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About Energy Aware, Solar Installers

Energy Aware is a specialist solar power installation company with operations in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

All solar systems installed by Energy Aware are certified to Australian Standards and installed by Clean Energy Council accredited electricians. In addition, all our solar systems are approved by the Clean Energy Council and supported by Australian based lifetime warranties.

We pride ourselves on offering customers the best value-for-money solar systems on the market. We stock affordable systems for the average Australian home, as well as premium systems for customers with larger budgets.

We help our customers understand the financial benefits of solar power before purchasing. In addition, we provide a fast and straightforward installation service which includes managing all rebates and Government paperwork. For customers seeking finance, we provide direct debit repayment plans for up to 30 months.

Energy Aware Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Energy Aware gave great information, were timely, and communicative. The other two you suggested were not as thorough and gave us conflicting information. We don't have an installation date yet, but they said it will be in about 2 to 3 weeks. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated. Show additional information
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The company I dealt with didn't quite deliver what they promised, however the sub contracted installer was excellent. The company rang me and advised me the supplier would be there at 8am, and at 9am, I rang them back, to be told that they were having trouble with a forklift and were running a bit late. Installer arrived at 9.10, and advised me that they don't start work until 9am, so never should have been booked in for 8am. Salesman then rang me about 30 minutes after installer arrived, and told me he had just spoken to the installer and they would be there in 10 minutes. I then stopped him and advised him that they were already there, and that I had now been lied to by 3 different staff members. Installer 5 stars, Salesman and office staff 0 stars Show additional information
Our experience at quoting and installation stages was excellent. Installed September 2013 we've had good as expected returns.
October 2018 and our Aurora invertor stops working and displays an error code E031. Call Energy Aware who state "Oh what a shame its one month out of warranty " Around $2000 to replace after only 5 years!! We are in the process of collating our AGL bills to show the invertor stopped working within the warranty period. Lets see how we go??
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Matthew from Energy Aware & the installation team were all courteous, professional & respectful. The installation was done 2 days ago & no mess was left behind. The Trina Honey panels were installed with a Zeversolar inverter Zeverlution 5000. It's early days but with some reasonable sun today I was able to connect wirelessly & noted attainment of over 22 kWh by 3:40pm. My daily average over the past 2 months was 20.77 kWh so it is looking promising to achieve payback & benefits from the system. Show additional information
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Good value for money. Quality panels and inverter, easy installation done in a timely manner Show additional information
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We were late in accepting the quote (by about 8 months) but Energy Aware still honoured the original quote. It took 4 months for them to install the system due to the Christmas break, electrician on holidays etc and a heavy workload, but 3 men arrived one day and it was all installed and up and running by 2.30 that afternoon. Neat job. No complaints.
Energy Aware have provided lots of information about the system and are tracking the installation of our new meter box which is the responsibility of the area energy company.
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At the start Energy Aware were very helpful and consistently called to find out where we were at with our decision on solar but as soon as the deposit was paid all contact was stopped. After 2 weeks I had to start calling to find out why they had not emailed the deposit receipt and to find out what was happening with our installation. Still waiting to hear when installation will start and I am really starting to have second thoughts about going with Energy Aware. Show additional information
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We have ordered system and waiting on installation Show additional information
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There are many variables which impact on the decision ie. panel location, warranty periods, manufacturing origin / reliability, its not just about price. Over Christmas there was limited service Show additional information
System should be installed in a week or 2. 10 kw system. Essential energy limiting me to 5 kw export !!!! Unexpected ! Show additional information
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Installer. Jeremy, did a professional job. All was neat and tidy and exactly as I wanted it.
No rubbish or tools left behind.
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It was a great experience, System so far looks good. just waiting to have it connected to the grid. Great company to deal with. Thanks for all your help and advice. Show additional information
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Not yet installed Show additional information
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After asking for a quote, Energy Aware's presentation, paperwork and process was very accurate and easy to understand.
Their installers were professional, approachable and completed a tidy job.
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I had a wide range of experiences. I actually went for 5 quotes...only 2 from those recommended by Solarquotes. I was given a wide range of information - some a bit confusing and conflicting of others, and a wide range of prices. Every one of them told me they had the absolute best panels and inverters and most of them were different brands. Do your research. I went for a good quality system and got a reasonable price I feel. To be installed in the next week or so, so time will tell. Show additional information
Only received the one quote via your website , found 2 others myself but went with Energy Aware Show additional information
Good communication and information. Helpful.
Friendly, competent, efficient installers.
Region - Northern Spencer Gulf. Roof facing due North.
System seems very sensitive and has an output of up to 2.5Kw on August -September days (its maximum is 3.2Kw). Very pleased with this. The new import/export meter hasn't been installed yet and so I can see the current analogue meter going backwards - profit, profit, profit.
Summer cooling is via a ducted evaporative system.
As a small power user overall in a traditional three bedroom house I have calculated that I will pay off my investment in under five years, perhaps even sooner, helped by the AGL feed-in tariff.
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Until now I would have rated the whole system as fantastic, but now that the Clenergy inverter has failed after only 6 years I can only rate it overall as good. The rest of the system and service is fantastic, the inverter is poor. I believe EnergyAware now use SMA and Zeversolar inverters. I see that SMA are excellent and believe the Zeversolar are Chinese made but owned by SMA, so hopefully better than Clenergy. I will report back on my replacement inverter once I have some history. Show additional information
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Peter in the NT organised everything for us including Gov rebate and connection to grid. All done within a few weeks. Show additional information
They installed the panels and INnverter last Friday and I haven't had it connected to the grid yet. Show additional information
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Stuck to time scale
Installed within 3 weeks
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I will try to remember to send further comments when the system has been installed. Show additional information
What people need to be mindful of is not what they want by what their wholesaler will allow. We sought a 5.78 kVA jinko panels x 275 KVA system with a hybrid (solaX) inverter in which to add batteries to the system when affordable but our Wholesaler "Ausnet" rejected the application by the supplier with Ausnet indicating that they needed to protect their poles and wires and that the other .78 KVA could effect the integrity of their system/supply and therefore made a policy to only allow <5 KVA systems . Ausnet are a monopoly in Victoria in which I obtained no satisfaction. Show additional information
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Josh from Energy Aware had terrific follow up and answered all my questions very ably. He was honest about a necessary additional cost ( two story) requiring special equipment Show additional information
Energy Aware were keen to do business but not in an over the top sales manner. They provided a timely quotation and when I realised that the size had to change they were obliging and re-quoted promptly with an alteration to suit my specific request. The installer contacted me to arrange a suitable date and arrived on the agreed time. He worked without break all day with a high standard of finish on his work. The installer also took time to explain the operation of the system. Show additional information
Deposit paid 21st April, job completed 21st July, Energy Aware was not aware of what was needed by SA Power Networks in regard to asbestos being on board. electrician did not turn up on final install day and the solar network had to return and install the new meter board themselves. Ensure the solar company either works in the state you live, or understands what is required by each state body. Show additional information
Still awaiting Tas Networks to perform infrastructure upgrades before the system can be turned on, but the system has been tested and works. Show additional information
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We installed an extra solar system and new smart inverter. The installation process was poor due to poor planning and they miscalculated how many panels would fit - underestimated. This was significant for us as we needed to maximise solar for going off grid. Show additional information
My system is up and running - so happy to be solar again! These newer systems seem to be much more efficient than the first array I installed on my last house about ten years ago. The inverter is a neat, unobtrusive unit and it even has a wifi connection to my computer. Now, please make this rain go away and the sun shine in Tasmania! ;-) Show additional information