Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – November 2018

auSSII solar report covering October 2018

Solar installations broke records again in Australia last month, and interest remained strong throughout October from potential solar buyers. Here’s what they were looking for.

Solar Power System Capacity Preference

Preference for systems of 6kW capacity and greater crept up again in October, making up 54% of quote requests where a system size was specified (53% in September). Many Australians continued to request advice on system size, with 32% unsure of what capacity system they require.

Solar power system size choice October 2018

Solar Installation Timeframe

There’s an ongoing sense of urgency among Australians to start taking control of their power bills – right now. 19% of submitters wanted solar panels on their rooftop immediately – back in July it was just 16%. 82% were wanting solar installed anytime from now to within 3 months.

Solar energy system purchase timeframe October 2018

Price Vs. Quality

Around 82% of Australians using our solar quote service were interested in a system that was “a good mix of quality and price”.  As in September 12% were wanting a “top quality (most expensive)” system  those wanting a “good budget system” represented approximately 7%.

Solar Quality Vs. Price October 2018

Battery Ready Solar Interest

There’s been increasing chatter about solar batteries, but battery-ready system interest in October was a touch over 30%, a figure that hasn’t changed much in the last 5 months. While most solar power systems  are “battery-ready”, this question is on our quoting form to help inform system design.

Battery Ready Solar Interest - October 2018

Solar + Battery Installation

Those wanting to have battery storage  installed at the same time as their solar panels inched up again to around 9% (8% in September and 7% in August).

Concurrent solar + battery storage installation - October 2018

We mentioned last month that increased battery interest was expected in SA in October as a result of the launch of South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme, which also offers low interest loans to assist with a new solar installation. However, applications opened  very late in the month, so November should be interesting. Also on the horizon are battery subsidies in Victoria – if the Andrews Government is returned to power after the Victorian State election  on Saturday 24 November.

Battery Capacity Preference

Interest in big capacity battery systems dropped back significantly in October, with 30% wanting pricing on 10kWh+ systems (where a system size was specified). In September, that figure was 38%.  A slightly higher percentage of submitters (55%) weren’t sure on system size (54% in September).

Battery storage capacity selection - October 2018

Home Battery Use

Nothing much changes here – 2% were wanting storage primarily for backup applications, 46% for minimising grid electricity use and 52% for both.

Solar Battery Use - October 2018

What Australians Pay For Electricity

47% reported quarterly electricity bills averaging $500 – $1,000, up slightly on September (46%). 11% reported bills of $1,000 or more (same as September) and 6% didn’t know what they were paying on average each quarter.

Australian electricity bills - October 2018

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  1. Hi Solar Quotes,

    Have you determined a sweet spot for ‘best time of the year’ to buy a new system?

    Naturally leading into summer always means more business but can also mean longer time frames for installation.

    Where is the optimal time to buy?

    • Generally May is quieter in terms of demand for solar power systems. So that would be a good time to haggle for a good deal from an installer.

      • Thanks Finn,

        In that case, would the deals now (Oct/Nov) be a true indication of the price to beat one May?

        Is there any sign of the RECS value decreasing over the next 12months?


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