Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – January 2019

auSSII report covering December 2018

Interest in solar power in Australia usually sees a significant decrease in December, but last month saw plenty of Australians with tiny electricity bills on their minds. Australia’s solar installers won’t be getting much of a break in the foreseeable future.

Solar Power System Sizes

Interest in 6kW solar systems and bigger capacities again climbed in December to just over 58% of interest (57% in November) where a preferred system capacity was selected. Overall, 31% of submitters wanted advice on solar power system sizing.

System size preference December 2018

Solar Power Purchase Timeframe

There was still a strong appetite for the immediate installation of a solar power system in December. In fact, the hunger was even greater in December at 26% (November 24%). As mentioned last month, this may have had to do with the start of the New Year seeing a scheduled drop in solar subsidy. The good news is the decrease wasn’t a huge amount and is being offset by the ongoing reduction in the cost of solar panels and other components.

Around 86% were keen on installing a system anywhere from immediately to three months – the same as in November.

Solar purchase intent December 2018

Price And Quality Issues

79% of submitters were interested in a system that was “a good mix of quality and price” (80% in November). A slightly higher proportion indicated a preference for a “top quality (most expensive)” system (13% vs 12% in November, October and September).  Around 8% were after a “good budget system”.

Solar purchase intent December 2018

Battery Ready?

No surprises here – once again 30% were wanting a battery-ready system in December, a figure that has hardly budged over 7 months. While most solar power systems  are “battery-ready” to some degree, we ask this question in our quotes request process to help inform  system design.

Battery Ready Solar Interest - December 2018

Concurrent Solar + Storage Installation

Again, not much has changed – in December approximately 9% of submitters expressed a desire to have battery storage installed along with their solar panel system. However, interest is up around 22% on August when the proportion was 7%.

Concurrent solar + battery storage installation - December 2018

On a related note, South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme, which also offers low interest loans to assist with a new solar + storage installation, is offering a wider range of battery system choices from this month. Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem and Enphase have been added as an eligible systems.

Battery Size Choice

Big capacity battery systems (10kWh+) again gained popularity among those who had a size in mind, to reach just over 37% (35% in November and 30% in October).  53% wanted advice on solar battery storage sizing, down on November/October’s 55%.

Battery capacity preference December 2018

Intended Battery Use

Well, this aspect is getting a little boring. A bit over 4% were wanting a home battery primarily for backup applications; a figure that hasn’t either side of the 2 – 4% range since first starting the auSSII. A little under 50% wanted storage for minimising grid electricity consumption and approximately 46% for both applications.

Intended battery use December 2018

Electricity Bills Before Solar

Where amounts were known, 45% reported quarterly electricity bills averaging $500 – $1,000,  the first time this figure has dropped in 4 months and the lowest in quite a while (November 49%, October 47% and September 46%. But there’s still plenty of hip-pocket pain – close to 11% reported bills of $1,000 or more (same as October/September)..

What Australians are paying for electricity - December 2018

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