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Trione Solar
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Trione Solar is a Solar Power Installation business based in Tullamarine VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Trione Solar Solar Reviews


Most professional quote I received and happy to make small variations as I learnt more about solar.
Some other suppliers did not even visit to quote.
Excellent install. On time and very neat and tidy.
Was recommended to me by an electrical engineer.
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trione surprise

Hiren was great, honest efficient and very helpful from the first meeting and even to the follow up after the installation. Domenic the installer was great as well.
solar producing lots of power, i'm looking forward to out first full billing cycle.
Honestly could recommend Trione Energy to anyone.
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Smooth installation

This is the second time I have used trione energy, and found them to be professional from quoting to completing the installation . very happy customer. Show additional information
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Solar is a very important in our modern day life. And Trione are so helpful, professional, and well organised. They made our decision so much easy and comfortable that we recommend you can tick all the boxes in term of price, delivering the job professionally. We are really happy and recommend all please speak to them before you decide about your solar.
Well done Trione *****
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They were very helpful and did everything to make the whole process easy. I would recommend them anytime or anyone. Show additional information
Salesperson and installer well qualified and helpful Show additional information
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System is now 4 months old and is working perfectly. Show additional information
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From start to finish it was a pleasant to deal with an experienced and helpful sales and installation crew. Show additional information
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While we waited for the paperwork to go through, we got our roof restored, repointed, and painted charcoal so our solar panels would not be an eyesore for our neighbours.

The one man crew, Domenic, arrived on time and finished installation in a day and a half of the 24 panels. He even gave the panels an extra tilt to improve the angle. The insto is good looking and the inverter in a place ready for a battery in the future.

We selected 6.6KW which is 33% higher than our inverter, so on a cloudy day with a 3KW output on a 5KW solar system we get 4KW.

The inverter is the max allowance 5KW.

We had some administrative problems with Simple energy, and Ausnet but it got sorted out in a short time span.

From signing to all done and running 9-10 weeks
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I had amazing experience with Trione Energy, they exceeded all my expectations. The quote came quickly and have bettered the offers I have on hand. My sales representative Hiren took very good care of me and gave me a great deal he also answered my question to my satisfaction . the installation was very professional and also suggested to spilt the panels in 2 direction for maximum output. it's only been couple of days however the solar generation is better than my neighbouring friends. it's been very easy to talk with and understand all your needs. Show additional information
Tri-One energy came out to my house and did the quote (Most of the other companies only gave quotes over the phone)
System was installed during the estimated time of delivery.
The installer (Dominic van Esch) was EXCELLENT. (even worked on the public holiday!!!)
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Solar quotes supplier quoted $7500- for a 6kw system with Fronius Inverter and Jinko 300w panels. Same inverter, Longi or Seraphim 300w panels from Trione was quoted at $5500-. Seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Cheers, Dom
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Great jobs and excellent customer services Show additional information
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I was told there's a problem getting the panels installed on my roof because it's double-storey and it may not happen and they have to return my deposit. I find that ridiculous as I'm sure there are many 2-storey houses and I didn't hear of any issues with people getting panels installed on double-storey houses.

The problem is that this is the sixth-week and now they're telling me this. I've already gotten the paperworks for the Victorian Solar Rebates and if this doesn't get installed I may missed out on this.
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I bought my unit approximately 5 1/2 years ago. In August we noticed we had some issues with the inverter. After contacting Trione, the Office Administrator, Melissah Tagilima was exceptionally helpful throughout the process until the issue was resolved. Show additional information
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Totally satisfied with all aspects of my experience from day one meeting the sales rep Hiren and Melissah in the office administration to the installer/electrician.
Unfortunately slight damage caused to my toilet air vent and I was not advised of this happening. It should be attended to without delay.
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Salesperson was very knowledgeable, he advised us and so far has been very helpful. We have only just had it put it so can't advise how effective it will be but hoping for savings as per his recommendation. Am now waiting on Government rebate to be activated and to be connected to grid. Show additional information
Installed very fast and efficient. Any questions prior, during & after installation were dealt with promptly. Show additional information
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There was a little wait but in the end we got it all setup under 5 weeks, now we are waiting for CEC approval and our electric retailer to come convert our meter to solar. If you happen to get Dominic as your installer - he's excellent ; left the place very tidy. Fixed up the cracked tiles. Show additional information
1 December - After speaking to at least 6 salesman and receiving maybe 8 or 9 quotes the salesman for TRIONE turned up, inspected my roof which has no north face - just a single fronted inner suburban cottage with east-west roof and we agreed on a 5.3Kw system with 20 BYD 265 watt panels (10 on each side) and a SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 kw inverter. TRIONE seemed reasonable and at $5240 was pretty much the cheapest.

