Solar Battery Storage Explained [Infographic]

I’ve written about hybrid solar and off grid solar systems before, but Tesla’s latest announcement about its new PowerWall battery is a real game changer for solar battery storage affordability – Morgan Stanley has a report that attests to this in greater detail. For those of you that don’t feel like slogging through an in-depth report, I’ve summarised the important distinctions between Hybrid and Off-Grid solar systems below. Enjoy!

infographic explaining solar battery storage

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  1. VoodooCR says

    Can you show me which Lithium Ion batteries last 4000-6000 cycles at 80% discharge… more like 400-600 cycles if your lucky !!

  2. john nielsen says

    Hi Finn,
    35 grand for a 5 kw system seems frightening high. I installed a 6 kw system with Enphase micros M250, Tina Honey 260P modules, 5 kva inverter, 60 A charger/controller, relay driver, 36 kwh gel batteries and all electronic switching gear for $19,000 and after the stc credit about $14,300. My hybrid system is as good as a standalone system in that the main switch is off even when it has rained of and on for two weeks. How did you arrive at the $35,000??? with less power than I have? We are 6 in this house, and sometimes have 4 loads of washing, dishwasher, drier, etc.
    Anyway you are doing a great job, and keep on promoting solar power. I did install my system because the Utility Queensland government owned power company wouldn’t let me have a 5 kw system due the nearby 300 metres transformer couldn’t handle it,,, the voltage was too high… amazing, I checked it daily and it read between 239 and 244 volt,,, well within Aus standards. However, they were good to me in writing to me that I could have as much solar power as I like as long as I didn’t export it to the grid. Very generous of them. Next year I shall be adding another 4 kw.
    My friend nearby purchased a 3 kw system in early February and he is still not connected because of the hostility and delay of the Utility grid. Go go hybrid or standalone and bugger the grid.
    john Nielsen, Silkwood, Qld.

  3. john nielsen says

    Hi Finn,
    I couldn’t get anyone around here to do it for me. I have a flat concrete roof 11 metres up on my 3 storey Silkwood Castle, and I wanted it cyclone mounted my way. Also the installers wouldn’t give me a specified quote. So only one choice: I designed and installed it myself after purchasing all the bits. If you are interested in my wiring diagram, I will be pleased to give it to you pdf files. AMI supplied the Enphase bits, all other gear from elsewhere.
    If you want a list, please ask.
    My wife’s power bills are about $750 quarter, I am 78 y.o, young wife and 4 young children, lots of washing, next bill service charge $83.50, pension discount $80 $3.50 to pay until I kiss the grid goodbye. They wouldn’t let me have a 5kw system. Now I would like to promote all to go hybrid and later when bats become better and cheaper… off grid.
    As I said in my last writing, I have 12 off 12volt 250 A gel bats and an abundance of power.
    Kind regards,
    john BE. civil/structural & electronics

  4. What would be the best system to install onto a boat to be completely independent of mains as well as not having to use a 240 volt generator .Would a TESLA Powerwall do the job with input from solar panels through a good quality controller ? Regards Graham 0412350444

    • In theory you could use a powerwall on a boat. In practice, I would not recommend it for 1 reason. The powerwall uses very high voltage DC (approx 400V). This is much more dangerous that a 12V-48V DC system that is typically installed on a boat. High voltage DC is fine in a house if it is well installed. But on a boat where there is water sloshing around and the fire brigade is a long way away it is probably a bad idea.

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