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First School In Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs To Go Solar

Kincoppal-Rose Bay School solar installation

What is currently the second largest solar power system and the first at a school in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs was officially unveiled last week.

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Phono Introduces MWT Panels:  A Dotty Idea For Improving Efficiency

MWT Panels

If you want a solar cell to produce electricity then it’s important to let the sunshine in.  Specifically, into the solar cell.  Not letting the sunshine in is a bad idea.  Despite how very important this is, most solar cell manufacturers place a fine metal wire grid on top of their cells that blocks around […]

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Amerisolar Panels Dumped From CEC Approved Products List

Amerisolar panels delisted

  Update 25 Sept 2017: Amerisolar branded panels have now been relisted. You can find the approved models by searching for the manufacturer “Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co Ltd” here. —– Solar panels branded “Amerisolar”, manufactured by Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co Ltd, have been removed from the Clean Energy Council’s list of […]

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Sungrow Helps Power The Maldives With Solar + Storage

Sungrow solar and battery storage

Sungrow has announced the installation of solar PV and energy storage systems for five islands in the Maldives that will significantly reduce reliance on diesel based power generation.

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Oil And Gas Majors Warned Renewables Momentum Unstoppable

Renewable Energy - Risk And Opportunity For Oil And Gas Majors

Renewables present a significant threat to legacy oil and gas operations, but also an opportunity that cannot be ignored says research firm Wood Mackenzie; which specialises in energy, metals and mining sectors. With renewables being the fastest-growing primary energy source globally over the next twenty years, it’s time for oil and gas majors that are […]

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Mozambique’s First Utility Scale Solar Farm Project Gets Financing

Solar Power Facility For Mozambique

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) recently announced provision of USD $55 million to support construction of Mozambique’s first utility scale solar PV plant.

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Energy Price Rises In NSW And SA From July 1

Gas and electricity prices - NSW and SA

Residential and small business electricity customers in South Australia and New South Wales are about to get whacked with hefty increases in power costs.

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Australia’s Electricity Blueprint For The Future – Finkel Review Report

Finkel Review - Energy In Australia

What’s known as the “Finkel Review” was released on Friday, a document touted as a blueprint to optimise Australia’s ailing National Electricity Market (NEM).

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Australian “Sun Tax” Suggestion Rebellion Begins

Solar tax in Australia?

A sure-fire way to rile Australian solar power system owners is to mention anything that even remotely resembles a “sun tax”. The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) just did and the response has been quick.

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Massive Energy Price Hike In The ACT – Rest Of Australia To Follow?

Beat electricity price rises with solar panels

Uncertainty surrounding national energy policy has been blamed for a huge energy price hike in the ACT. This isn’t just bad news for those in Canberra – it’s perhaps a sign of things to come elsewhere in Australia.

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