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About GEM Energy, Solar Installers

GEM Energy
Platinum Partner
GEM Energy is a SolarQuotes Client (what does this mean?)
ABN: 25 164 579 382  ABN active since 01 Jul 2013 | Gem Energy Australia Pty Ltd
ACN: 164 579 382  ACN active since 01 Jul 2013 | Gem Energy Australia Pty Ltd
Electrical Contractor's Licenses:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
NSW: 328515C Gem Energy Australia Pty Ltd 

NT: C 3761 Gem Energy Australia Pty Ltd 

QLD: 78701 Gem Energy Australia Pty Ltd 

VIC: REC 27907 Gem Energy Australia Pty Ltd 

Reviewers report paying: $4,200 - $9,700 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

GEM Energy Australia is an award winning renewable energy consultancy. Specializing in photovoltaic engineering, electrical engineering, energy efficiency, financial feasibility analysis and multiple systems integration. Our objective is to provide comprehensive best practice solutions for our customers. By effectively supporting and communicating with all stakeholders together with thorough planning and design we consistently lead the market in delivering premium and innovative turn-key projects.

Areas of Expertise:

- Smart energy management systems for remote monitoring stations, pump controls, lighting plants, CCTV stations etc.

- Off-grid/remote hybrid energy systems.

- Solar PV – Residential, SME, C&I and Utility

- Battery storage systems – Residential, SME, C&I and Utility

- Commercial LED lighting solutions.

- Power Factor Correction.

- Energy monitoring and consultancy.

- Tri-generation and Co-Generation Energy Systems.

- UPS Systems.

GEM Energy Australia is recognised as one of Australia’s leading renewable energy providers and are a CEC approved solar retailer, are multiple CEC award winners and ISO 9001 certified.

GEM is uncompromising when it comes to quality equipment and installations, innovative and customized design together with first class project management. Our key strategic finance partnerships with CBA and NAB, provide a secure and industry leading project finance for our clients.

GEM Energy Solar Reviews

Gem Energy embarrassed by superior performance of another company

If you enjoy getting massive headaches, staying awake at night and pointless arguments then go right ahead and sign up for a Gem Energy solar and battery system. Through 2019 I tried and failed to engage with Gem Energy to perform an install at my home.

It all started out great. The quoting process was fine. I paid a $1400 deposit at the end of May.

Gem were initially unable to provide the equipment and after a delay proposed an alternative which was fine.

When they visited my home early July, they wanted to install 6kW of panels on a single string apparently to avoid the cost of a second cable run. There were other peculiarities not worth mentioning. A concern about one possible install location was raised.

They was unable to answer questions about the install locations, after many, many messages they gave up and emailed me thanking me for selecting Gem Energy but because the installation was going to be so un-aesthetic they regret they wouldn't be able to be of any further help. They went on to suggest that if I wanted to save money I should go ahead and install LEDs instead, which was done years ago. Thanks. No mention of returning my $1400.

Because they would no longer answer the phone or call me back, after a week I called the main office and asked to speak to someone else. We're at the start of August now. I gave them a run down of the circumstances, some hours later they emailed me and things went from bad to worse as I apparently needed to rewire existing parts of my house, which was completely rewired 10 years ago, remove wall sheeting, and have my existing solar system (installed 5 years ago - 2014) re-certified. It wasn't being touched as part of the new work. They tried to baffle me with technical terms like AC and DC coupling which only proved he didn't know what he was talking about. The reason nothing they said made any sense is because they had neglected to read the actual job card to get an understanding of the basics of the install. They back tracked on the need to re-certify my existing solar system but insisted that my home was going to need to be disassembled.

When no-one contacted me for a week after agreeing to schedule a second visit for the Electrician I threw in the towel with this company. To their credit my deposit was returned in full most probably because they were just as keen as I was to never have to talk again.

I contacted another company who then went on to fully complete the installation by the end of August (three weeks after the initial contact). I had the exact equipment installed that Gem were unable to supply. Their cost was just a few hundred more and it was so worth it! No disassembly of the home was needed after we maturely discussed the pros and cons of where the equipment could be installed. The new installers highlighted the incompetence of the Gem Energy team.

Gem illustrated a lack of ability to understand the job they were engaged to perform, they seem to have a tenuous understanding of the wiring rules in this country, but primarily, when faced with a situation they were clearly not comfortable with, rather than talking about a solution they clammed up and elected to harass the customer with threats of massive cost increases and insults. I've waited a year to get this off my chest and it still upsets me, Gem Energy are a very strange bunch of people.

