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About Green Sky Australia, Solar Installers

The team at Green Sky bring together many years’ experience, to ensure that we deliver the results you need. Whether it’s a Solar System, Air Conditioning, or electrical work we’ve got proven experience. Unlike some competitors, our focus is not on getting the most money out of you, it is on delivering the result that you require. These days we all spend a lot of our lives working, so we figure that you’ve got to enjoy what you do, and always have fun. Right?! The Green Sky team love to help people. We enjoy getting out of the office and really assisting our clients with their needs. Don’t be afraid to send us an email or pick up the phone and speak with one of our friendly team members We believe that all of our business dealings should be win/win. If both parties aren’t happy, what’s the point? We constantly strive to deliver the best for our clients. Happy customers breed happy customers, and at Green Sky we pride ourselves on the large number of referrals we receive. Over the years we have been known as Nicholls Group Victoria and in this time we have grown and evolved, so we thought it was time we upped our game and decided on a more fitting name change too! We are still the same friendly company, the same highly-experienced team, with the same great service… plus a fantastic new name.

Green Sky Australia Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I was keen on a local supplier, and decided to proceed, but when I received the order form it had attached two pages of small printed terms and conditions which required nothing of them, and placed all risk in all respects on me. I have seen many contacts in my career, and this was amongst the worst.
I can only assume that most people don't read the fine print!
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Thanks David for being so patient, answered all the questions I had and being so honest to analyse the system pro and con and suggested a system best suited my need. Fantastic service and work attitude. Show additional information
Price just over 6000.00 but I put 3-6 as it is close
Not installed yet so I can't comment but put Good so submit will work
Your site helped me understand no optimiser, optimiser and micro-inverters -Green Sky pointed me to your site comparison
I chose micro inverters - I have an old timber house so that safety issue was relevant to me and my old panels when replaced I can daisy chain - so micros won here
I asked about batteries they advised me to wait and check my usage and at same time AC batteries are happening - new units coming soon. And I don't have a good place to put them (no garage) - so I need time to get a "weather proof site"

These guys (Cameron) were consistently helpful throughout - met all their timelines they promised and no sales pressure

I was a bit slow to move but deal is done now! So I am happy.

Use my name as Bruce is OK but don't use surname please - it is uncommon so you virtually give my address by giving the surname
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Bit early to comment yet. Unfortunately due to medical matters we could not be present at the installation but all appears satisfactory. Dealing with local installers and local agent made the process more comfortable . Only time will tell whether we made the correct decisions . The information and advice from Solar Quotes was invaluable. Thank You. Show additional information
I was overseas when the system was installed, but my wife said it was all carried out quite quickly and efficiently with no problems so far.
We would recommend Green Sky Australia to other prospective customers looking at installing solar systems. They were the only one of the three recommended suppliers who made an on-site visit, and they provided much other useful information re general electricity usage.
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We have had a few installation problems are still not registered with our supplier. A few instances of clearer communication would have saved days of delay. When he came Keith was very good. Show additional information
Green Sky responded within one week, but neither of the other two installers replied (I suspect that there is a huge demand for PV systems at present). We were impressed with Green Sky as an installer. The LG system and Enphase micro-inverters are expensive, but it allowed us to have half the panels facing NE and the other half facing SW, so we get a more even supply of power over the day. The PV system is working exceptionally well and we are now officially connected to Origin Energy and the grid.

