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DCS Batteries Make Wild Payback Claims

DCS battery and Croc Dundee

Power is boring. But the struggle to obtain it?  That is interesting. In 10 year’s time powering homes with batteries may be so commonplace it will be boring. But at the moment it’s not so dull.

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More Funding For Australian Movable Solar Farm

Sunshift - Movable Solar Farm

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will reportedly today announce it has committed a further $2.1 million to support the commercialisation of a 1 megawatt relocatable solar farm being developed by SunSHIFT.

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Australia’s Already Expensive Gas To Become Even More So

gas exports australia

A new report to be released today will state gas prices in Australia are set continue to increase for the foreseeable future. The Climate Council’s “Pollution and Price: The Cost of Investing in Gas” will say a mad dash for cash in exporting Australia’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has pushed up the price of gas […]

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Australian-Built Solar Powered Nanosatellites Launched

University of Adelaide solar powered CubeSat

Early this morning Australian time, the first Aussie-built satellites to be launched for 15 years left terra firma from Cape Canaveral in Florida. One of the tiny nanosatellites, or CubeSats, was built at University of Adelaide and is being delivered along with two other locally-made devices by NASA on an Atlas V rocket bound for […]

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JA Solar Hits 1GW Capacity Milestone In India

JA Solar module

Chinese solar panel manufacturing giant JA Solar says its cumulative module shipments to India have reached 1 gigawatt; two years after it entered that market.

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Don’t Buy Second Hand Solar For Your Home

second hand solar shop

“Psssssst!  Wanna buy some slightly used solar panels?  They fell off the back of a truck.  Or possibly off the back of a roof.  Maybe they even fell off the back of a roof of a truck.  We just don’t know.  But what I do know is they are tier one panels in great condition […]

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Tesla Says Powerwall 2’s Return Will Be 8-15%. Really?

powerwall spruiker

Last month, Lyndon Rive, Tesla’s Vice President for Energy Products, stood up in front of a large group of people, including me, and promised the Powerwall 2 will deliver a return between 8% and 15%.

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Scheme To Donate Solar To The Sydney Opera House Is A Boondoggle

sydney opera house

This morning the Australian Financial Review reported on how the Sydney Opera House and Energy Australia, and apparently even the CSIRO, are teaming up to create a solar energy trading scheme that, on the face of it, is completely useless.  But, once you think it through, it clearly makes the world a worse place.

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Solar Air Conditioning Vs. Heat Reflective Paint

It can get bloody hot in summer thanks to the sun blazing down on our roofs and making them hot enough to not only fry an egg, but some bacon as well. This post is about stopping the summer sun heating your roof, turning your home into a metaphorical oven.

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Australian Company To Elon Musk: We’ll Supply Twice The Storage in 100 Days For Half The Price

wetwatts tower

These are, quite literally, dark days for national energy security. The South Australian grid is in disarray and blackouts threaten to engulf other states as soon as summer rolls around again or adverse weather conditions strike.

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