Supplier Reply

Dear Arran,

We are sorry to read your review, after such a long time as well. We are glad to hear that the other solar company you chose to upgrade your system was able to find a better solution for you than what we could offer. We truly hope that the system upgrade was done compliantly as per Australian standards, especially considering the extremely strict quality control conducted by TechSafe for most system installations completed under the Queensland Battery Scheme last year.

Due to the complexity involved in upgrading an already existing system (installed by another solar company), combined with the difficulty finding a location to install your battery which you were comfortable with, there were indeed several discussions around those two topics.

Your requested battery location (near the gas meter) would have been in direct violation of AS/NZS3000 & AS5139 of which all industry leading retailers and installers abide by, and the need of rectifications done on the existing system (including existing cables ran through the garage roof space without conduits) would be labour intensive and incur extra costs which we would not be able to cover, and you were not happy to accept as a cost variation. Since the Electrical Wiring Rules were updated in 2018 any work which is considered to be anything other than a like for like replacement shall be done to the current standards. This includes the addition or alteration to electrical circuits for the purpose of installing batteries with the capability of EPS (Backup function).

AS/NZS 4777.1 & AS/NZS 5033 were updated in 2014. Prior to that, there were no real set regulations governing the practices of rooftop solar systems. The CEC "Installation Requirements For Alterations, Additions, Repairs And Upgrades To Existing Grid-Connected PV Arrays" outlines the responsibilities of an accredited person working on existing systems. At any given time, an installation sold by GEM Energy may be inspected by the CER, where rectifications may need to be carried out to non-compliant work.

We do understand that a more detailed technical explanation on why the above should be followed might raise some questions and cause some frustration. If we do need to add extra costs to conduct a high quality and compliant installation due to an existing system not being compliant, then we do need to discuss this with the customer and pass these costs on. When faced with more challenging installations we do get engineers and highly experienced installers involved in internal discussions to properly analyze the site and existing options, but unfortunately the solution provided would indeed include improving and rectifying the existing installation that would in turn increase the price of your installation, which we fully understand you were not comfortable with, so we were not able to proceed with the installation.

Throughout the whole process we have provided you with updates as we had them via email and on the phone, but we do apologize should we have not been able to give you further updates within the weeks you mentioned in your review. We are big on customer service and cannot explain how and when insults occurred whilst trying to organize your installation, but we are also truly sorry should have any comments been made that created the impression of an insult being made.

Finally, we highly recommend you to get a third party to check on your existing system to make sure it is working safely and compliant as installed, should the company that upgraded your system with the battery not have made any improvements on the existing system.

We wish you all the best.
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Smooth process from first call to installation

I decided to get a quote from Gem Energy based on a recommendation from a friend of mine, who had installed solar a few months prior. I got a quote within hours from my first call and, from there on, always had reasonably quick replies to my queries via email.

Since I had a specific budget in mind and a good idea of what that could get me, I started comparing the price, install reviews and the quality of the pre-sales service, with the quotes I got from another 5 companies.

Gem was running an EOFY special at the time, and included an extra 2y warranty on the Sungrow inverter. With all that combined, I decided to go with them and do not regret it until now. I had my 6.6kw system installed within 5 weeks of going into contract.

Installers showed up on time on the day of the install, and took me through the install process with details. The install looks nice from outside/inside the roof.

I can't comment on the performance of the system yet, as it's still not ON. I am waiting on Origin to replace my current meter with a solar compatible one.
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Very good products very disappointing service and work ethic. Steer clear!

