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Bosch Solar : RIP your panels were awesome

a grave

Yesterday was a really sad day for fans of top-of-the-range solar panels. German giant Bosch announced that it could no longer bear to haemorrhage any more cash from its solar division. So it is going to shut the whole shebang down ASAP.

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Will Fergie’s inglorious exit herald a new era for solar power?

Well the dust has settled on the federal Labor leadership challenge that wasn’t with Julia “The Ranga” Gillard announced the winner after Kevin “The Piker” Rudd refused to show up for battle. Actually it was less a leadership struggle than a complete shemozzle and the ructions within the Labor Party following the events will be […]

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Study predicts Australian PV could hit 10 gigawatts by 2017

sunwiz operative in balaclava

Sometimes the mind boggles at the sheer scale of the solar energy revolution in Australia. A recent finding by SunWiz, the respected solar industry intelligence providers, has pointed to a potential massive increase in solar power generation in the country. Putting aside the fact that “solar industry intelligence” brings to mind balaclava-clad, ASIO-style sleuths operating […]

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Kenya’s micro solar lamp revolution lights up the nation

a solar panel on a Kenyan roof

One of your correspondent’s favourite pastimes at the end of a furiously scribbling day is to relax by listening to podcasts from around the world. Whether it be catching up with the latest world news or getting the dirt on the latest papal conspiracy/financial meltdown/political affray, you can find me in my comfy armchair during […]

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Can Cheap Solar Panels Get Any Cheaper? Hell Yeah!

coles big red hand and some solar panels

If you want to buy some absolute junk you can currently buy bottom end, ultra cheap solar panels for $0.50 per Watt. But I wouldn’t recommend it.  Unless you want to risk your roof turning into a giant barbecue. Most solar panel factories have been losing money hand over fist for at least the last […]

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WA Labor on solar power: trick or treat?

perth at dusk

How serious is the West Australian Labor Party’s offer to open up the state’s renewable energy market should it win power in this month’s election? Superb, groundbreaking idea to include all in the solar power revolution? Or as one of our Facebook Page readers succinctly put it; is it a case of “promises, promises”?

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Your Solar Panel Warranty : What you need to know

signing a solar warranty

One of the most important things you have to watch out for when buying solar is the warranties that are offered. All too often people end up going with a cowboy firm because they have been reassured by their “25 year solar panel warranty”. What many people don’t realise is that, in reality, this warranty […]

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Like a Virgin: chance to install solar power at Sir Richard’s island home

Richard Branson and Finn

Note for our solar installer readers: Like to bid for the chance to deck out Sir Richard Branson’s pad in a solar power system? Be part of the Great Innovator’s strategy on solar energy? Great, but before we go further let’s make sure you know what you’re in for.

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Skyscraper solar glass the key to cities’ sustainability?

Dye Sensitised Solar Cells

Imagine, in a time in the not-too-distant future, when tall office buildings will have their photovoltaics built into their structure. Tall skyscrapers for example will provide their own energy needs through their glass windows and frontage. More than that, the buildings will be pumping clean alternative energy back into the power grid. A bit far […]

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Do Sen Joyce’s troglodyte views on solar influence Coalition energy policy?


As the country is dragged reluctantly — like a kid from a lolly shop — into election mode following the Prime Minister’s Jan. 30 early announcement, it is instructive to see where the mainstream media turned much of its attention. To which party is best suited to handle the economy? The environment? Climate change? Energy […]

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