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Green Sky Australia Reviews

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About Green Sky Australia, Solar Installers

The team at Green Sky bring together many years’ experience, to ensure that we deliver the results you need. Whether it’s a Solar System, Air Conditioning, or electrical work we’ve got proven experience. Unlike some competitors, our focus is not on getting the most money out of you, it is on delivering the result that you require. These days we all spend a lot of our lives working, so we figure that you’ve got to enjoy what you do, and always have fun. Right?! The Green Sky team love to help people. We enjoy getting out of the office and really assisting our clients with their needs. Don’t be afraid to send us an email or pick up the phone and speak with one of our friendly team members We believe that all of our business dealings should be win/win. If both parties aren’t happy, what’s the point? We constantly strive to deliver the best for our clients. Happy customers breed happy customers, and at Green Sky we pride ourselves on the large number of referrals we receive. Over the years we have been known as Nicholls Group Victoria and in this time we have grown and evolved, so we thought it was time we upped our game and decided on a more fitting name change too! We are still the same friendly company, the same highly-experienced team, with the same great service… plus a fantastic new name.

Green Sky Australia Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
We've experienced grid over-voltage drop-outs which have limited our output on the best production days (like yesterday - 8 and 3 drop-outs with about 50-60 minutes system down-time) and are still sorting out our feed-in meter reprogramming. Both issues are with our retailer and distributor. Green Sky has been excellent and is helping to resolve these problems. Show additional information
Their rep was a retired engineer who knew his stuff and every question I asked was well answered at the time he called. Spent 1/2 day with me looking round and explaining what could and couldn't be done. No pressure to buy, just lots of good advice. My system is high end, but the increased efficiency of q cells and microinverters means payback occurs in about the same time as a cheap string system. So, should be good value for money.

Their installers in north west tas are GJ electrical (ulverstone) and the crew performing the installation were friendly, communicative, and efficient.

My system is 9.9kW q-cells, microiverter type. Still being commissioned (not connected to grid yet) but I'm already generating and even getting 350w at night from the moonlight!!

Highly recommended
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Enphase microinverters + small battery at good price was the winner. Plus GreenSky came close to the panel placement I thought was best.

Be aware, if panel placement is important to you, DO NOT rely on salesman & their satellite roof images for design. In reality if you had a problem like mine, you need someone to get on the roof to tell you exactly what is feasible beforehand. Plus study shading images during day.
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Green Sky were very easy to deal with. The only company I came across where the guy who owns the company actually did the installation. Came back the next day to fix a minor issue. Nice neat job. Professional installers who are not sub contractors. Highly recommend. Show additional information
Green Sky Australia are the nicest people to deal with honest advice excellent service excellent installation I can not fault this company in any way. Anyone thinking of getting solar panels installed can not in my opinion go past Green Sky Australia
Thank Green Sky.
Thank you Finn Peacock for putting me onto Green Sky, you have saved me $7000.00 dollars by my cancellation of my contract with another solar company
that has Quoted me $12.500.00 for the exact same deal.
Thanks again Finn
Regards Hans
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"Green Sky Australia"!!! Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes again. very friendly and informative sales rep ( Cameran ) arrived on our doorstep right on time told us all about solar systems and how they work etc. very honest and matter of fact like very very easy to deal with and put us at ease and has taken a lot of the B/S out of our minds that other companies were trying to feed us. Other solar company quoted us $12,500 dollars for the same system and same deal as what "Green Sky" has offered ($5,500 dollars) needless to say Green Sky won the day with there honesty and friendly service. anyone thinking of installing solar panels you can not go past "Green Sky Australia."
Thanks Heaps to Cameran, Keith and Staff for doing an Excellent job we could not be happier.
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We've had a 10kW system installed with Enphase micro-inverters. Q-cells 280W panels. Green Sky Australia was great to deal with, from the sales person (reasonable knowledge base) through to office team booking the install and most importantly the installers who spent a bit over two days (rain interrupted) installing our system. Nearing the shortest day of the year when we installed, we're already averaging 20kWh per day. I really appreciate the extra data from the Enphase Enlighten system and it is helping us to monitor and time usage of our large appliances (Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer and Dishwasher) to maximise the use of energy created from the panels.

Certainly appreciate the service offered by - it not only kicked off the quoting process, but also offered a great deal of "cut through the BS" information.
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Cameron was not a sales person. He was a sparky/engineer.

He answered all our questions candidly and honestly and compared micro inverter systems vs single inverter systems in our situation.

We decided on micro, not the cheapest system, as our house orientation meant all cells would be better working independently and we can add to the system at anytime (as we can afford more). The system can handle batteries when we are ready too but Cameron advised we were better waiting a few years given our usage patterns.

By the time we spoke to him we had armed ourselves with a lot of knowledge thanks to SolarQuotes so in the end were well informed and advised.

