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Australia’s solar sector from a German perspective

How much solar contributed to german electricity production on July 23

Wunderbar! All those solar naysayers may want to have a look at the German experiment with Feed In Tariffs, where wholesale electricity prices have been hugely reduced by solar panel installations and on a good day 46% of german household electricity needs can be met by solar. (Oh and did I mention their economy is the envy of the world?)

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Solar Flagships set to sail in country NSW but will it survive?


A happy story about successful negotiations between AGL and a farmer near Broken Hill under the Solar Flagships Program. However it soon gets depressing as Rich asks the question if the Program will survive under a change of government.

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Solar Panel Tilt Frames: Are they worth it?

tilt frames for solar panels

To tilt or not to tilt your solar panels. That is the question.

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Subsidising solar development for polluters

Bluescope steel logo

Bluescope steel, who have lobbied hard against the carbon tax are now asking for government funding to help develop solar powered roofs… Can anyone spot the irony?

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Queensland’s feed-in tariff: playing politics with solar?

Solar Cuts

As was widely expected, the new QLD government finally axed their generous Feed In Tariff last week. Here’s what Rich Bowden makes of it all..

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Samil Power Inverters: The Hyundai of the Solar Industry?

a list of inverter and car brands

The latest Photon Magazine (solar industry bible) reckons Samil Power Inverters are the Hyundai of the solar Industry. That got me thinking…. what about the other inverter brands?

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Solar Quote of the Week!


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Solar brings down electricity prices says report


Who would have thought? When you actually look at the data, solar power’s net effect on wholesale electricity prices has been to reduce them! So how come your bills are going up not down? FInd out here…

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Solar intermittency can be managed: CSIRO report

Sun and clouds

The CSIRO have use good old-fashioned science to show that solar power can be used as base load power. But will that be enough to convince the anti solar mob who rely on hearsay and anecdotes?

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How to work out if your solar system is performing properly.

Selecting our location in PVWatts

Once your solar system is on your roof, how can you work out if it is giving you the power that you paid for? i.e. how can you tell that you haven’t been sold a lemon? Here is a 2 minute method to get a definitive answer that your installer can’t argue with!

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