More Progress On Queensland’s Hayman And Daydream Solar Farms

Solar farms in Queensland

Daydream + Hayman Solar Farm = 2 million solar panels | Image: First Solar

Interconnection agreements have been finalised for Edify Energy’s Daydream and Hayman Solar Farms, which will be connected to Powerlink’s 275kV network near Collinsville in Queensland.

As part of the agreement,  Powerlink will construct a dedicated transmission line, a new 275kV dedicated substation and an additional feeder bay at its existing 275kV Strathmore Substation.

The 150MWac (180 MWdc) Daydream and 50MWac (60 MWdc) Hayman Solar Farm projects will see Edify Energy with the largest amount solar generation capacity connecting to the transmission network under development in the state. The company already has two other projects underway – the Whitsunday and Hamilton Solar Farms – bringing its Queensland total to more than 300MW of capacity.

Finance, PPA, EPC, O&M, Module Supply – Sorted

Several other significant announcements have been made concerning the projects in the last week.

On August 10, Origin Energy announced it had agreed to buy all the electricity generated by the Daydream plant until 2030 under a power purchase agreement (PPA), along with all its renewable energy certificates.

Soon afterwards, Edify announced the successful completion of financing for the two projects, in what it called a landmark deal involving a global leader in investment management, BlackRock.

On August 11, RCR Tomlinson Ltd stated it had been awarded contracts totaling approximately $315 million for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) and Operation and Maintenance (“O&M”) aspects of the solar power stations.

Then on the 14th, solar panel manufacturer First Solar said it had been awarded a 241 megawatt DC module supply contract for the projects.

Queensland’s Treasurer and Acting Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply, Curtis Pitt, said the finalising of the interconnection agreement with Powerlink was an another exciting milestone.

“These additional solar farms and news recently of these projects reaching financial close are further signs of regional Queensland’s major role in shaping the state’s transition to a renewable energy economy.”

Daydream Solar Farm will consist of 1.5 million solar panels and generate enough electricity to supply the requirements of the equivalent of 55,000 homes. The Hayman facility will feature 500,000 solar panels; enough to power 18,000 homes.

Construction of both facilities is expected to begin next month, with completion in the middle of next year.

Outside of Queensland, Edify has two other projects; the 60MWdc Gannawarra Solar Farm west of Kerang in north-west Victoria, which will be the first large-scale solar farm to be constructed in the state. The other is the proposed Darlington Point Solar Farm, to be constructed approximately 10km south Darlington Point in western-NSW. Edify says the site has the potential to support up to 275MW capacity.

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