Installation was a breeze and we should be selling back to the grid very soon! Much sooner than anticipated. The admin staff at Green Sky have been great too! Very easy to deal with.
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Re 'installation' I cannot yet comment as this is scheduled for mid-June (3+ weeks away) Show additional information
The main reason we went with Green Sky Australia was because not only did they have good products, Cameron knew exactly what he was talking about. He told us the limitations with our electrical distributor, so what size system he knew would be approved and that larger systems were getting knocked back. We appreciated his honesty and that he didn't waste our time. Show additional information
Re Value for money and Quality of System I have chosen Good; however I can only assume my choice of these two criteria is at least Good, if not Fantastic.
The speed of Installation and Customer Service was definitely Fantastic.
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Would recommend Green Sky Australia for their service and support. Show additional information
It is had to get suppliers to quote on buying power Show additional information
I have ordered battery system from Green Sky (installation in June) as their information was better than other providers. May be paying more than other quotes, but feel I am getting a better system, plus they are a larger company than others with commercial experience as well as residential. Show additional information
My experience with Green Sky has been very professional from the first meeting through to power generation for my home. I have been kept informed as to the status of my project every step of the way. My job has progressed efficiently with no delays. The only step remaining is to receive a tariff from the power company, but I was told in advance that this is in the hands of the power company, and Green Sky has forwarded all the necessary paperwork to them. Green Sky have made the whole process very straightforward.
All appointments made were kept. All company representatives have been very professional.
My system is working beautifully so far and I can monitor my energy production.
I would definitely recommend Green Sky for a seamless solar panel installation.
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Our experience with Green Sky Australia ,our installer ,recommended through Solar Quotes has been very hassle free .We received a site appointment that was very informative,
great product knowledge and an honest summary of our required solar system. A quality problem free install and a great customer service team who continually kept us informed and followed up with all the necessary paper work. A great company to deal with and we have no hesitation in recommending them to others that may be looking at going solar . VERY HAPPY !
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The entire process from initial consultation to installation, to submission of paperwork to retailer was handled professionally and to my entire satisfaction. All stages were completed on time, as agreed, and to a high quality standard. I can wholly recommend Green Sky Australia. Show additional information
Difficult decision as all three from you were excellent: attempted to get another 3 quotes from another Solar internet "three quote" provider but none of the two (out of three) respondents chose to visit site. Your three did and the amount of information was well presented by all and in my view of equal quality and prices... all very similar, could have picked any of them. Went with Green Sky in the end as they had a "special" on for the month which made them the cheapest. So went with them, service was excellent came on time and completed in a day. Verifying Electrician commented that they had done an excellent job. Office very helpful and supportive. Have had difficulty connecting the inverter to the WiFi but hopefully that will be sorted soon, this is the website/ my internet connections, not GreenSky.
Overall a good experience and thank you for giving such good advice and sending three very capable companies to quote.
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One of the influencing factors in choosing Green Sky was the fact their system offered modular batteries. This was an important factor in our decision as we had only recently moved to this location and had no power usage history and the modular battery system will enable me to add an additional battery(ies) as the power usage is logged and then I can balance generated power, usage power and battery capacity. Initially I was drawn to a large capacity battery, but as was pointed out (even without power usage history) it would be overkill and would prove to be very expensive - in fact doubling the outlay we have made. The Enphase System offers me flexibility going forward and at the right price............. Peter......... Beaumaris Show additional information
Great service and appeal Show additional information
We went with Green Sky for a number of reasons including:
The design they presented was well thought out and focused on getting panels where they were most effective even if they were more ackward to install, whereas some other companies gave us proposals that placed some of the panels where they would get little sun, just to get the number we wanted in an easier location for them to install.
Keith, the representative of the company came out to our home to inspect the premises and meet with us and answer our various questions. He was not only 'nice' but very knowledgeable. He was not just a salesperson but also, being a licenced electrician, understood the technical aspects of the products and installations. Even after the visit he promptly replied to the various questions we raised as we finalised our decision.
The installers were employees, not just subcontractors. They were thorough, careful and cooperative and answered our various questions, making adjustments to meet our requirements.
The office staff corresponded promptly with us both before, during and after the installations in sorting out all the required paperwork.
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My solar system is yet to be installed but
I have chosen to go with Green Sky out of the 5 installers I looked at, for some of the following reasons:
-they offered high end components that were capable of expansion and adding batteries.
-they were knowledgeable and had a good amount of experience in the industry.
-they have had good communication throughout the process so far.
-they are not salesmen, but electrical engineers and installers doing that you deal with through the process.
-they don't use contractors for the installation.
-they only sell components from companies with Australian offices.
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We purchased an 8.7 kWh system. The system will be Phono solar panels and Goodwe inverters. Still waiting on the inverters, so nothing to report yet. Show additional information
