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About Energy Aware, Solar Installers

Energy Aware is a specialist solar power installation company with operations in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania. All solar systems installed by Energy Aware are certified to Australian Standards and installed by Clean Energy Council accredited electricians. In addition, all our solar systems are approved by the Clean Energy Council and supported by Australian based lifetime warranties. We pride ourselves on offering customers the best value-for-money solar systems on the market. We stock affordable systems for the average Australian home, as well as premium systems for customers with larger budgets. We help our customers understand the financial benefits of solar power before purchasing. In addition, we provide a fast and straightforward installation service which includes managing all rebates and Government paperwork. For customers seeking finance, we provide direct debit repayment plans for up to 30 months.

Energy Aware Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Peter in the NT organised everything for us including Gov rebate and connection to grid. All done within a few weeks. Show additional information
They installed the panels and INnverter last Friday and I haven't had it connected to the grid yet. Show additional information
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Stuck to time scale
Installed within 3 weeks
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I will try to remember to send further comments when the system has been installed. Show additional information
What people need to be mindful of is not what they want by what their wholesaler will allow. We sought a 5.78 kVA jinko panels x 275 KVA system with a hybrid (solaX) inverter in which to add batteries to the system when affordable but our Wholesaler "Ausnet" rejected the application by the supplier with Ausnet indicating that they needed to protect their poles and wires and that the other .78 KVA could effect the integrity of their system/supply and therefore made a policy to only allow <5 KVA systems . Ausnet are a monopoly in Victoria in which I obtained no satisfaction. Show additional information
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Josh from Energy Aware had terrific follow up and answered all my questions very ably. He was honest about a necessary additional cost ( two story) requiring special equipment Show additional information
Energy Aware were keen to do business but not in an over the top sales manner. They provided a timely quotation and when I realised that the size had to change they were obliging and re-quoted promptly with an alteration to suit my specific request. The installer contacted me to arrange a suitable date and arrived on the agreed time. He worked without break all day with a high standard of finish on his work. The installer also took time to explain the operation of the system. Show additional information
Deposit paid 21st April, job completed 21st July, Energy Aware was not aware of what was needed by SA Power Networks in regard to asbestos being on board. electrician did not turn up on final install day and the solar network had to return and install the new meter board themselves. Ensure the solar company either works in the state you live, or understands what is required by each state body. Show additional information
Still awaiting Tas Networks to perform infrastructure upgrades before the system can be turned on, but the system has been tested and works. Show additional information
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We installed an extra solar system and new smart inverter. The installation process was poor due to poor planning and they miscalculated how many panels would fit - underestimated. This was significant for us as we needed to maximise solar for going off grid. Show additional information
My system is up and running - so happy to be solar again! These newer systems seem to be much more efficient than the first array I installed on my last house about ten years ago. The inverter is a neat, unobtrusive unit and it even has a wifi connection to my computer. Now, please make this rain go away and the sun shine in Tasmania! ;-) Show additional information
At time of writing, have 10 of 18 panels installed, 3 weeks after initial installation.
This due to roof supports being further apart than is standard.
(so the installers needed twice as many panel support brackets as planned - and didn't have spares)
I have been charged extra for these additional brackets ($400) and have to presume that this is a reasonable price.
Energy Aware has already offered 1 date to complete the installation which I was unable to accept for various reasons, so Energy Aware have been quite proactive in trying to achieve completion.
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Hi Fin : Have at this stage only paid the deposit. No instillation has been done yet. Will let you know when installed. I told Nick Burrows from Energy Aware that l always go for quality and he assures me that there systems and workmanship are.

