Adelaide University Solar Racer Taken For A Spin

Today the Solar Racing Team of the University of Adelaide gave Finn and I the opportunity to take Lumen, their solar racer, for a spin. And I was there to take Finn’s picture as he nailed it and completely managed not to hit or destroy anything at all. Well done, Finn!

Finn Peakcock sitting in the cockpit of the Adelaide University's Solar Racing Team's Car, Lumen, about to take it for a drive.

Finn, about to take the University of Adelaide’s Solar Racing Team’s vehicle for a spin.

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Tesla to shake up solar battery storage

tesla battery

The Tesla Model S battery shown here is coming to your house. (pic:

Solar energy’s Great Leap Forward in efficiency and viability is about to be joined by its natural twin, solar battery storage.

This scenario, which was hinted at by electric car manufacturer Tesla during the week, will reverberate around the energy community and send shudders down the collective spines of fossil fuel providers and their defenders in the halls of power. [Read more…]

Researchers use photosynthesis to directly create liquid fuel from solar

leaf and solar panel

Harvard scientists are mimicking photosynthesis by converting solar electricity directly into a liquid fuel.

Solar power using photosynthesis is the most ancient — and successful — form of energy production. Plants have used this method for over a billion years, harvesting sunlight, combining it with water and turning this abundant solar energy into food. Now researchers at Harvard University are looking to use the process in a really novel way. [Read more…]

Thin film technology promises solar powered cars for the masses.

a solar car in adelaide

Solar cars are quickly maturing from wacky racers like this to mass market models. Bring it on!

Ever considered the seemingly endless possibilities of solar thin film technology for mobile energy generation? Mr Li Hejun, CEO of China-based thin film solar company Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd certainly does and outlined his vision (or dream depending on your point of view), of a future where this technology dominated mobile energy needs.

Mr Li presented his strategy for mobile energy future as “…a revolution in the way energy is generated and used” in a keynote speech delivered at a ceremony in China last week to launch its global thin film solar product innovation competition. [Read more…]

Panasonic Wants the Sun to Fill Your Car’s Fuel Tank

Powertree Services Inc. is teaming up with Panasonic to build 68 electric-vehicle charging stations that will use solar power to recharge the cars’  batteries. While this venture will be tested at various multi-unit residences in San Francisco, they hope to create more and be ready as the appeal, cost, and availability of electric cars increases. To read more on this story, click here.

Will this incredible solar innovation by Ford make Holden irrelevant?

solar panels on car

Those 3 x 100W Sunpower panels could power 75% of your trips.

Last week we discussed how remarkable innovation in the renewable energy sector will change the way  energy is sourced in buildings such as office blocks and factories. We looked at how recent developments in photovoltaics allow office windows to be both transparent enough to let in sufficient light, as well as sensitive enough to act as efficient mini solar panels.

This week sees us delve into the traditional Holden vs Ford wars, though with a renewable energy twist. [Read more…]

Solar Cars Roll Through Adelaide

The World Solar Challenge ended in my hometown of  Adelaide on Sunday. So I took the kids into town for a close up look at the weird and wonderful solar cars:

Unfortunately the team I had gone to barrack for (from my old stomping ground, Cambridge University Engineering Dept), managed to roll the car on the first day so they had to withdraw. Bummer!

cuer solar car

Cambridge University’s entry was a little unstable.

UWS solar car takes up the challenge

UWS LogoHere at SolarQuotes HQ we like to keep you updated on solar power technology. From the latest in PV development, to who’s big in solar farms, to breakthroughs in solar panels, we try to keep you, the reader, right on the money in terms of the latest solar energy moving and shaking. In keeping with this tradition we thought we’d pop our head in to see how development on the University of Western Sydney’s solar car challenge was shaping up. [Read more…]

Cambridge Uni Boffins Hoping To Win Aussie Solar Powered Car Race

Cambridge University students, in the UK predict their new solar powered car will be capable of cruising at 60mph, and intend to enter the up and coming World Solar Challenge.

Equipped with a 6m2 ‘skin’ of silicon cells, the journey, from Darwin, will take the car, AKA ‘Bethany’, across Australia’s arduous outback, over three thousand kilometres, to Adelaide. Bethany’s outer skin covers a highly efficient electric car, one its creators say could be a prototype for future ‘green transport’.

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