Solar Payback Calculators Launched

How long will it take a solar power system to pay for itself?

What will my next bill be with solar?

How will electricity price increases affect the payback?

What about the Feed In Tariffs?

Is it a good idea to put the cost of the solar system on my mortgage?

What about one of those “Green Loans”?

These are questions I get asked every day. To help you answer them we are proud to announce that we have just released three solar power calculators:

1) Solar Savings calculator : How many $ will you save and what’s the payback if you pay 100% upfront for your solar system? This calculator wil tell you.

2)Solar Home Loans: Will you still save money if you add the cost to your home loan? What will you pay extra (or save) per month compared to not having solar? This calculator wil tell you.

3)Paying for Solar with a Personal Loan? Is it a good option financially? This calculator wil tell you.

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I'm a Chartered Electrical Engineer, Solar and Energy Efficiency nut, dad, and founder of My last "real job" was working for the CSIRO in their renewable energy division.


  1. erik smith says

    Hello i am looking at a 3kw system why is there such a difference in price up to $5000 i am confused

    • Because some companies (who I refuse to work with!) are selling absolute junk panels, using super cheap “balance of system” components (like isolators) to save a few more dollars and paying their installers a pittance

  2. Orpheus Perera says

    I got 3k panels installed through Origin(they advised me that I need 3k system) in August 2012. Two sets of panels were installed on the same side of the roof, exposing them to direct sun only half the day(Is it not possible to install on both sides of the roof?). According to the hand book the system should generate 11.6 KWh per day. So far the highest figure I got was 7263 W Rest of the days was below 6000. The provider says according to the technicians my Solar Panels and the Inverter are working correctly. Can I expect to get average of 10KWh, even to earn 6 cts per unit by selling them to Origin? I will be paying Origin $250 per month for 3 years and I feel that I have been foolish to install 3k system. Any comments and advise well come.

  3. The default value for the “Annual Solar System output in kWh” for a 4 kW system shows 5600 kWh. My provider says this value should be more like 17700 kWh??

    • Your provider is off his rocker. The average output for a solar system on a north facing roof in Australia is 4kwh per kW installed per day. A bit more in sunnier parts a bit less in cooler parts. 4kwh x 4kW x 365 = 5,840 kWh per year.

  4. jamie boucher says

    hi finn
    I love the info I found on your page. its helped , but I am still un sure of what system to go with.
    I have had several quotes and narrowed it down to 2 systems . we have currently been approved by QLD GOV with a $ 3000 grant for a battery and a $ 10,000 -10 year intrest free loan. our average daily use is 43KW.

    would you mind if I emailed you the 2 quotes , so I could get your thoughts ?
    J. Boucher

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