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How GST On Solar Is Calculated

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Let’s say you have just been quoted a nice round $7,000 for a brand spanking new rooftop solar system with 5 kilowatts of panels.  With Australia’s 10% Goods and Services Tax, you might expect the GST portion of that quote to come to $700. Or, if you didn’t go to school in Toowoomba like I […]

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BYD Brings B-Box To Battery Battleground


BYD is the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries  Those three letters stand for Build Your Dreams and apparently their dream was to build a battery box and sell it in Australia because that’s exactly what they’re doing with their B-box battery systems.

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Will it be illegal to install a single phase Powerwall 2 from Thursday?

Unless your local electricity network provides a local variation to a new Australian Standard that becomes mandatory on Thursday, it may be illegal to install a Powerwall 2 plus solar on a single phase.

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Tindo Solar, Australia’s Only Solar Panel Manufacturer, Bought By SA’s Cool or Cosy

Do you want ants?

Tindo Solar, Australia’s only manufacturer of Solar panels has been bought by South Australia’s insulation, solar installation, and energy efficiency company Cool or Cosy. The deal was announced on… Well actually, it hasn’t been announced yet1.  But since I’m from Queensland, obviously I know Julian Assange, so you can trust me to know all the […]

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A Reader’s Frustrations With The Enphase Enlighten Monitoring System

enphase enlighten monitoring

There are many people in this world who enjoy monitoring the output of their rooftop solar systems. But other people – not so much.  For example, I don’t think my parents have checked the output of their system since they got it.  My father just looks at the electricity bill every three months and grunts, […]

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OneSolar Review. One Word: Avoid

one solar solar panels

When it comes to choosing solar panels and inverters, we recommend sticking to well known brands. Over the years we’ve seen lots of obscure panel brands hit Australian shores, often with slick websites, and almost always with dubious claims of being ‘engineered’ in anywhere-but-China. Our experience is that the quality of these mysterious brands is often poor, […]

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Billionaire’s Gambit – Why we should accept Musk’s offer.


Last Thursday in a trendy re-purposed Substation near Melbourne, Elon Musk’s cousin Lyndon Rive claimed he could solve SA’s energy woes in 100 days. How? By installing 100-300MWh of batteries. Big Call. A day later, via Twitter, Aussie tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes asks Musk if he’s serious about “100MW1” of batteries in 100 days. Musk wagers […]

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The Billionaire’s Gambit – Why we should politely decline.

  Note from Finn: This post is Ronald’s considered opinion of Elon Musk’s offer. My personal opinion (with caveats) is that we should accept the offer. I’ll publish a post later today with my reasoning.   Elon Musk has offered to sell South Australia large scale Tesla battery storage of 100 megawatt-hours or more.  He says […]

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SunPower And SMA Choose To (Very Discreetly) Manufacture In China

sma sunpower Chinese welcome

  China produces far more solar panels, far more solar inverters, and god knows how many more batteries than any other country in existence.  China has been called the workshop of the world1 and has repeatedly shown itself to be capable of producing high quality, reliable goods.

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Tesla Kills Off DC Powerwall 2. AC Powerwall Delayed

powerwall 2 DC is dead

I was just relaxing by listening to the musical version of the Massacre of Mankind when I suddenly got some news from the solar grapevine1 concerning the Tesla Powerwall 2.  To cut a short story even shorter: The DC version of the Powerwall 2 is dead! Long live the AC version! If it ever gets […]

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