Solar Isolator Switch Recall. What you need to know.

solar isolator switches

The 3 isolator brands that have been recalled: PV Power, Avanco & NHP

We’ve recently had a number of phone calls from people who have heard about the national solar isolator switch recall recently announced by the ACCC, and are worried about their solar systems.

Here’s what you need to know about the Solar Isolator Switch Recall:


3 different brands of DC Isolators available from as early as January 2012 have been recalled because of manufacturing defects.

More details are here:

What could happen if one of the faulty switches is on your solar system?

Two things could happen.

1) The isolator could catch fire.

2) In the case of the NHP isolator – when the switch is off – it could still be conducting current, potentially electrocuting an electrician who had assumed it was isolating the system he was working on.

It is important that all these solar isolator switches are replaced.

What do you need to do if you own a solar system installed after 1 Jan 2012?

Your solar company needs to inform any affected customers and replace their isolators free of charge.

Should you call your solar company?

To be 110% safe, I personally recommend you do. Some companies may have gone out of business since Jan 2012. For safety’s sake you need to be confident that you have talked to the company that installed your system, and that they have a record of the type of isolator installed on your system, so you can be sure it is not subject to the recall.

What it I can’t contact my solar company?

If your solar company is no longer in business (it happens!), then you need to check your isolators.

You should get a local electrician to inspect the DC isolators on your system, as there is an approximately 5% chance that it could be affected.

If your isolator does need replacing, then contact the manufacturer, either:

Advancetech Pty Ltd
Address: 8 Conara Drive, Kundra Park, Qld 4556
Telephone: 1800 356 353 (Free call) or (07) 5445 8444
Email: [email protected]

DKSH Australia Pty Ltd
(PV Power BRand)
1800 006 137 or email [email protected]

NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd
(03) 9368 4088
or visit

Tell them you are calling about the Solar Isolator Switch Recall and that your solar company is uncontactable. They should then arrange for an electrician to swap out the solar isolator switches at their expense.

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  1. Well I be Buggered.
    We all pay good money for solar installations,
    Now what happens is that things are starting to go wrong, ( recall of Isolators )
    Whats next on the list????
    then you have all these companies that have closed down, and others that do not care as it costs money to fix this problem.
    So who is going to pay??? I bet not the solar company…..

    Here we go and have just another nail in the coffin for the client who will have to foot the bill to get a isolator switch replaced,
    Then you have the age pensioner who has not idea and will continue with what they got as they can not afford to pay the system they have got let alone to pay for replacement of an isolator switch.

    Finn I see no information who is going to pay for replacement???? I presume its the client???
    Another stuff up by our solar energy watch dog Australian Solar Council who I say is just another company run by management lining there own pockets and not really looking after the genuine solar clients who want to make a small difference to energy costs and the planet.

    John Crimes if you ever read this blog, I ask how are you going to help the small solar client that’s has a faulty switch installed, are you going to make sure that this is replaced??
    I doubt it as I am sure the company supplied and installed these switches will never admit there is a fault.
    its too much money, time and labor to go and replace these switches, whose going to pay for the service to replace it???

    as for the company replacing……..

    Tell them you are calling about the Solar Isolator Switch Recall and that your solar company is uncontactable. They should then arrange for an electrician to swap out the solar isolator switches at their expense………………………………
    I just don’t believe it, this could bankrupt these companies and they will be informing customers that the switch they have is not on the list…..
    all I see is problems coming,

  2. George Abernathy says

    You pay peanuts you get monkeys! The local electrical authority is randomly issuing letters to home owners requiring that their Power conversion equipment be inspected for islanding. When we look at the isolator switches and roof penetrations, if there is an isolator switch, we find substandard work. The power companies only concern is islanding. We look because we are there anyway and reputable.

    Perhaps it is time to look at work insurance policies.

  3. You buy Cheap level systems based on pricing. You’ll get cheap labour and parts.
    Mid range and up. Based on multiple customer reviews I believe is the way to go.
    I have German Bosch panels and US Inverter with 15yr wty. updated
    from mfg of. Fix or replace.
    System 12 + yrs old still ticking over nicely with regular unchanged (apart from seasonal in Central QLD), output.
    Panels 3 deg E of Mag N.
    NO shade. 23deg panel angle. All good (so far)
    2 storey home. Pool. Air cond..
    4.2 kw panels cover total usage of power,
    Plus giving $600ish cash returns per yr.
    44c per kw.

  4. Julian Bowker says

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