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Solar Panel Maintenance: How often should they be inspected?

Is getting your panels inspected worth the expense? In the end, it comes down to how safe you really consider your rooftop solar to be.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Vs Ampetus Super Lithium

Ironman vs superman

— Note: As of 29 May 2018 Ampetus Energy Pty Limited have been placed in liquidation —   A lot of attention has been paid to the Tesla Powerwall 2 lately on account of how it promises to dramatically cut the cost of home battery storage.  And when I wrote “promises” I chose that word […]

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Blackouts In SA While Generators Stand Idle & Politicians Bicker

True Love

Late on Wednesday afternoon, in the middle of a heatwave, electricity was cut off to roughly 90,000 Adelaide properties for around 45 minutes. Because I have access to a working TV at the moment1 I have seen an implausible number of people shitting bricks over this incident.  So many bricks I could use them to […]

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An Apology To Australian Premium Solar

USG Maintenance Schedule

I am writing this article to apologize to Australian Premium Solar, also known as APS. On the 20th of January this year I wrote an article entitled, “Australian Premium Solar Turn A 30 Year Warranty Into A One Year Warranty.” In the article I did the following: I described the APS warranty as “horrible”. I […]

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Despite What The Coalition Says Or Doesn’t Say, The “Solar Rebate” Won’t End Soon

Donald Trump or baby sulphur-crested cockatoo? You decide!

The Australian newspaper has reported that a couple of Coalition MPs have said Australia should scrap its Renewable Energy Target (RET) if Donald Trump dumps the United States’ commitment to the Paris climate agreement.

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Australian Premium Solar Turn A 30 Year Warranty Into A One Year Warranty

APS maintenance schedule

Australian Premium Solar is a company that sells solar panels with a warranty that is truly exceptional and sets them apart from all other panels on the market.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Solar Panels And The Environment

I think fossil fuels are great.

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SVTC Solar Scorecard: A Great Idea Badly Executed


The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, or SVTC to its friends, is an organisation that has been working hard for over 32 years to protect this life encrusted blob of nickel and iron spinning in space that we call Earth. SVTC campaigns to promote both safe environmental practices and ethical behavior in high tech industries.  Each […]

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2016 The Good News: CO2 Emissions Level Off, Cost Of Solar Falls

The Abbott Shield

It has become fashionable to refer to 2016 as a horrible year. An annus horribilis. If your personal annus has been horribilis, then you have my condolences. But I think, for most of the world’s population, it has actually been a pretty good year. An annus prettigoodis if you will.

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NSW Feed In Tariff Changes – Channel 9 Adds To The Confusion

Last night Channel Nine News in Sydney ran a short segment on how NSW’s high gross solar feed-in tariffs are ending in a few days time. Many of the details in this segment were not correct.

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