7 December - I paid my $500 deposit. I knew that Christmas would prove a problem and accepted the estimate of early February for installation as reasonable so I waited patiently. After a couple of phone calls during which I could get no commitment to a date an installer turned up on the 26th of February after about two days notice, with the 20 panels in his truck. He took one look at my roof and said it was not long enough, wide enough, the screws were in the wrong place and were not in a straight line. It was shaded by next door and by the chimneys as well. Then he said he couldn't (or wouldn't) do the job and he disappeared. TRIONE rang me and said the roof was too steep. They would send another team of three (instead of two) with ropes and safety equipment all for no extra cost!

2 March - The second team rocked up with 20 panels and give me pretty much the same story as the first. He said it could be done but he would decide where the panels would go which would be all facing west. I disputed this pointing out the location of the panels was already agreed. In the morning virtually no sunlight hits the western roof and in the afternoon there is none on the east. I said is plan was not acceptable. According to the installer he couldn't attach it to weatherboards so the bright red inverter and 3 whopping circuit breakers were to go onto the front of my weatherboard heritage house next to the meter and the front door with conduit tacked on to the outside to which I also said no way. After some negotiation we finally agreed the inverter could be on the side of the house on a flat board which ended up being a piece of marine plywood the size of a small boat! Needless to say that was trimmed down to size after he departed. He then went away did some more measuring and said 13 panels facing west and 7 facing east. I agreed - at least it was better than the previous proposal - but having been forewarned by the previous installer about the shadow from next door I specified the panels facing west had to be near the apex of the roof. He said that was not possible and that the shading would not be a problem. I happened to have done my homework and knew from my own knowledge and research that as soon as a shadow hits the panel it pretty much switches the entire string off. The installer said if the system wasn't installed today the way he wanted it he couldn't come back for another 2 weeks and that also I would need a builder to put more rafters into the roof to screw the panels into. I said my contract was with TRIONE to do the work as agreed and not with him and that if I got a builder there was still no certainty that it would be what was wanted. Either they did the whole job or not at all otherwise I would have my $500 back thank you very much. Then the second installer disappeared. Next thing I get a call from TRIONE. They would do the additional work on the roof but it would cost me $900 extra! I weighed up the chances of getting my $500 back and then took the path of least resistance and agreed to pay the extra.

16 March - Two weeks later I ring up TRIONE to find out what is going on. We are waiting delivery of special materials to fix your roof was the reply. I wondered what special materials could be required to fix a few roof nails out of alignment.

22 March - TRIONE ring me to say they are coming the next day. Nothing like a bit of notice I say.

23 March - Installer number 2 is back again with 3 assistants and the special materials comprising two pieces of 2x4 pine a couple of metres long and by the end of the day all the rails are up but guess what - he can't get back to finish it off for a week or so. One of the men unloads all the panels beside our house. Being the nosey type I surreptitiously inspect them to see if they are the correct ones. They are not. A different brand but better, bigger and more expensive than the ones I had agreed on though I didn't realize it at the time. I made the strategic mistake of mentioning this after which they spent half an hour trying to persuade me to pay an extra $800. I refused, thinking they were bluffing but they took them back to the factory and brought the correct ones. Bad move on my part.

3 April - Just over 4 months have passed. Today the panels were installed and I am told the job is finished and I needed to pay the rest of the invoice. I ask, how do I know if it is all working properly to be told that the green light on the front of the inverter proves that it is fine and working. Not feeling particularly agreeable by this stage I respond by saying I wouldn't be paying a cent until the system was properly set up with WIFI access demonstrably working and reporting the energy being generated and that also I would be retaining $500 until the system had been inspected and I had received the Certificate of Electrical Safety, after all they had had $500 of mine for the last four months. This caused my installer to become a little agitated/offended that I might be impugning his competence which was not true - it was just that I didn't know him from a bar of soap! As it was I needn't have worried as all the paperwork came through the next day quite efficiently, I paid my money and that was that. Now I am the happy owner of a brand new PV system. Not generating quite as much electricity as I had expected (or hoped) but working fine none the less.


