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Solar Inverter Efficiency: What you need to know before buying.

Everything goes through the inverter so its efficiency is critical.

Solar inverter efficiency is a critical specification that directly affects the efficiency of your entire solar system. It is almost always a much more important consideration than solar panel efficiency. All the power generated by your solar panels has to go through your inverter before you can either use the power in your home or export […]

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How you can save $2,000 when going Solar

electricity bill showing 4kwh per day drop

Thinking of buying a solar power system to kill your electricity bill? Then this one simple action could shave a whole kW off the size of solar system that you need to buy to get that magical zero dollar electricity bill.

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Innovative solar energy project to aid off-grid rural communities in Africa

The British-based solar energy charity organisation SolarAid has teamed up with Cambridge-based solar technology company Eight19 to provide solar energy at affordable prices to poorer people in rural parts of Africa. SolarAid are a charity group working in rural areas throughout eastern and southern Africa with a bunch of great ideas. According to their website […]

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Your Solar Panel & Inverter Warranty And The Law: What You Need To Know

Person signing a solar system warranty

Your Solar Panel Warranty and Solar Inverter Warranty have tough new minimum standards by law. Changes to the Australian Consumer Law came into effect on 1 January 2012. These are good changes which help protect you as a solar consumer from toothless warranties when buying a solar system.

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How long will SMA Inverters stay top dog in solar?

Solar Edge, Samil Power and SMA inverters

If, like me, you get turned on by Solar Inverters, then here are three companies doing very cool stuff that I think you should look out for in 2012:

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Construction on Mildura solar system begins but what can taxpayers expect?

 photo credit: mcmees24 The announcement last month from R&D company Silex Systems that construction on Australia’s largest solar power station at Mildura, VIC, has begun gladdens the heart. And the hip pocket nerve. After all Victorian and federal taxpayers are helping to fund this venture to the tune of around $120 million.

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How Much Does Off Grid Solar Cost?

off grid solar system

I had a phone call from a mate today asking for advice on buying an off grid solar system for his new house in suburban Melbourne. He was pissed off about paying the daily grid connection charge when his solar system was easily going to produce more power than he used. A typical grid connection […]

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AC Solar Panels (microinverters) : The #1 Solar Trend to watch for in 2012?

An AC Solar Panel converts sunlight to AC electricity at the solar panel.

Will 2012 be the year of the AC Solar Panel? Before answering that question I should probably explain exactly what an AC Solar Panel is…   What is an AC Solar Panel? The short answer is: An AC Solar Panel is a solar panel that takes sunlight in and spits AC (Alternating Current) electricity out. […]

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Solar Power: Finally Cheaper Than Diesel For Rural Indian Microgrids

Ever stopped to think how solar power can help rural and remote communities across the globe? A study by cleantech research company Pike Research has predicted that solar pv will play a big role in the growth of world microgrids. These are the small energy grids for isolated communities which can power anything from villages […]

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Will your solar power system protect you from power cuts?

photo credit: Glen Bowman I get asked this question a lot. Unfortunately the short answer is: No – A standard grid connect solar system will not protect you from blackouts. Kind of counter intuitive isn’t it? You go to the trouble and expense of your own little solar power station, and then you have no […]

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