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Solar Hot Water Subsidies For Victorians

Solar hot water subsidies in Victoria

Households and businesses in Victoria can still take advantage of added incentives for upgrading their gas and electric hot water systems to solar units.

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Pollution Impacting Solar Yields In India

Pollution impacting solar energy yields in India

India has taken great strides in boosting its use of renewables, but its efforts in relation to solar energy are being impacted in some parts of the country by heavy air pollution.

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The ‘SA Energy Crisis’ Is A Myth Peddled By Liars

protesting crowd

At the start of the month I wrote that South Australia’s grid was in disarray.  I warned that more blackouts were inevitable as soon as summer rolled around again or adverse weather struck. With my warning I wanted to give people a sense of perilous urgency on the need to do something about the dilapidated state of the […]

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Hawaii Hurtles Towards 100% Renewables

Solar energy in Hawaii

26 percent of the electricity used in Hawaii last year came from renewable resources – up from 23 percent in 2015. Hawaii’s impressive energy transformation has been a customer-led revolution.

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REC Launches TwinPeak 2S 72 Series Solar Panels

Touted as the “highest power 72-cell multicrystalline solar panel in the world”, REC has announced the start of production of its TwinPeak 2S 72 Series modules.

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South Australian Town Considering Solar + Storage Backup Power

Kimba investigating solar + storage

The District Council of Kimba is looking into the viability of using solar and batteries to provide backup power for important buildings in the Kimba township.

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Redflow Pauses Battery Delivery Due To Electrolyte Concerns

Unwelcome bumps in the road for battery company Redflow

Australian energy storage company Redflow has temporarily suspended delivery of new battery stock after detecting the presence of impurities beyond an acceptable level in battery electrolyte.

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Submaran – The Wind And Solar Powered Submersible Drone

Submaran S10 Hybrid UUSV

This wind and solar powered unmanned underwater and surface vessel (UUSV) can operate for months at sea and dive to depths of 200 metres.

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Massive Battery Plant Could Bring Jobs Boom To Townsville

Energy storage manufacturing in Townsville

A consortium has inked an agreement with Queensland’s Townsville City Council to investigate the viability of constructing of a huge battery manufacturing facility capable of churning out one million home batteries annually.

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Queensland’s 50MW Kidston Solar Project (Phase 1) On Track

Kidston Solar Project - KSP1

Phase One of the Kidston Solar Project (KSP1) remains on budget and on track for first electricity generation in the final quarter of this year according to the project’s developer, Genex Power.

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