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Green Sky Australia Reviews

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About Green Sky Australia, Solar Installers

The team at Green Sky bring together many years’ experience, to ensure that we deliver the results you need. Whether it’s a Solar System, Air Conditioning, or electrical work we’ve got proven experience. Unlike some competitors, our focus is not on getting the most money out of you, it is on delivering the result that you require. These days we all spend a lot of our lives working, so we figure that you’ve got to enjoy what you do, and always have fun. Right?! The Green Sky team love to help people. We enjoy getting out of the office and really assisting our clients with their needs. Don’t be afraid to send us an email or pick up the phone and speak with one of our friendly team members We believe that all of our business dealings should be win/win. If both parties aren’t happy, what’s the point? We constantly strive to deliver the best for our clients. Happy customers breed happy customers, and at Green Sky we pride ourselves on the large number of referrals we receive. Over the years we have been known as Nicholls Group Victoria and in this time we have grown and evolved, so we thought it was time we upped our game and decided on a more fitting name change too! We are still the same friendly company, the same highly-experienced team, with the same great service… plus a fantastic new name.

Green Sky Australia Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Very happy with both the system we had installed, and the service we received from Green Sky.
And that's mostly because we went into this deal updated and informed. Thanks Solar quotes, we managed to see a variety of providers as expected and were armed with all of the relevant questions. We couldn't have done it without you.
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Due to the size of our system (25 panels) it required a 2 day installation and it was done 3 weeks from the quote acceptance! Very fast, and I am very happy about that. The installation crew were excellent, they explained what they were planning and doing every step of the way. Show additional information
Green sky Australia were prompt, professional and informative with all aspects of their communication through to install and after sales service. Show additional information
The whole process was so easy. Keith sat down and explained everything in detail and answered all our questions. System was installed in 4 weeks which was great. Highly recommend Show additional information
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Keith was very knowable. Handled my more detailed questions well. We were able to use actual energy usage data to determine mix of panels on east, north and west rooflines. System has not yet been installed as we are waiting on other electrical work to be completed that our electrical distributer needs to do first. Green Sky happy to reschedule installation dates to accommodate this delay. Show additional information
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Excellent company to deal with Show additional information
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Green Sky have been among the best companies and tradesmen that we have dealt with. From Keith Buxton down they are very professional, great to deal with, courteous, careful and they always cleaned up well after the job. The office staff are efficient and very pleasant and they do what they say they will do. They were always on time. They gave us great service after the installation to get our Enphase reporting system working perfectly. We were impressed that they upgraded our panels from the ones they quoted on to the latest more powerful version when it came time to install them and at no extra charge. We were also impressed with their 15 year warranty. We would recommend Green Sky to anyone.
We chose a 10kW system with 37 panels and on their advice with Enphase micro inverters as we have some shading from tall trees at various times in the day. On the basis of our anticipated usage pattern we were advised to put panels on the east and west with the majority on the north.
The system was installed in our newly built home in December 2017 and it has been excellent. They actually installed it twice after our roof had to be replaced because of damage from severe hail and both times they did the work efficiently and with no fuss.
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Great company to deal with, had a small problem and they were here in a flash to fix it. Kept us informed on the progress of form submission etc. Very helpful staff, they know what they are talking about Show additional information
Installed today so cannot comment further on quality of system until it starts working. But great professionalism from the supplier, excellent customer service and installation team just phenomenal! Show additional information
Good sustainable minded neighbours helping to prune trees shading panels helps a lot.
Will fit battery when economic or closer to.
Probably needs to drop 40% in prices to be able to be considered.
Microinverter system peak output 10.73 kW in theory with actual total production about 90% of total consumption but only about 60% of production is self used.
Green Sky installed on-time, communicated well and cleaned up perfectly.
Enphase monitoring worked easily from day 1.
Exact opposite with retailer Origin Energy who had to be chased up three times by both me and CitiPower, delaying smartmeter re-configuration the longest possible time.
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Nick from Green Sky has been a delight to work with in preparing our quote and offering advice. Installation is scheduled to happen in a few weeks. Show additional information
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GreenSky installed a 5.67kW system, after their February specials included 2 free panels. That was an unexpected bonus. We’re waiting for the inspector and approval, so won’t know for a while how much we’ll benefit. The process of 3 quotes and as much or little tech. data on the website, complete with referrals to other independent sites gave me comfort. I researched heaps and selected a system and company that I felt represented value for us. Thanks Solarquotes. Show additional information
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Fantastic service,, cannot fault. System has just been installed and waiting for inspection approval so it can be switched on so unable to comment on the actual usage side. Highly recommend Solar Quotes and Green Sky. Show additional information
Green Sky where the best for our needs, and they did everything they said, from arranging the STC, fronius warrenty extension, auditor, install on the day they said, and power meter config.
A few points they could improve on include, install guys cleaning up after themselves, and following up emails.
The entire process has taken nearly 2 months from the time I signed the quote to selling my solar energy. If we didn't already have a smart meter it would have been another 4-6 weeks and around $400 install cost.
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Thanks Finn , Solar quote was very helpful in selecting supplier quotes from quality installers . Our Solar System was installed on March 13th 2018 and inspected 2 days later , which was excellent . We are now waiting for our meter to be reconfigured to connect us to the grid . The system appears to be generating at a good rate . Show additional information
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I chose Green Sky Australia, mainly because they had very good reviews.
From the quote to installation, everyone was very professional and happy
to help with any questions or concerns. It has only been running for a
couple of months, but so far we are using roughly 50% less energy,
which is what was estimated by the company. We are keen to buy a
solar battery as soon as prices come down, and another 5 KW system
to totally eliminate our energy bills. We would definitely use the same
company again, and would happily recommend the company to others.
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Green Sky were really helpful and their service both before the installation and after was excellent. We have a partly shaded roof so we really wanted to know if solar would be worth our while. During the site visit Cameron patiently helped us work this out, including where to best put the panels and whether we needed microinverters (we decided to get these). After the installation, there were some issues with our metering - it didn't affect solar production, but it meant we couldn't see how much we were producing/importing and/or when. Keith visited us on several occasions to help straighten this out. We're now happily producing lots of power and can easily log in to the system to pinpoint where we are exporting or importing throughout the day! Show additional information
Excellent communication and service from Green Sky Australia. Looking forward to the installation. Show additional information
Our solar system will not be installed until 2nd February so comments on installation would not be appropriate as yet Show additional information
We had some initial problems with one our arrays of 4 panels not producing sufficient voltage for them to work. Keith worked hard to contact the manufacturer to discover the issues. It turned out the only solution was for a 5th panel to be installed to enable the system to function which Keith arranged for free of charge. Great back up service and would definitely recommend Green Sky Australia. Show additional information
The sales representative knew exactly what he was on about & explained it to us extremely well. He also pointed out several things to minimize our power costs . His knowledge was so helpful to us & we had no hesitation in going with Green Sky for our solar installation. Show additional information
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The three suppliers quoting for our system were pretty competitive and very informative. I learnt a lot through the process and ended up with two quotes for exactly the same system: 14 x LG 330kw panels (total of 4.6kw), individual enphase inverters, and the connecting system, together with the website enabled monitoring system. The two quotes were very close in price, however I managed to persuade Green Sky to drop their price a bit. The clinching factor however was their guarantee of 15 years (as I recall) covering the construction of the array, with the other quote offering 6.5 years guarantee of workmanship.

