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Solar Power Enlisted To Help Keep Wind Farms Free Of Bird Poop

solar powered scarecrow

Bird poop, aka guano, presents major headaches for offshore wind farm operators – but this solar powered gizmo is apparently proving to be very successful in keeping birds at bay.

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Fresh Warnings On Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine

Galilee Basin Coal - Australia

The Climate Council and Oxfam have again warned that the Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin represents a major conflict with Australia’s commitment to addressing climate change.

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Tesla Solar Roofs Are Very Expensive And Their Warranty Is Far From Infinite

elon musk is buzz lightyear

In October last year, Tesla announced they were making tiles with built-in solar cells that would allow a roof to generate electricity without the need for solar panels.  Installations of these solar roofs will start in the United States in June and you can go to Tesla’s Australian site and slap down a $1,310 deposit […]

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Switzerland Votes For More Renewables And Nuclear Power Phase Out

Nuclear power station - Switzerland

Swiss voters have endorsed Energy Strategy 2050, a government plan that will see renewables including wind and solar power beefed up and nuclear power phased out in the country.

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Western Australian Museum Construction About To Get Under Way

Western Australian Museum - Solar Power

The first sod of soil was turned at the site of the new Western Australian Museum yesterday, a huge project that will also incorporate a solar power aspect.

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Electricity Bills Are Rising Because Of A Lack of Competition And Coalition Opposition To Renewables

ronald in scooby style unveiling

Australia’s grid electricity prices are about to soar so high they’ll probably suffer from altitude sickness.  Households in all states, with the possible exception of Tasmania, are looking at increases in electricity bills of roughly 20% over the next two to three years.

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Australia’s National Electricity Market – “Don’t Panic”

National Electricity Market - Powering Ahead

A new report warns of the danger of politicians panicking over the situation with Australia’s National Electricity Market and ultimately pushing electricity prices higher.

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World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm Connected To The Grid

Floating solar farm

A 40MW floating solar farm, constructed on what would otherwise be a “useless” area due to the impacts of coal mining, has been connected to the mains electricity grid in Huainan, China.

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SMA’s Sunny Boy: Under The Hood. Chinese vs German Manufacturing

SMA have released a new single phase inverter. They kept the same joyful name of “Sunny Boy” however the model has changed from what was known as the “dash 21” to the “dash 40”. But let me tell you a well-known secret about the SMA “dash 40”. The respected German manufacturer is manufacturing these new […]

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Campbell Souping Up Solar Power Capacity

Campbell's Soup - solar panels

Campbell Soup Company has announced the beginning of construction of a 4.4MW solar electricity plant at its world headquarters in Camden, New Jersey.

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