Many thanks for your help, Finn.
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Having trouble with emphases enlighten app display Show additional information
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We are still waiting for it.
They delayed the install for one week because of staff issues and then on the day of the install it was too windy which is fair enough.
So they only did the Support beams but not the panels they told us they will get back to us the next day with a date to finish the install. The next week I sent an email asking for an update did hear anything for another date, then i called them and they made me wait another day to find out.. so in short its just a pass the buck story
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All the incentives out there for getting solar are great but the experience you go through trying to get it all finalised through the power companies almost puts you off going through the process. It is Bureaucratic red tape tape at its best and has been very frustrating. Show additional information
In the process of having our solar panels and inverter installation being completed today. Service so far has been very good. Show additional information
The communication about administrative and info mgt activities post-installation is ad-hoc verbal and could be vastly improved with a standard document advising the confused and concerned new solar system owner of the stages of grid connection, inverter wifi connection procedures, grid credits monitoring etc. ...after installation one does not even remember which to switch on first ...AC or DC or not at all. The follow-up service from Green Sky has been excellent and would be well supported by a printed information package at time of sale/installation. Show additional information
Being installed in 10 days
Best service for what I needed
Poor response from one, no follow up from the other
Good follow up from Green Sky and pleasant and quick response to queries
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There was not much difference between the quotes but we went with the highest quote, simply because they bothered to come to inspect the house and sat down and had a good chat about solar, giving the impression that they would do a good job. The personal touch makes a difference to us. Show additional information
Not one for reviews but felt it was deserved. No nonsense easy process from start to finish. Wasn't the cheapest, not expensive either, but when spending on a large system (10kW with Batteries) we wanted quality and service and we got it. Very good business with old school customer service. Thanks to Cameron and Green Sky Show additional information
You followed up with a provider who was slow on quoting thanks Show additional information
For a lay person the whole process was very professional .Green sky came to the house explained the process and how the system works. Paid deposit throught internet banking. A date was set the team arrived early and it was up and finished about 2 pm that day. Explained to me that a inspector would come and sign off on it . Which has happened and given the last few weeks of warmer weather I am up and running with solar power. Looking forward to the lower power bills. I can only recommend Green Sky highly to anyone considering putting up solar panels. Show additional information
I wasn't happy with Tas Networks (monopoly) when I enquired about connection costs because they wouldn't give me any idea of costs involved. Show additional information
Cameron from GreenSky was very professional and very knowledgeable. His price was competitive, and customer service exceptional. We've only had the system for a few weeks now and so far, everything seems to work like it should. Highly recommend! Show additional information
I really liked the options and information that solar quotes provided to me. I felt that I could understand properly what I wanted from a solar system and could deal with the approved installers with confidence. Green Sky were very good at providing me with viable alternatives. I was very pleased with their salesman Cameron, who didn't try to pressure you to buy the most expensive system. I chose a 2 string system with a Fronius inverter and Q Cell Pro Solar Panels. I was very happy with the installation. We have had our system checked and are just waiting for approval from our electricity supplier. Show additional information
Solar Quotes definately simplified the process. I had three quotes and all three companies presented their case effectively and efficiently . In the end my decision was made much easier because I was able to choose the system that I felt best suited our situation.
Thanks for your assistance, keep up the good work!
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All 3 suppliers were professional and helpful with their assitance and advice. It was a hard to make a decision but the SolarQuotes comparison form helped bring things back to a common denominator to understand the differences and advantages of each quoted system. Show additional information
Very easy to deal with company. One of few who actually came to our property to provide a quote. Offered a prompt quotation and responded immediately to further questions. No hard sales tactics. Several package options were provided. The accepted quote was fairly reasonable (5kW Fronius/QCELL) compared with other quotes received. Jumped on the offer quickly as STC prices looked to be dropping rapidly and didn't want to miss out on reasonable rebates. Installation process was very smooth, they did a good job of it. No issues came up, and looking forward to having the system fully operational this summer. Show additional information
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My first quote couldn't have been any worse so I was feeling pretty negative about this whole process before meeting with David at Green Sky. He actually came to my house, listened to what I wanted and recommended a few things I didn't know about. I was so impressed that I signed the contract on the day.

Less than 3 weeks later and the installers (G.J. Electrical from Ulverstone) showed up and had everything up & running in about 7 hours despite some pretty ordinary weather (winter in the NW of Tassie can't be fun for people that work on roofs). The 2 guys were awesome, they just got stuck straight in and left the place spotless afterwards, you wouldn't have even known they'd been there. A week later and the monitoring was running smoothly.

Sadly I'm now completely addicted to watching my production & consumption and trying to sync the two. If I go over 10kWh imported in a day I get very cranky and don't even try to talk to me about those evil bloody CLOUDS :-D
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2 poor responses : one yet to receive a response to my first email requesting info regarding panels & inverters & the other contacted the rep who i received an email from initially requesting details re panels & inverters. No response for over a month, finally received a phone call 40+ days later at which point i had decided on Green Sky Solar.

Another (not through solar quotes) - BEST & MOST PROFESSIONAL QUOTE (6+ page PDF emailed across with google satellite image of our roof showing panel orientation plus a wealth of info regarding panels and inverters being used), Quality panels & inverters (LG Neon 2, fronius inverter), from a cost benefit point of view Green Sky was still $1200 cheaper with still with good quality gear & similar warranty (Qcell panels & Zeversolar inverter) - Customer service was great and Cameron from Green Sky always got back to me within 24 hours. Would have easily gone with this other had Green Sky been slack in their response.
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Excellent service and fast, efficient installation. Show additional information
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VALUE FOR MONEY AND QUALITY OF SYSTEMS. I believe I have chosen well but can't state categorically at this point in time that these statements are correct.
On the whole I enjoyed talking to the Green Sky Sales Manager who answered all my queries and the installers were efficient and courtious.
I am happy with the end result although have yet to see the operational results in the form of a reduced energy invoice.
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Had a good experience with Green Sky Aust. David made it easy to understand and the fitters were efficient with there work. Show additional information
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Cameron and Louise at Green Sky were absolutely fantastic! Cameron really knows what he is talking about and Louise is very efficient and caring in looking after all the arrangements. It was such a pleasure to deal with them, as well as getting a high quality system at a very reasonable price. The installation went smoothly and on time. After sales service is excellent.