The only reason GEM Energy will get the stars they have is because the Fronius inverter and Q CEll solar panels (which I specifically asked for thanks to solarquotes website) are of good quality and I couldn't give zero stars for customer service. I do not recommend GEM Energy to anyone.
The salesman was charming, but the moment I signed the contract and paid my deposit everything changed.
Men turned up early in the morning unannounced (and got me out of my sickbed), before the due date. The installers (who were friendly and polite) did half the job then left me for nine days. I had solar panels stacked in my office, and broken tile pieces on the roof. During this time we had rain. I emailed them regarding these (and other) problems. I was told in a lengthy reply that, "in some cases we will still need a second day to finalize it (installation), which is the case with your installation" . To most people I would think the second day would follow the first day. They refused to offer me any gesture of good will for the stress and inconvenience they caused (albeit politely).
I also recommended they bring extra tiles, as they had exhausted the 10/12 tiles I had in my shed. My neighbours's high set house overlooks my lowset and they had alerted me to the fact that more tiles had been broken. Despite saying they would, they didn't. Finally, after everything was signed off, I got an independent builder to check my roof. He had to replace six more tiles. I wrote again to the installation manager. I sent the receipt for the tiles and labor. I also sent the receipt showing the roof had been checked, restored and re-pointed in 2018 to prove it was in good condition. I was told they didn't crack the tiles; they would pay for the tiles but not the labour.
When the installers finished they left a mess in my garage.
Next, regarding grid connection, Gem Energy sent the wrong details re IES - despite having a copy of our AGL account which caused complications and further delay.
Initially, when we were asked for the deposit, we were explicitly told they didn't take cheques. As I do not do internet banking, we had to make a special trip to the bank to transfer the money. I explained to the rep. that our local branch was closed so we would have to travel afield which is difficult. When they sent me the final bill, I discovered they do take cheques. Another bullet in the long list of disappointments.
I am glad this whole episode is over.
P.S. The lovely man at another solar company, (whose quote I turned down), has volunteered to keep an eye on my meter to ensure everything is working properly and I'm getting a good deal from my energy company. 'Chalk and cheese' springs to mind!

Supplier Reply

Dear Catherine, while we always try our best to deliver all of our customers the best experience possible, we also understand that things might not go as planned and that is why we advise our customers that installations usually take one day, but that a second day might be needed to complete the work. Due to delays caused by rain, we were not able to send someone out there the very next day, unfortunately. Please do understand that your request for a free hot water switch and a free smart meter (worth around $700) could not be approved as a gesture of good will.

We ask any tile customer to provide extra tiles on the day of installation. Being your tiles were quite old (it is correct that your roof was checked, restored and re-painted in 2018, however the tiles were not replaced back then and they are quite breakable), it is unfortunately quite common that any work done on your roof will result in some broken tiles needed to be replaced. We used the 10-12 spare tiles you had to replace all the ones that broke during our installation, so further tiles were required. In regards to your builder having to replace other broken tiles, we were provided no proof by the builder that the tiles replaced were damaged by our installers nor where they were located.

Lastly regarding your IES application, we have confirmed with Energex and with you that it had been approved prior installation and that we have followed all the steps correctly. The energy retailer chosen by you however, did not accept the request for the meter change (lodged with and approved by Energex) as they wanted the name of your husband on the application, while we had applied for it under your name. We followed their request straight away as communicated to you.

We have done our best to make sure all your concerns were addressed, we kept in touch with you throughout the whole installation process via phone and/or email to give you regular updates and we certainly delivered a very good quality installation. We are very sorry that we were not yet able to meet your expectations.

Should you have any other questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.
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Fantastic installer

The sales quoting was easy with 2 different options i could choose from. The installer was fantastic and did a great job. Show additional information

Good installer good system

Getting quotes was easy, most of the salesmen were friendly, installation was prompt very happy with how neat the electrician was with the wiring to the inverter, whenever I had a question Gem energy were prompt in replying Show additional information

Great company to deal with

Right from the person who initially contacted me and provided the quotation to the person who installed the final set up of the inverter, it was a fantastic experience. The office staff responded to emails quickly and provided answers to all my questions. The solar panel installation was done by very friendly and courteous crew who executed their job highly professionally, without any complaints or unnecessary voice. They came to my house exactly at 8 in the morning and finished the entire job at around 1 p.m., leaving no rubbish or anything around. Really enjoyed their presence during the installation. All the necessary paper works were done before the installation and Power & Water personnel were mobilised to change my electricity meter during the installation. All went very smoothly and to our satisfaction.

I wish GEM Energy and its fantastic crew all the very best and hope they have many more success in their business. I would highly recommend them to my friends.
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Fantastic Company to deal with. Great communication and customer service

Gem Energy were very informative and helpful in explaining options. There pricing was very competitive and their customer service was first rate. There level of communication and motivation to satisfy me as a customer was outstanding Show additional information

Great staff and good value for money

The sales person I went through (Garrett) was very friendly and not pushy throughout the sales process at all. He was able to answer all questions clearly and was quick to get back to me.

