bills from July.  Unless you’re in Western Australia. [Read more…]

COAG Energy Council Wants To Expose Consumers To Wholesale Energy Price

COAG Energy Security Board - a two-sided market

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council has issued a consultation paper designed to inform the NEM’s transition to a two-sided market. [Read more…]

How To Get A Credit Refund From Your Electricity Company

Electricity retailer credit refund

If you expect your energy retailer to send you any money they owe you without you asking for it, you may be disappointed.

A reader’s email last week led me down too many rabbit holes, but I think it was worth it. The reader asked us to look into how electricity companies handle refunds of customer credits accumulated under solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs). Can customers get credit refunds automatically, and what happens to credits at the end of a contract? [Read more…]

Victorians Can Get $50 From The Victorian Energy Compare Website Because We Are A Nation Of Idiots

Victorian Energy Compare website $50 bribe

Victorians can get $50 from the Victorian Energy Compare website until the 30th of June 2020 because they’d rather waste money on bribes than allow real competition.

If you live in Victoria and have an electricity or gas account in your name, you can get $50 from the Victorian Government.  Why are they handing out $50 to every household that asks for it? [Read more…]

SolarQuotes’ New Retail Electricity Plan Comparison Tool Can Save You Money — It Let Me Afford Pizza

Electricity plan comparison tool

Introducing Solarquotes New Retail Electricity Plan Comparison Tool:  It Will Pay For Pizza!

I’m paying way too much for electricity.  It’s driving me broke!  Financially I was doing okay until I told everyone I’d buy them pizza and it end up costing me $90.  How can pizza cost $90?  It’s dough, tomato sauce, ham, pineapple, and maybe some corn if you’re Japanese.  How can that be $90?  We only had four of them! [Read more…]

AEMC Report — Electricity Prices To Fall Thanks To Renewable Energy

Wind energy and solar power - AEMC

Electricity Prices To Fall Thanks To Wind And Solar Power — But Not In WA!

If you don’t live in Western Australia I have good news.  A report released on December the 9th by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) says electricity prices will fall in all states except WA.

[Read more…]

Who Has The Cheapest Electricity Plans For Solar Owners?

Winner's podium showing cheapest electricity plans for 6.5kW solar owners -- Amaysim, Origin, and Energy Australia.

The cheapest electricity plans for 6.5kW solar owners (with median self-consumption) are Amaysim, Origin, and Energy Australia.

The three most populous states — and South Australia — all have electricity retailer choice.  This gives people the freedom to choose the electricity plan that’s best for them, while electricity retailers do their best to stop that from happening. [Read more…]

Over Estimating Electricity Price Inflation For Fun And Evil Profit

Over-estimates of electricity price rises

Beware Of Salespeople Making Ridiculous Electricity Price Increase Predictions

A rooftop solar power system is an excellent investment for any home that isn’t at the bottom of a well or otherwise suffering from major shade problems.  Earlier this year I wrote an article on payback times in Australian capitals but it’s already out of date as they pay themselves off even faster now.  [Read more…]