Commercial Solar Storage Developed By Stem/Kyocera Team-Up

Stem Inc. and Kyocera Inc. have collaborated to develop a more cost effective and efficient way to store solar electricity for commercial users. Using Stem’s behind-the-meter storage and analytics in conjunction with Kyocera’s solar panels, many commercial customers should be able to massively reduce their imports from the grid. This also includes the ability to inject additional power during peak demand, potentially reducing peak usage charges.

Stem believes it can predict power usages up to 30 days in advance in order to properly prepare.  Pretty cool. For more on this story, click here.

David Einhorn Predicts Further Growth in SunEdison

The CEO of Greenlight Capital, David Einhorn, gave a presentation in a conference in Wall Street recently. At the Robin Hood Investors Conference, Einhorn gave offered two ideas:

1) His thesis regarding SunEdison (who bought Energy Matters just the other week), why he ranks it as the best performing solar company on the stock market and why he rates it a “Buy”.

2) Possible solutions to the current debt crisis in Greece and France (but we found the Sun Edison stuff much more interesting!)

For more information on his presentation, click here.

Solar Cars Roll Through Adelaide

The World Solar Challenge ended in my hometown of  Adelaide on Sunday. So I took the kids into town for a close up look at the weird and wonderful solar cars:

Unfortunately the team I had gone to barrack for (from my old stomping ground, Cambridge University Engineering Dept), managed to roll the car on the first day so they had to withdraw. Bummer!

cuer solar car

Cambridge University’s entry was a little unstable.

R.I.P Larry Hagman, actor and solar power advocate

Those of you old enough to have watched the 1980 and 1990s TV series Dallas would no doubt have enjoyed the shenanigans of Larry Hagman, who as the abominable J.R. Ewing was the chief nasty person and “can do” oilman willing to go to any lengths to achieve power and profit for the family company.

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