On the negative side, Green Sky's paperwork was slow, setting out the exact features and specifications - some of which arrived after the installation. I would have liked their paperwork completed ahead of the installation, to be sure I was going to get what I wanted.

The crew installing the system were terrific and we are more than happy with the whole package. Still waiting on the electricity supplier to recognise the system and begin giving us a feed-in tariff - however we were told to expect a delay. The inspector signed off on the system a week ago and declared that the array had been very well put together.

Finn, I did shoot you an email to advise of this decision, thanking you for your service and follow up.

I have since recommended you to several friends exploring the installation of solar panels by the way.


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We have had no issues with Green Sky Solar throughout the whole process. Cameron did a site visit and gave us a few options about the size of the system as well as inverter options. Once deposit was paid, the installation date was booked in. All inspection and retailer paperwork is done by Green Sky Australia. Installers arrived on the set date and installed system without an issue. No rubbish was left on site. Inspector visited 2 days later, checked and turned on the system.

Solar has been running for over a week now with no issues.

From our experience I would highly recommend Green Sky Australia.
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I was keen on a local supplier, and decided to proceed, but when I received the order form it had attached two pages of small printed terms and conditions which required nothing of them, and placed all risk in all respects on me. I have seen many contacts in my career, and this was amongst the worst.
I can only assume that most people don't read the fine print!
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Thanks David for being so patient, answered all the questions I had and being so honest to analyse the system pro and con and suggested a system best suited my need. Fantastic service and work attitude. Show additional information
Price just over 6000.00 but I put 3-6 as it is close
Not installed yet so I can't comment but put Good so submit will work
Your site helped me understand no optimiser, optimiser and micro-inverters -Green Sky pointed me to your site comparison
I chose micro inverters - I have an old timber house so that safety issue was relevant to me and my old panels when replaced I can daisy chain - so micros won here
I asked about batteries they advised me to wait and check my usage and at same time AC batteries are happening - new units coming soon. And I don't have a good place to put them (no garage) - so I need time to get a "weather proof site"

These guys (Cameron) were consistently helpful throughout - met all their timelines they promised and no sales pressure

I was a bit slow to move but deal is done now! So I am happy.

Use my name as Bruce is OK but don't use surname please - it is uncommon so you virtually give my address by giving the surname
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Bit early to comment yet. Unfortunately due to medical matters we could not be present at the installation but all appears satisfactory. Dealing with local installers and local agent made the process more comfortable . Only time will tell whether we made the correct decisions . The information and advice from Solar Quotes was invaluable. Thank You. Show additional information
I was overseas when the system was installed, but my wife said it was all carried out quite quickly and efficiently with no problems so far.
We would recommend Green Sky Australia to other prospective customers looking at installing solar systems. They were the only one of the three recommended suppliers who made an on-site visit, and they provided much other useful information re general electricity usage.
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We have had a few installation problems are still not registered with our supplier. A few instances of clearer communication would have saved days of delay. When he came Keith was very good. Show additional information
Green Sky responded within one week, but neither of the other two installers replied (I suspect that there is a huge demand for PV systems at present). We were impressed with Green Sky as an installer. The LG system and Enphase micro-inverters are expensive, but it allowed us to have half the panels facing NE and the other half facing SW, so we get a more even supply of power over the day. The PV system is working exceptionally well and we are now officially connected to Origin Energy and the grid.

Many thanks for your help, Finn.
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We are still waiting for it.
They delayed the install for one week because of staff issues and then on the day of the install it was too windy which is fair enough.
So they only did the Support beams but not the panels they told us they will get back to us the next day with a date to finish the install. The next week I sent an email asking for an update did hear anything for another date, then i called them and they made me wait another day to find out.. so in short its just a pass the buck story
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