Now AGL and Citypower have to make changes to the meter and update my billing. The applications are made by TRIONE. I get a text specifying a website and logon to check on the progress of the application. Guess what - It doesn't work. I think there might be a bit more to go with this saga! After making inquiries I am told the text was sent in error! Apparently CitiPower will want $60 for a meter reconfigure! I am positive my original quote was supposed to be all inclusive but it is such a long time ago that I can't remember and it was never written down. Anyway apart from that annoyance all the paperwork,inspections and re-configuring was done quite efficiently and correctly and my next bill from AGL reflected the feedback tariff so now I am quite happy!

The moral of this story is find a Solar company that employs it's own installers instead of farming the installation out to a 3rd party as happened in my case.
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Trione has provided a very good and honest service. All questions were answered and I was taken seriously as a customer. The response time was always prompt.
The installation was done as scheduled without delays and at high quality.
My research for this solar pv system shows that I received a high quality system for a very competitive price.
Overall I can highly recommend Trione from the first conversation to the service after the installation and payment.
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Totally impressed with the overall process, system and installation. We were extremely pleased with what we had installed. The installer was excellent and extremely helpful. Show additional information
Value for money and great service. Show additional information
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Honest and reliable. Although I experienced a slight delay with initial install they lived up to their word and delivered a high quality installation that was highly praised by the independent electrical inspector. The system provided was working at its peak efficiency immediately and was covering our total daily electricity needs from day one.
Excellent customer service, thanks Sheral, Shaik and Andrew.
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Was a very easy transition, easy to deal with and answered all queries we had. Show additional information
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Not installed yet. Show additional information
I am happy to recommend to a friend. Show additional information
I had to chase the company for installation. They did not schedule the work and I waisted a days leave based on their advice. Then they could not supply the inverter even though, inverter was available from other suppliers. Installers were nice guys and did their work in a day but my system was not activated until i did lots of follow up work.

I have had problem with the installation in that there were cracked tiles, not replaced, tiles not properly installed and roof leaking following installation of solar panels.
Follow up repair request and rectification of faulty work is an ongoing issue. I haven't even heard back from the owner or the business/ or the manager. It seems to be a very small operation and no customer service.
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I agreed to have system installed in 4-6 weeks as per the service agreement but after hearing nothing for 7 weeks I was forced to call the company and the system was installed within 2 weeks, Rhys ( the installer ) was sensational and ensured everything was explained and left the site clean. Pav was also excellent in visiting me ( not everyone did ), explained what the system did ( completely accurate ), I had decided to go with another company due to cost restraints but he came to the party and matched that offer. I held off on giving feedback until everything else eg. Inspections, reconfiguration of meter etc. was completed. I have no hesitation in recommending Trione to anyone thinking of having Solar installed. Show additional information
Trione Energy were easy to deal with and after negotiation we decided to install a 5 kW system. I purchased my System late November with an installation date of mid- January. The installer Dominic took two days to install my system. He was careful and meticulous. Six days after completion it was inspected and passed to operate by the local electricity inspector. Passed with flying colours.
On a sunny day it is generating more power than we are using for the entire house which means for our household the washing, dish-washing and oven can now operate without cost in day-light hours.
We are grateful to Trione energy for delivering our 5kW system on time with a minimum of fuss. We could not be more pleased with the Company.
Barry C
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Excellent service from start to finish. Show additional information
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Good company fast service and great price Show additional information
It is too early to give an opinion on the system it looks good and seems to be working Show additional information
I had an installation on a new house the solar installation was delayed but they worked with me and installed when it was appropriate. The inspection was also arranged and completed in very quick time. Show additional information
Could not be happier with Trione Show additional information
We were looking for a good Solar Installer and after lengthy research we short listed Trione Energy. Our criteria was purely based on getting a quality system, detailed pre-installation information session, post- Installation support with a great customer experience. I must admit that Trione has exceeded all our expectations, well done guys. Mr Shaik is a great ambassador of renewable energy and climate change, he personally came to our house numerous times and made sure that we were all happy and satisfied at all stages of pre and post installations. We are extremely satisfied with their product and customer service, thanks Team Trione. Their unique customer service attribute is their annual system check up, Mr Shaik personally inspects our system every year. This wasn't expected from them, great work guys! Show additional information
The comparison between brands is what I used to decide. Show additional information
Had multiple Solar-sales people visiting, they all had dodgy sales tactics and tried to apply pressure, TRIONE was very honest (not promising unrealistic power generation) and no pressure at all. The price is really low considering that it's a good quality inverter and panels. Didn't have to wait long for installation, system was installed in 1 day, the installer even took the time to fix a rust spot on the roof while he was mounting the panels.
So far, very happy with the system and the decision to go with TRIONE!
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