Our install request got lost in their system and we were ready to cancel, but they gave us a slight upgrade and a discount to get us to stay and booked in the install with a great company to deal with for that week. They did a fantastic job and were very friendly.

Our wiring wasn't up to code and was fixed by GEM at their cost. They took care of everything and it was a very smooth experience after we called back up.

Would definitely recommend.
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Hasn't been installed yet

So far customer service has been good. Discounted price on quote originally supplied Show additional information

Professional service and efficient and reliabke from start to finish

Great customer service. Prompt anf Efficient installation. The installers were on property first thing in the morning and were friendly, professional and kept me updated. Show additional information

Carols review

Excellent service ‘absolutely brilliant from the first phone call to the insulation’ very friendly ‘helpful and professional’ such a Awesome company to deal with. Show additional information

Gem are Fantastic

We have solar!! From first contact with the sales consultant, Kristian, to the installation by Olly, it was a very smooth process and it was great to deal with very professional people. Sophie kept us informed up to date every step of the way. Communication was excellent.
Thoroughly recommend Gem Solar.
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Great from start to finish

Gem Energy were great from start to finish. Not pushy during the sales, no problems with the install and after sales service and advice was flawless. Show additional information

A Solar GEM

We have no hesitation in recommending GEM Energy as a professional organisation which provides quality products and represents great value for money. Our initial contact with Jake Reesby was very productive and enabled us to consider a number of options best suited to our requirements and at no stage were we ever pressured into making a decision. In actual fact, the time taken from seeking a quotation, our approval and final installation was under 7 weeks which we consider to be exceptional given the current circumstances with COVID-19.

The installation phase was a very streamlined process thanks to the proactive engagement with Sophie McLennan, Installation Manager. Sophie provided detailed information on the solar system and installation process (pre, during and post), and responded to our queries in a timely and professional manner. The post installation support from the IT department was also highly responsive and easy to understand.

The installer of the system, Hamish Culpitt was very professional and methodical in his approach and clearly detailed the associated scope of work associated, both at the pre-site visit and throughout the day of installation. Hamish also provided clear instructions on the operations and monitoring of the system.

Thank you to all concerned and we look forward to enjoying the benefits of having solar installed to our home, together with the flow on benefits top the community.
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GEM made the process so easy

The sales person I dealt with was Garrett. He was incredibly polite and easy going and extremly helpful. Once I had made my decision, I dealt with Sofia who, once again, was easy going, easy to deal with and helpful. Seemed to know everything! The installation went smoothly and I was extremely impressed by the cleanliness of the site after they left. and also their working around a painful antenna.

The customer service has been spot on and Sofia has kept me in the loop the entire time. So impressed and would definitely use these guys again! I wish GEM all the best!
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Excellent Solar Company

Before I sat with approximately 8-10 different companies, I researched all I could regarding solar for approximately 6 weeks. I wasn't parting with anywhere between $9-12,000 without having a good understanding of solar and the pitfalls of others. Every company had varying levels of subject matter knowledge and sales tactics.

Anyway, after careful consideration (I had three good options), I opted for GEM Energy, not only on the basis they are a trusted commercial installer (Australia Zoo), they provided me with realistic expectations and a value for money system. For an 8.3kW Sunpower (21 x 395w panels) System and Fronius Inverter they were well priced and within my budget. They were not the cheapest by a long way, nor the most expensive! The process from signing on the dotted line to installation was seamless. The install itself was a breeze and by the end of the day, you would not have thought a team of three where at the house. GEM Energy has its own team of dedicated installers and trusted contractors and the guys I dealt with, during the install, were amazingly passionate and the quality of the workmanship looks tremendous.

I now wait for the energy company to configure the meter before I can reap the benefits.

A huge thanks to Sofia at GEM Energy and the Install Team :-)
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Quality Process and Product

Sales/quoting process was excellent, efficiently done, informative. Process smooth as clockwork. Best price. Top quality product. Streamlined process meant there was always someone to contact should the need arise. Installation went without a hitch. Personnel capable and made very little noise as they worked. Job completed in less than a day. The electrician was organised and professional, happy to answer any questions and re-explain if I needed clarification, did not leave until he was sure I had got the jist. Grid connected as of Wednesday and everything working perfectly. Yes, installers were polite. Would highly recommend them to anyone considering Solar. Show additional information

Very professional company through the entire process

We found them easy to communicate with- quick to respond. From the original quote through to follow up at end they were professional, responsive to the customer and easily accessible. Highly recommend them. Show additional information

Informative, excellent customer service

Seem less quoting process. Installation was great, the team where prompt and did a great job.
Customer service was spot on once we got the initial contact under control.
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I engaged the company to discuss options to diagnose and rectify my solar inverter and battery management system and was met with less than satisfactory responses. I am continuing to diagnose the problem for them as no technician has been sent to my house locally to diagnose the issue. My losses are ongoing and no solution has been proposed. Show additional information

Quality Company.

