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The inflated STC Price Scam : The Solar Cowboy’s Favourite Trick?

a cowboy

The latest trick in the solar cowboys arsenal is known as the inflated STC price scam. Lear how to spot it and avoid it here.

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Dubbo: Solar Power Capital of Australia!

dubbo street

Well done Dubbo solar power installers! If you read the mainstream press in Australia,  you’d think the towns and suburbs with the biggest average take up of solar panels would be the well-to-do inner city suburbs of our major cities. Perhaps Vaucluse, Toorak or the leafy eastern suburbs of Adelaide? Obviously they’d be more likely […]

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Grid Connected Solar Panels with Battery Backup (aka Hybrid Solar)

A graph of solar energy vs residential demand

A few weeks ago I blogged about my mate who really hates his electricity company. In fact he hates them so much he wanted his new house to have an expensive off grid solar system with battery backup, diesel genset, the works. I blogged how the cost of going off grid with solar would be over $50,000 […]

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Q-Cells file for bankruptcy but are saved by Korean Hanwha Solar

The German press has just announced that one of my favourite solar companies plans to file for insolvency tomorrow (April 4th).

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‘No Can Do’ for Campbell’s Queensland Solar Projects

solar dawn logo

Well that didn’t take long did it folks? No sooner had Campbell “Can-Do?” Newman adjusted the height of the premier’s chair following his landslide win in the Sunshine state, than the plug was pulled on one of Queensland’s flagship solar projects. In moves that have become familiar to solar supporters around the nation, solar (and […]

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Why Your 5kW Solar System Output Is Lower Than You Expected

A flowchart showing how the losses in a solar power system add up.

Is your new solar system producing the power output it should?  A very common question I get from people who have just got a new solar power system is: “Now the solar panels are on my roof, how do I know what the solar system output should be?”. The solar power system owners are usually […]

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Silex steals the solar show

solar concentrator mock up

Good news stories about the Australian solar industry have been as rare as hen’s teeth lately. With the taking of the cudgels by state governments to the highly successful feed-in tariffs (can someone please explain that again — just one more time!), to the slow sinking of the fed’s Solar Flagships program, to the march […]

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kW, kWh and kilowatt/hour : What do they stand for?

An electricity meter reading kWh

One of the most common sources of confusion I encounter when talking to non-electrical people about solar power are the terms: kW and kWh. What do they stand for? What do they mean? And what’s the difference between the two? Watch the video, or read below to find out… Folks who are really confused also throw […]

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New generation of super thin solar cells promise half price solar power

The difference in thickness between a regular solar wafer and the new technology.

Last week’s column brought you the latest, world-record-breaking achievements of the University of NSW. This week, just to balance the books a little, we thought we’d bring you news of the latest incredible overseas advance in PV cells from overseas — just to prove that solar research is pushing back the boundaries the world over. […]

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SunGrow Inverter beats SMA in Latest Inverter Reviews

Chinese and German Flags

Note: This post is just one opinion on Sungrow Inverters. Click here for lots of Customer Reviews of Sungrow Inverters to see how they have performed in Australian homes over the last few years. If you are considering buying a Sungrow Inverter over an SMA inverter – then you should also check out customers’ SMA reviews. You’ll […]

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