Victorian Farmers Pissed Off With Government’s Solar Stinginess

The farming industry of the state of Victoria has criticized the local government’s legislation on solar energy for disadvantaging them while other states offer the industry a far better deal.

The president of the Federation of Victoria’s Farmers has condemned the local government by saying that they have missed out on the opportunity to help provide an effective renewable energy source to the state.

He also reminds people that in other areas of the country, farmers who invest in solar energy are actually paid for all the power produced by the panels, even if they use the power for themselves. With the costs being too high and limited consumption of power, there is little incentive for farmers to start using solar power.

Some systems will only pay for the energy returned back to the local power grid where there is a specific cap on the amount of power that will be paid for. The president has stressed how, because of this, the state of Victoria is missing out and that it is not necessary to have any limits on the payments for solar power.

This has also greatly discouraged the use of solar energy, which is more effective than wind turbines, to be employed for residential as well as commercial and farming industries.

Queensland farmers who make an initial investement  of around $300-$350,000 can expect to se returns running at around $40,000 a year if they make use of 500-600 sm of their land.

Farmers want co-operation that will encourage them to produce much needed green, clean, free energy not only for themselves but for their communities.

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