Pleasant sales process, asked Gem to quote on pacific brands, waiting on installation, Gem have kept me informed through each step so far.
Happy to date
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Paid deposit at end of April and install has been delayed twice due to non-availability of (Sunpower) panels. Latest install date date is 1 Jul. Another company said that they thought they were the only ones who installed Sunpower panels, so maybe this is a first time to install Sunpower panels - not sure. They recommended REC to begin with. Show additional information

Flawless system

The initial salesman was very professional and knowledgeable about his product and able to answer all of our questions, the install got delayed as GEM wanted to ensure that the install was of the highest quality which it was, the team that did the install were friendly efficient and explained everything and answered all questions without hesitation and set everything up Show additional information

Seriously Good!

This is the 2nd install that Gem have done for me! (As well as heaps for my work)!

Great value for money, high quality products, very good installers, service and respectful of our home!!
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Great service and great customer experience

We are over the moon with our solar panels, the best investment we ever did. After being 9 months in production we have already a credit of $380 with the electricity provider. We actually stopped paying for electricity since the installation. So in short since instalment we saved $1,400 (9m). So in 4 years (if electricity rates don’t change, otherwise this period shortens) we’ll have paid off the solar installation. The solar panels and inverter all perform very well so far. Further great service, at every department of GEM Energy (sales, engineers, installers and administration) they are very friendly, responsive to all my questions, simply a great customer experience. I would refer anyone to GEM Energy. So thank you for everything. Show additional information

Great solar install

We are over the moon with our new solar install. It looks fantastic, the installer was also amazing, great job all round Gem Energy. Show additional information

Streamlined, Efficient & Professional

From first contact everything was smooth, efficient and hassle free.

A great deal and even better service. Installation was fast and friendly. Can't fault anyone on anything.

Very satisfied and would easily recommend GEM Energy to anyone considering the jump to solar.
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Fantastic Installer, Great service from gem energy

From start to finish great to Deal with all and Jodie was always on top of everything and kept me right up to date.
The installation guys were fantastic and easy to deal with can recommend anytime
Customer service was fantastic
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Professional company and quality installation

Gem energy’s Sofia and David were professional and informative from the start. Solar installer Leigh was also very helpful and workmanship was top notch. Highly recommend! Show additional information

Excellent Advice, Top Quality Components, Excellent Installation and great advice!!!

GEM provided great technical advice and assistance and were able to put a quote together very quickly which remained constant throughout to completion.

They provided really good communications including advance advice on installation dates and times and quickly and clearly answered all of my questions and the installation was pleasant and fuss free, the installer even maximized the set up to match how our family use energy
Show additional information
I used GEM Energy firstly because I asked you guys about them and you suggested they were a good company. Second their service so far has been good. Using your website and advice I searched for the best product I could reasonably afford and Gem were flexible and able to supply what I wanted.
So I went with GEM and even though I haven’t had the installation done yet, the service has been spot on and the communication more than adequate.
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High quality system at a competitive price Show additional information


Awesome experience the whole way through. Conor was a great support and very prompt and helpful. They Installed well before promised install date and had a great professional team of installers and take pride in what they do Show additional information

The best system I could get on my roof

Vince was really helpful and offered me a number of choices. He also educated me enough to make an informed decision. I didnt understand what monitoring was for but I use that every day and couldnt be without it - Vince also helped my understand that too.

The installation was great - the team were professional, quick and thorough. There was one problem with the meter but they fixed that up immediately. The after sales service was some of the best I have seen in years.

