ACT Feed in Tariff lives again!

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ACT does it again!

So you think Canberra is just a source of hot air when it comes to renewable energy initiatives? Believe far reaching projects like viable community solar power just a dream in the nation’s capital? Do you expect little, or nothing, with Greg “The Human Backflip” Hunt in charge of proceedings?

Think again readers for Canberra has just announced a truly progressive ACT Feed In Tariff policy that will allow more residents access to community solar power, even those without solar panels.

The twist is that it’s the go-forward, look-to-the-future ACT government (you saw that coming didn’t you folks?), not the feds who have proposed the gee-why-hasn’t-anyone-thought-of-this-before initiative.

ACT Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development “Solar” Simon Corbell said in a 28 February press statement that the new feed-in tariff proposed by his government was all about increasing accessibility to solar power.

“Around one in 10 Canberra households already have roof-top solar, however this new initiative will be accessible to renters and people living in flats and apartments who previously missed out on the benefits of solar,” Mr Corbell said.

“The Government’s new Canberra Community Solar initiative will allow households to pool their resources to develop new large-scale solar installations, with a guaranteed income stream.”

Up there for thinking Simon! The Minister for the Environment went on to give details of the ACT feed-in tariff scheme adding that the generous rate would assist community groups in the takeup of solar across the Territory.

“The ACT Feed in Tariff provided for under the initiative will be up to 20 cents per kilowatt hour for 20 years, slightly higher than the nation leading price achieved by successful proponents in the Government’s successful large-scale Solar Auction conducted in 2012-13. This rate will help community groups develop innovative community outcomes.”

The ACT government is a little like having a mini Germany in our midst. In a nation which has seen feed-in tariffs slashed repeatedly by cost cutting bean counters pandering to their fossil fuel interests, the ACT, like the European role model, is using taxpayers funded dollars wisely. That is to promote and encourage the takeup of solar systems through an innovative community solar power initiative.

Any chance of Simon and his mates popping down the road to the nation’s parliament to show the feds how it’s done? Unlikely of course, but a nice thought anyway! Do you think “Solar” Simon Corbett’s community solar power scheme could be replicated across the country? Or is it a load of taxpayer-funded photons designed to fail? Have your say either here, or at our Facebook or Google Plus pages. Look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Helen in NQld says

    It’s wonderful! I’m sure the Feds will support it – after all, most of them have domiciles in Canberra so they’ll all be jumping on the bandwagon to save lots of money on their fuel bills. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll want to give the same opportunities to the rest of us though – especially considering Abbott thinks climate change is ‘absolute crap’

    • Rich Bowden says

      Thanks Helen. It may be that the feds won’t need to be dragged “kicking and screaming” as you point out. Let’s hope the opportunity extends to all Australians!

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