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Tis the season to be Fergie …

Martin Ferguson

Regular readers of this column may have noticed that we haven’t always been that kind to Martin “Fossil Fuel” Ferguson, our Minister for Resources. And we haven’t been alone in mercilessly pointing to the Minister for Resources’ predilection for fossil fuels, his apparent unwillingness to listen to new ideas and his brushing aside of renewable […]

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Current solar PV regulations “a dog’s breakfast”

Nigel Morris and a dog's breakfast

Nigel Morris of Solar Business Services has described current renewable industry regulations as being like a “dog’s breakfast”. And while his comments may not come as a surprise to many solar power insiders, the fact that he admitted feeling sympathy for utilities networks just might.

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Big Polluters In Doha Refuse To Help Drowning Nations

someone drowning

As climate talks negotiators ride off into the Qatari desert mostly empty handed and the world’s media trots out the usual “lost opportunity” stories for his year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, it may be time to look at what might have been for renewable energy projects for smaller “frontline” climate state victims in our […]

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What’s behind the Qatari enthusiasm for solar power?

Every now and then here at Solar Quotes HQ we like to tear ourselves away from the short sighted solar power policies of our elected representatives and gaze at overseas solar energy trends. Are other countries’ solar sectors hamstrung by suffering cutback after cutback in solar feed-in tariffs? Do they have the equivalent of our […]

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Combet pulls plug on rebates: solar coaster in full flight

What solar buyers need to know: If you buy a solar system after the 16th November 2012, you have to have it installed before Jan 1 2013 to claim the current rebate. If your system is installed after that date your solar system will cost approximately $1,000 more regardless of what size you buy. Well […]

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Tokelau throws switch to 100 percent solar in Australia’s backyard


Solar energy in the Pacific took a giant leap forward this week when New Zealand-controlled territory Tokelau completed the switch from diesel to solar as its main fuel source. Tokelau is now nearly 100 percent reliant on the sun for its power needs and its model is showing the way for the rest of the […]

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Solar Panel Direction: Which Way Should Your Solar Panels Face?

Should you point your solar panels North so that you get the maximum power from them? Not necessarily…let me explain: And here’s the transcript if you prefer reading:

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Solar Council’s electorates map destroys ‘rich’ theory

lots of roofs, no solar

There’s a false perception in Australia — perpetrated in part by the anti-solar brigade and their fellow travellers — that the only people who invest in domestic solar systems are those who are rich. According to this theory it is only those in the more affluent parts of Australia that have the resources to afford […]

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How Do You Know If Your Roof Is Good For Solar Power?

Back to the absolute solar basics today on the SQ blog! In this video I describe the 3 things you need to understand about your roof before buying a solar power system. And here’s the transcript if my pink shirt gets too much for you:

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Are your “Green” Solar Panels killing Chinese villagers?

toxic waste outflow

If you are looking to invest in solar panels for environmental reasons, you’ll be pleased to know that, the solar electricity you will get from those panels will be 40 to 50 times less carbon intensive than electricity generated from coal. But before you buy those solar panels and start basking in their green glow, […]

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