All connection, follow up, metering and handover to my energy company was excellent. It all went through without issue (which never happens and compliments to Energy Australia for their great service) and I was able to see I was making money on my system as soon as I was switched over.
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Beautifully done

Sales person was careful enough to make sure that I understood the scheme and process before signing me up. He is easily reachable over the phone, even outside of work hours.
Experienced a bit of hiccups with installations early on, but beyond that, it's a job executed well.
Would definitely recommend GEM Energy to others.
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Show additional information
Not yet finalised as we are putting it up in combination with a new build. Show additional information
Bit of back and forth regarding the hardware due to the mad rush with the new solar scheme. So it was a tad annoying, took about 6months to get installed (not that I can really blame GEM for that I guess) Show additional information

Great Service

Very impressed with the whole service, the customer service correspondence and follow up phone calls helped greatly. The installation contractors were very professional and polite. Show additional information
Great site you have for us solar rookies made my decision on installing solar for me, got a great systeam at great price through Gem energy
Thanks again.
Show additional information
This is our 2nd house we have installed solar in. The improvements in technology and battery is amazing. Our 1st home had a dedicated room with 6 very large lead acid battery banks that I had to monitor on a regular basis. Our current home now has a larger system and it all mounts on 1 wall and maintenance is a lot less. Show additional information

Dodgy installer

Be aware dodgy solar installer! Words of warning to all pass customers to check your solar panels to see if the wattage per panel is what is on your original contract when you sign to get it installed. I sign up to get 320w per panel x 20, what was installed on my roof was 310w per panel x 20. I only found out when I was about to sign the STC form.

After back and forth communication and negotiations, a resolution to this issue has now been reached. (updated 16/9/19)

Supplier Reply

Hi Bihn, thank you for your feedback. We are always improving our service and aim to resolve any inconveniences when they arise.

In this instance there were quite a few factors at play. As we discussed with you, due to a shortage of 320W panels the manufacturer could only deliver 310W panels and in order to install your system with no further delays, we added an extra 310W panel to make up for the changes and by doing so we have increased the size of your system from 6.4kW to 6.5kW. We were attempting to provide you with an upgrade at no extra charge due to the shortage in the product that we quoted. Unfortunately there was an error when sending the order through to our warehouse, and the same amount of panels were sent for the installation as originally quoted (20 instead of 21). This was a genuine mistake, proven by the fact that we added the correct wattage of the panels installed into the STC form sent to you for signature. We attempted to explain the matter to you and we fixed straight away after this was noticed back in May 2019.

We are deeply sorry for this mistake and have compensated you for the inconvenience caused.

Best wishes,
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Professional and personable sales, installation and customer service team

Sales representative clearly presented design options, costs, performance and panel layout process together facilitated an informed decision;
Installation, including site visit prior to installation, was undertaken in professional and personable manner, punctual, well organised and efficiently installed, with Installation site left clean and tidy;
Customer service communication including responses to questions and documentation quickly and professionally managed.
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Wonderful customer service

The staff at Gem were amazing. They kept in touch and followed up on any questions and concerns we had. I would strongly recommend Gem Energy to anyone who is looking to get solar installed. Show additional information

Great work

Professional for start to finish. Would certainly recommend Gem energy for Solar installation. Vincent who managed and Daniel who installed were great. Show additional information

Great customer service, excellent installers

Sales process required some back and forth communication in order to get best price. Delay in supply of panels lead to more than one install date. Installation team was great and very helpful. Had to call the company post install to email documents through required for government grant as they had forgot. Overall pleasant experience and good customer service. Show additional information
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Best in the business.

We got a 6.7KW System of 21 Panels + 3.8KWh LG Battery installed with GEM through the QLD Gov Grant, it was a complicated process made all that simpler with Vincent Dyers help and professionalism as he guided me through the entire process from start to finish. The System was installed on the day that was agreed and the install team was very professional and pleasant, we had some minor delays due to weather and parts sourcing but nothing major, the install was wrapped up over the following 3 days. Once works were completed, everything was connected up with no problems at all. The sales team followed up after install and provided clarity as to the next steps in submitting the correct info for the grant. The whole process was a pleasant experience and I would highly recommend Vincent and the Gem Energy if you're looking at Solar anytime soon. Show additional information

Gem energy excells

The system development was excellent, I shopped around a lot before going with Gem Energy .
Our point of contact with Gem Energy was Vincent Dyer , Vincent worked very hard to come up with an excellent system for us and at a very competitive price .
The installation was very neat and well done , Swan electrical did a very neat install of the system .
Every one involved from start to finish of the system where all very helpful and polite .
The biggest hassle was with Ergon doing the final sign off of the system , but with a fair amount of pushing from Swan electrical and from Vincent at Gem Energy we got there .
Over all I’m very happy with the system , and very happy with everyone involved from sales to final install.
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