Some Risen Panels And All Axitec Solar Panels Delisted By The CEC (Updated)

CEC solar module delisting

More solar panels struck from CEC Approved Products list | Module background: CharlesMJames

Update 30th August:
Please see Risen’s official response in the comments.

Update 12th September: Risen Energy polycrystalline solar panels are back on the CEC Approved Products List. We’ve identified 10 models relisted at the time of this update.

In order to be eligible for Australia’s “solar rebate“, PV panels must be approved by Australia’s Clean Energy Council, which is the peak body for the nation’s clean energy industry.

Yesterday, the CEC announced  Risen Energy Co Ltd’s polycrystalline modules will be delisted today due to the existence of parallel certificates from the same certifier 1. The CEC notes many of Risen Energy’s monocrystalline and double glass modules are not being delisted.

Far more serious non-conformance has been reported by the CEC through its testing program relating to solar panels from Axitec Energy GmbH & Co KG, all of which will be delisted tomorrow.

“Specifically, the modules were manufactured before the date of the certificate provided to the CEC, the power rating was below the minimum power rating in the specification, customer documentation supplied was misleading, the warranty failed to declare the customer rights under Australian Consumer Law and parallel TUV certificates were identified,” states the CEC.

Axitec refers to itself as a “high quality German solar brand” and its global headquarters is listed as being in Germany. According to a couple of module datasheets that contain country of origin information, Axitec Energy solar panels are manufactured in China.

Other Recent Solar Panel Delistings

Since it began publicly announcing delisting of solar panels in May, the CEC has named three other brands with panels struck from the Approved Products list – Simax, Amerisolar and TPL Energy. In the case of Simax, the delisting period was quite brief as Simax fully cooperated with the CEC and took all the corrective actions necessary. TPL Energy modules are also again displaying on the list.

Protecting Australians, Building Confidence

The CEC has been continually refining its conditions for solar panels to be included on the Approved Products list. On August 10, new terms and conditions came into effect and from September 1, all crystalline PV module listing applications must demonstrate compliance with new versions of the IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards.

Potential solar buyers should check the list to ensure panels (and inverters) they’ve been quoted on are included.


  1. Clause 5 of the CEC terms and conditions for listing a PV module states: “A given PV module model number shall not be on multiple certificates for the same standard from the same certifying body.”
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  1. Do you have the link from the CEC that says Risen has been delisted? I have spoke to the CEC on the Phone and they have disagreed about Risen being delisted.

  2. Official response from Risen:

  3. Once relisted will Risen panels be shown on your website as a good entry level tier 1 panel on your “Beginners Guide” again”

  4. There back up on CEC list

  5. Are the corrosion resistance rating listed somewhere for:


    solar panels

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Hello Greg.

      I wrote about corrosion resistance here:

      And it appears that every tier one panel is rated as corrosion resistant, even though it may not be stated on their datasheet. (More companies seem to be including corrosion resistance on their datasheets since I wrote that article.)

      Those three panels should be corrosion resistant, almost certainly to level 6, which is the highest level. If you want to check, you can look at their datasheets, and if the information is not there you may be able to download their corrosion resistance certification from the companies’ websites.

  6. Hi

    I noticed Risen is still not back on the “Beginners Guide” page of panels. Will it be reinstated soon? Some solar customers are a little nervous when I mention Risen. As you know Solarquotes is known as the solar bible for a lot of customers.

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