Solar Power Enlisted To Help Keep Wind Farms Free Of Bird Poop

solar powered scarecrow

Scaring off seagulls with a solar powered scarecrow | Image: Scaretech Global

Bird poop, aka guano, presents major headaches for offshore wind farm operators – but this solar powered gizmo is apparently proving to be very successful in keeping birds at bay.

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Fresh Warnings On Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine

Galilee Basin Coal - Australia

Coal Is A Risky Business

The Climate Council and Oxfam have again warned that the Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin represents a major conflict with Australia’s commitment to addressing climate change.

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Switzerland Votes For More Renewables And Nuclear Power Phase Out

Nuclear power station - Switzerland

Yes to more renewables, no to nuclear power | Image: BKW FMB Energie AG, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Swiss voters have endorsed Energy Strategy 2050, a government plan that will see renewables including wind and solar power beefed up and nuclear power phased out in the country.

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Western Australian Museum Construction About To Get Under Way

Western Australian Museum - Solar Power

Old Meets New | Image: WA Museum

The first sod of soil was turned at the site of the new Western Australian Museum yesterday, a huge project that will also incorporate a solar power aspect.

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Australia’s National Electricity Market – “Don’t Panic”

National Electricity Market - Powering Ahead

Keep calm but don’t carry on as is – Grattan Institute

A new report warns of the danger of politicians panicking over the situation with Australia’s National Electricity Market and ultimately pushing electricity prices higher.

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World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm Connected To The Grid

Floating solar farm

Solar power making use of what coal wrecked | Image : Sungrow

A 40MW floating solar farm, constructed on what would otherwise be a “useless” area due to the impacts of coal mining, has been connected to the mains electricity grid in Huainan, China.

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Campbell Souping Up Solar Power Capacity

Campbell's Soup - solar panels

4.4MW Of Solar Panels For Campbell Soup Company’s Global HQ

Campbell Soup Company has announced the beginning of construction of a 4.4MW solar electricity plant at its world headquarters in Camden, New Jersey.

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Lego Group Reaches 100% Renewable Energy Target

Wind and solar power - Lego

Lego greening up with wind and solar power | Image : Lego Group

Lego Group has announced it has reached its 100% renewable energy target set in 2013 well ahead of schedule.

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Karma Automotive Officially Launches (Somewhat) Solar Assisted Revero

Karma Revero

Solar powered? Not Quite | Image: Karma Automotive

Officially launched last week, the first Karma Revero Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) are making their way to dealers across the USA and Canada.

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Surplus Renewable Energy Certificates To Pay For Victoria’s Desalinated Water

Victorian Desalination Plant

Victorian Desalination Plant, Wonthaggi | Image: Google Maps

The Victorian Government says the water order from the Victorian Desalination Plant for 2017/8 will be 15 gigalitres, but Melbourne households won’t be slugged with additional water bill charges.

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