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Will this incredible solar innovation by Ford make Holden irrelevant?

solar panels on car

Last week we discussed how remarkable innovation in the renewable energy sector will change the way  energy is sourced in buildings such as office blocks and factories. We looked at how recent developments in photovoltaics allow office windows to be both transparent enough to let in sufficient light, as well as sensitive enough to act […]

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Why Commercial Solar Will Have A Huge Year in 2014

meter going to 2014

As solar fans look towards 2014 with a mixture of dread and anticipation, one thing seems certain; energy prices will continue to rise. Yes that’s right, expect your bills to go up despite Abbott’s promise to reduce them. People who actually know how the National Electricity Market (NEM) works, understand what the climate-change denying knuckle […]

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Tonga gets a solar power plant for Christmas

gift wrapped solar panel

It’s the time of giving, of peace and understanding towards all nations (in theory anyway) but what do you give the country that has everything: sun, beaches, lovely people etc? Why solar power plants of course. That is exactly the gift the Japanese government has given the beautiful island nation of Tonga according to press […]

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Micro Inverters vs. String Inverters [infographic]

microinverters pros and cons - infographic

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the pros and cons of microinverters recently.  I have written a long and detailed description of microinverters, but for those who would rather learn about them without ploughing through 1000 words of my ramblings (and who can blame you!) I created this infographic about micro inverters vs […]

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Will solar power in Australia take its cue from overseas in 2014?

us flag on a solar panel

A US-centred news article that made your correspondent sit up and take notice this week in the SQHQ bunker came via the excellent RenewableEnergyWorld. The piece summarised a recent report from by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) in the US, that reported massive growth in solar energy in the country. The […]

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Are Microinverters Worth It? Well, I’m loving mine so far…

tindo microinverter monitoring

Microinverters… In my experience, Aussie solar installers either love ’em or hate ’em. Seriously! I honestly don’t think I’ve talked to an installer that is indifferent to them.

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The gutting of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation: is Howard a ray of hope?

John Howard and a ray of light

Just when you thought the gathering of the dark clouds of the new government’s blitzkrieg against renewable energy initiatives was complete, a tiny ray of sunshine bursts through the gathering gloom. Or has it? I speak this week of the uncertainty over the dumping of the showcase Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). The ray of […]

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Japan puts solar on the moon to solve the world’s energy needs.

As regular readers will have picked up, here at SQHQ we enjoy covering the latest innovation in alternative energy sources. Last week we brought you the wonderful work being done in fundraising for solar power by CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia). CORENA’s ethos of operating through small, community-based donations for solar projects is […]

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Innovation rules OK? Charity’s approach to clean energy fundraising pays dividends

Two subjects we always like to cover in these pages are good news Australian solar stories and innovation and inventiveness with regard to clean energy fund raising. So the planets must have been in alignment when Finn bailed up your correspondent this week at the SQHQ water cooler and told me about CORENA.

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Is renewable energy in Australia a train wreck?

Its been a grim time for solar fans over the last week or so as the promised cutbacks, slashes and hatchet jobs on all forms of renewable energy Australia unfold before our horrified eyes. It’s been a bit like watching a bad B Grade film; you know the ones that haven’t even got the wit […]

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