Thanks Glynn Sutton
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Our 40 degree pitched Cathedral Ceiling two storey home was a challenging installation project, and before we committed to purchasing this system, Energy Aware were happy to have one of their accredited electricians, Steve Mance, inspect our situation and work out how best to do the job and lay out the panels and cabling etc. The difficulty of roof access made it necessary to use a boom lift for the two days required to install the panels and supporting rails, and this added to the cost, but as everything was clearly explained, we were happy to proceed. The system is performing better than we expected given the orientation was to the North East with up to 4.5 kW being generated late morning and up to 32kW on a clear day, so we are very happy customers! Show additional information
Great contact sales person
competetive quote within dollars of the rest but affable and diligent salesperson
local installer and close to the site offering backup and support
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I put the system in 3 years ago and was very pleased and impressed with Energy Aware's service. Whilst most of their input was administrative, the various sub-contractors they assembled were well coordinated, turned up on time and did a great job. The higher than normal cost of installation for a 5kW system was because we chose to install on a shed roof remote from the main house, which necessitated running underground cables. Again EA's contractors did a good job.
I'm posting now because just before Christmas our inverter (Aurora) died and I want to commend Energy Aware for their fantastic service. Despite it being the holiday period, they got the ball rolling quickly, efficiently and without any dispute and had their local contractor install the replacement immediately it arrived. A shame to lose 3 weeks output at such a sunny time of year, but, when I read of other peoples problems getting warranty issues settled, I am well pleased with the super efficient response of Julian and his team. Thanks
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Quite a while between accepting quote and installation. Show additional information
I havent yet had it installed but have had a great service so far and the team have been very helpful with information. Show additional information
I was sceptical when they quoted and took my deposit without doing a site inspection. I had to chase them up a month after I paid the deposit to find out what was going on with the installation as I had not heard back from them. They installed on the day they said they would , the quality of the workmanship looks good and the system is exactly what was quoted. The installers were courteous , professional and cleaned up most of their mess. Show additional information
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Very pleased to be able to use your service to obtain quotes and chat to reps of all three companies. Thank you for setting up this site. Show additional information
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The supplier acted quickly, and communication was great. Due to bad weather, my installation took a little longer to wait for. The installers turned up on the day, and did a good job, took less than a day, and was working well when they finished Show additional information
As yet my system is not installed Show additional information
Great guys to deal with , very understanding as I was offshore trying to organise this with limited phone reception , very pleased with the support . Show additional information
Local tradespeople, accessible contacts and value for money products. I would not have found these people without Solar Quotes website. Show additional information
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Although inverter failed within 10 days of installation, Energy Aware and installing electrician very responsive and replaced within a couple of days. Show additional information
The one thing that impressed me with the people at the other end of the phone is that they were courteous, polite and knew their business. They followed up what they said they would and have been helpful with questions we had asked. On top of that, I did not feel pressured nor did they try and up sell me even when I was in doubt of a bigger system or not. I have not yet had the system installed, but I would say that they would be above par with most tradesmen I have worked with over the years. Show additional information
Installer's communication was quite vague.
System was damaged by high winds within a few weeks and had to be repaired by the installer, communications still vague.
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All suppliers did'nt offer too much info - I needed to know what questions to ask. Ended up with 3.5kW system. Due to the positioning of my house (narrow north exposure) my installation possibly could have been designed better. Show additional information
Cannot say a lot at present as nothing has been done as yet. Show additional information
Had a long wait for SA Power Networks to reprogramme the meter Show additional information
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I really don't know anything about the system that is on my roof. Show additional information
Easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the web. I was able to speak to the salesperson who gave me quite a bit of time, stepping me through the entire process and answered all my questions. The installation team also need a mention here; my house is old and running the wires was quite difficult but they did a great job. Show additional information
I signed up Energy Aware in August 2013 with installation finally going ahead 4 months later. Installation was undertaken by sub-contractor Lifestyle Electrical, they were very efficient and did a good job as they were subjected to varying weather conditions (ie wind and rain) during the day.
Following the installation I decided to set up a PC and install Growatt's inverter monitoring software, this is where I found out that I had not received the 5.0 kW inverter I had ordered, while the label indicated it was a 5kW inverter, it would only produce 4.6 kW, while my location might only permit maximum generation one (1) day in a year in optimum conditions, I wanted what I had ordered.
After much toing and froing via email and telephone discussions with Energy Aware followed by discussions with other people in the solar industry I established that an inverter firmware upgrade or modification would allow the inverter to generate 5kW. I obtained and successfully installed the software modifying the inverter which now will produce 5kW. The whole process has taken me approx 8 months to resolve. I have had to undertake a lot of research (I feel Energy Aware could have done more to find a resolution and not leave it up to me) into what could be done. If Energy Aware had replaced the inverter I would have lost Aurora's higher feed-in tariff, but Aurora advises that a firmware update/modification do not have any affect and do not need to know anything about it.
My experience evokes the obvious question, how many other people have ordered a system, had it installed and are not aware that they did not get what they ordered? If I had not shown an interest in what was being generated and installed Growatt's monitoring software onto a PC, I too may have been left totally unaware that I had been supplied with a product that I had not ordered.
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