One of the suppliers were not honest with their quote. They told me that the fronius inverter was compatible with any battery type. Show additional information
Initial process with Green Sky was easy, but follow up process with electricity retailer (forced changing of plan) was lengthy and hard to understand.
Haven't yet been advised on how to monitor electricity production and usage on-line, so disappointed I have to follow that up myself.
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"Dealing with Keith Buxton and his team from Green Sky Solar was both informative and productive, the quote had a number of options offered which gave us the scope to select a system relative to our requirements and price range. On inspection of the site, Keith advised us of the fitting options
and provided further and helpful nformation relative to our circumstances in a most effective, professional and helpful way. Once the quote was accepted, the team went about fitting the system professionally and efficiently in a very timely manner. The fitting team were all great people and extremely efficient in getting the system up and running.
When finished they informed us of the next step and handed us a package fully explaining the process from there on. On following the supplied instructions it was no time before we were connected to the grid and producing benefits.
I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Keith and his team as both suppliers and fitters of solar systems. An extremely professional and courteous operation."
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Keith and his team, which is from Green Sky, are very helpful both onsite/via phone. The information provide on varies system are very thorough and clear. I really like the comparison. You feel no pressure in making any commitment during the quotation appointment. The reason we choose them over the other companies is mainly price and the system that present. Having said that, I also appreciate the sale rep from Essential solar. He is professional, also there is no pressure in getting you sign on spot. The information he provide are also clear and very detail. I think both companies that are referred to us, they are very professional and you couldn't go wrong with either one. Show additional information
Fantastic in every aspect from start to finish Show additional information
Dealing with Keith Buxton was really good. He came over, and explained what would be best suited to my needs. Installation was fantastic with Brad and Peter doing an exceptional job. Has been a really smooth process. Now bring on the sunshine. Show additional information
Thanks Finn . Your advice was invaluable. Very happy with Nicholls/Green Sky.
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The Quote service provided was great, efficient and linked us up with professional quality suppliers who were all more than helpful to explain the technicalities of domestic Solar installations. I would recommend your service to anyone interested in getting solar fitted. Show additional information
It's a bit hard to accurately estimate the value and quality of the system after it's been installed for only a few weeks. It's certainly working, chugging away and generating lots of kWs. I believe it will save me money in the long run and I must admit that I enjoy running the air con and dishwasher during the day and not having to pay grid prices for the power.
I was very pleased with the efforts of the installers. They arrived on time, were polite and worked efficiently. I had given them a heads up about the TV aerial being in the way, and they were kind enough to move it to another location without further charge. Overall, I think they did a splendid job.
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Overall my experience with Green Sky was great. The sales person (Keith) knew his stuff and was the only one of 3 who verified that my best option was a 3 phase inverter. The installation went ahead with no fuss on the expected date. The only thing that could have been done better would be a call from Green Sky the day before installation just to confirm they were still coming and what time to expect them on site. Show additional information
From first enquiry to system commissioning, I dealt with six staff. All were polite, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, neat and thorough. They said what they'd do, then did what they'd said. The whole experience was swift and hassle free. Astonishing, given the cost and complexity (to me, anyway) of this project. My botched home renovation 12 years ago just about destroyed my faith in tradies - if not humanity. Yet I can happily report that Doug, Louise, Keith and crew have done much to restore it. In my view, you can't go past Green Sky Australia. I spent two months choosing them from a shortlist of four suppliers, so you can see how picky I am. Triple bonus points to Finn at Solar Quotes for his fabulous content and systems. Without them, I'd never have spotted Green Sky, let alone got them over to quote. So, five stars across the board from a very happy camper. Proceed with confidence! Show additional information
A great organisation with professional staff. Could not fault them and am happy to recommend them to others. Show additional information
System installed on 08 Oct 16 - need more time to evaluate system before a higher rating is given for items 1 & 2 Show additional information
Very reliable supplier, super easy to work with Show additional information
Installers arrived at the requested time and installation was performed quickly and efficiently. It is still early days, but the system appears to be both good value for money and a good quality system. This will become more evident when I do some detailed monitoring in the coming months.

With regards to using this review on your website, I would say 'yes' if you keep my name anonymous.
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We got our system of 16 Q-Cell panels with Enphase microinverters installed this past weekend.
Keith Buxton and his team from Green Sky Australia were excellent throughout the process and had the system on the roof and up and running in just over 6 hours. This morning I already got the link for the Enphase data server and can now see how the system is performing. So far the system is working perfectly, and I am starting to figure out how to use the data that the Enphase App provides - obviously to optimise our energy consumption.

I chose to go with Green Sky because
a) Keith Buxton was clearly the most knowledgeable of the people that quoted, and he was also the one who asked the best questions and had the most down-to-earth, trustworthy and consultative approach; and
b) The Q-Cell panels and Enphase microinverters that Green Sky offer appear to be very high quality/value for money (see also the reviews here on SolarQuotes and elsewhere).

I can highly recommend Green Sky Australia based on this experience.
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Great price for Q cell panels Show additional information
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