I am so pleased I cancelled my original order from the "door to door" company who I now realise were a complete inferior system at a grossly inflated price using cheap, poor quality components.

I could never have found Green Sky with your website Finn. Most people I guess are like me and don't know much about solar, so your website just made it all so easy!
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We've experienced grid over-voltage drop-outs which have limited our output on the best production days (like yesterday - 8 and 3 drop-outs with about 50-60 minutes system down-time) and are still sorting out our feed-in meter reprogramming. Both issues are with our retailer and distributor. Green Sky has been excellent and is helping to resolve these problems. Show additional information
Their rep was a retired engineer who knew his stuff and every question I asked was well answered at the time he called. Spent 1/2 day with me looking round and explaining what could and couldn't be done. No pressure to buy, just lots of good advice. My system is high end, but the increased efficiency of q cells and microinverters means payback occurs in about the same time as a cheap string system. So, should be good value for money.

Their installers in north west tas are GJ electrical (ulverstone) and the crew performing the installation were friendly, communicative, and efficient.

My system is 9.9kW q-cells, microiverter type. Still being commissioned (not connected to grid yet) but I'm already generating and even getting 350w at night from the moonlight!!

Highly recommended
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Enphase microinverters + small battery at good price was the winner. Plus GreenSky came close to the panel placement I thought was best.

Be aware, if panel placement is important to you, DO NOT rely on salesman & their satellite roof images for design. In reality if you had a problem like mine, you need someone to get on the roof to tell you exactly what is feasible beforehand. Plus study shading images during day.
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Green Sky were very easy to deal with. The only company I came across where the guy who owns the company actually did the installation. Came back the next day to fix a minor issue. Nice neat job. Professional installers who are not sub contractors. Highly recommend. Show additional information
Green Sky Australia are the nicest people to deal with honest advice excellent service excellent installation I can not fault this company in any way. Anyone thinking of getting solar panels installed can not in my opinion go past Green Sky Australia
Thank Green Sky.
Thank you Finn Peacock for putting me onto Green Sky, you have saved me $7000.00 dollars by my cancellation of my contract with another solar company
that has Quoted me $12.500.00 for the exact same deal.
Thanks again Finn
Regards Hans
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"Green Sky Australia"!!! Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes again. very friendly and informative sales rep ( Cameran ) arrived on our doorstep right on time told us all about solar systems and how they work etc. very honest and matter of fact like very very easy to deal with and put us at ease and has taken a lot of the B/S out of our minds that other companies were trying to feed us. Other solar company quoted us $12,500 dollars for the same system and same deal as what "Green Sky" has offered ($5,500 dollars) needless to say Green Sky won the day with there honesty and friendly service. anyone thinking of installing solar panels you can not go past "Green Sky Australia."
Thanks Heaps to Cameran, Keith and Staff for doing an Excellent job we could not be happier.
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We've had a 10kW system installed with Enphase micro-inverters. Q-cells 280W panels. Green Sky Australia was great to deal with, from the sales person (reasonable knowledge base) through to office team booking the install and most importantly the installers who spent a bit over two days (rain interrupted) installing our system. Nearing the shortest day of the year when we installed, we're already averaging 20kWh per day. I really appreciate the extra data from the Enphase Enlighten system and it is helping us to monitor and time usage of our large appliances (Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer and Dishwasher) to maximise the use of energy created from the panels.

Certainly appreciate the service offered by - it not only kicked off the quoting process, but also offered a great deal of "cut through the BS" information.
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Cameron was not a sales person. He was a sparky/engineer.

He answered all our questions candidly and honestly and compared micro inverter systems vs single inverter systems in our situation.

We decided on micro, not the cheapest system, as our house orientation meant all cells would be better working independently and we can add to the system at anytime (as we can afford more). The system can handle batteries when we are ready too but Cameron advised we were better waiting a few years given our usage patterns.

By the time we spoke to him we had armed ourselves with a lot of knowledge thanks to SolarQuotes so in the end were well informed and advised.

Installation was a breeze and we should be selling back to the grid very soon! Much sooner than anticipated. The admin staff at Green Sky have been great too! Very easy to deal with.
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Re 'installation' I cannot yet comment as this is scheduled for mid-June (3+ weeks away) Show additional information
The main reason we went with Green Sky Australia was because not only did they have good products, Cameron knew exactly what he was talking about. He told us the limitations with our electrical distributor, so what size system he knew would be approved and that larger systems were getting knocked back. We appreciated his honesty and that he didn't waste our time. Show additional information