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Skylight Energy specialises in High Quality cost efficient solar Systems and solar Battery Installations covering the Domestic and Commercial market and stock high end Tier 1 solar panels and Inverters suited to a broad range of clientel throughout Sydney Melbourne and Queensland.

With a dedicated sales and customer support Team covering a broad range of solar inquires and assistance relating to solar Installation and service we cover small medium to large scale projects.

Reviewers report paying: $2,650 - $6,799 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Panels, inverter and battery brands

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Great service!

Sales/quoting process was great with Carlos. He talked me through the whole process needed for installation. Installation and customer service was great too. A great Australian company indeed!
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Great Service, remarkable knowledgeable professionals

The service is beyond measure, i dealt with Carlos and from start till end he has amazed me with his professionalism and uttermost helpful nature. Carlos has made sure that i get the best products in the market with unbeatable price. Carlos constantly amazed with discounts which i didn't even expect and made the whole process dream come true. Another who was always on top of things and gave the best customer experience anyone can ask for is Jessica in the admin and contact centre of skylight she has contributed highly to make all these processes as simple as possibe and been very helpful with all my constant queries. In one word they are a great company and great genuine people.
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Fantastic installation

Solar installation done on time. Customer support and sales team stayed in touch throughout the installation process. After installation was done they even took effort for asking how the solar panel is working. I never thought installing solar would become such an easy task. Skylight Energy provides the best service for solar installation. I recommend skylight energy.
Panel rating: 5/5
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Fantastic work done by skylight energy Team.

Fantastic work done by skylight energy team. The team was super friendly and guided me very well throughout the installation work. Also I would like to thank sales and customer support team who were very cooperative. The installation was done on time. The team is very punctual and prompt. Very professional people who takes there work seriously.
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Very dedicated sales person, friendly installers

Contacted Skylight Energy with lots of requests for specific SolarEdge 10KW inverter and PVs. Vincent from sales went after all hardware, quoted got it to install in a very short time, just 2 days delay because of rain. The team of installers were very friendly and even after installation assisted using the mySolarEdge app.
I am recommending some friends to SolarEdge.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great Installers, Superb Installation

Skylight Energy was great to deal with. Customer service was excellent and the installers were professional in their field.
I was contacted by phone personally to arrange date for installation and contacted again when the date had to be deferred due to bad weather.
I would recommend them to anyone thinking of getting solar installed.
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Pleased with the Savings and Service

Got my system installed in October 2020 very happy with the overall process and installation, everything is well organized and went smoothly. I am very happy with the QCELL panels, the production is over 35KW per day on a sunny day. Got a 6.6KW system installed in October so far no issues at all. Very pleased with the service and installation team they did an excellent job.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Terrible customer service and ridiculous computer-generated installation date

They always say 3-4 weeks for the installation date.

I had no update from them at the end of week 4. Trying to get an update from them and received a computer-generated installation date for another 18 days without any reason. They didn't even care about explaining the reasons to me for the 18 day delay. They have changed their tone of voice when I asked them for the reasons of the big lag, saying their computers scheduled it and not at their fault at all.

They won't give the deposit back to you even though they cannot make it within their advertised time frames. Big lag and terrible customer service will be waiting for you a head if you dare to do business with them.

Supplier Reply:

It is unfortunate that you feel this way considering we have strived to assist you with your installation as quickly as possible. We are unsure what computer generated date you are referring to, as we do not provide computer generated dates-our admin team contact the customers personally to provide installation dates.

As you are aware you changed your order, and therefore your contract, on the 5th of March. Skylight Energy have up to 4 months from the contract signing date to install, and we are well within that time frame.

Despite the circumstances we still wish to do a good job for you, and will install within the next 2 weeks weather permitting.
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Great customer service.

Customer service is helpful and friendly. Happy with the solar.
Would highly recommend
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Massive savings

Carlos was exceptional all the way through it and informed me of all the benefits while using top quality products. The team who installed everything were top tradesmen and worked quietly and professionally.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Speedy installation and very cost competitive

I chose Skylight because they offered extremely sharp pricing on entry level hardware that was endorsed on this Solarquotes website. Additionally, as an installer they received a good 4.5 star report. So even thought his was a budget system, I had confidence in the equipment and the installer.

My sales Vincent was positive, knowledgeable, kept in regular contact with me during my evaluation phase, but was not over pushy. I did canvas widely, both sophisticated systems using high end hardware and the budget end of the market. As a former electrical engineer and tradesman electrician, I was fairly comprehensive in my requests for information.

This information was all entered onto a spreadsheet, with initially about 12 providers. I decided against needing micro inverters or optimisers and eliminated the more expensive installers whose cost base often included onsite visits and detailed engineering proposals.

In the end I was satisfied that the very sharp pricing for 18 xTRINA MONO SPLIT CELL Panels 370Watts (TSM-DD08M.08(II) 370W) and a 5KW GOODWE Single Phase Dual-MPPT inverter (GW5000D-NS), both manufacturers endorsed here on this Solar Quotes website.

After making my choice for Skylight Energy, (and disappointing several other eager sales consultants) I then received a call offering installation in just a few says time. As we do not live onsite, I travelled to the property and stayed overnight, and then suffered a pang that I did not receive any email confirmation of the appointment, nor was I given the mobile number of the install team. I did send an early email asking for confirmation which I received from the office before the team arrived. My mistake in not checking this earlier, but it would have been good to have written confirmation of the installation appointment.

The team were neat and knowledgeable, They made some minor adjustments to the panel layout on site as they installed. It was not possible to install the inverter out of the sun, so that is something that I may need to attend to, however the team leader indicated that this has not been a problem in numerous previous installs.

There is a great deal of flexible conduit, large junction boxes and isolating switches surrounding the inverter, so that it is not particularly attractive. Pictures of some other inverter installations on Google show some more compacts installations. It is not that it is not neat, just spread out. I may get some brick color matched paint to minimise the visual impact

The whole installation took from 8.30 to 5pm with three installers, and a specialist electrician who arrived part way through for the actual wiring. One other team member mounted the inverter and ran the conduit and cables ready for the electrician to actually connect.

I was given only a few clues about the wifi capability of the inverter, but largely left to myself to download the Goodwe app (called non intuitively "SEMS Portal" I had to figure out myself how to link the wifi from the inverter to my household wifi, set up an account inputting all the details (model, serial number, location, giving my "power station" a name, etc. Being fairly computer savvy I worked it out with a bit of effort. I can now see current production on the app on my phone wherever I am. I doubt that a non-tech person could complete that task without help. A setup manual would be helpful here.

So today, first full day of production, output reached the rated 5Kw max of the inverter at about 9am, and remained there all day until about 4pm when I guess some clouds came over and production was up and down several times over a couple of hours before dropping off to zero by about 8pm
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1 year review- excellent savings

Following up 1 year after installation and I must say that my bill has gone down from $800 to $200 per quarter with a 6.6kw system.

Overall a great experience from sales to installation.

Would highly recommend.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Review removed at the request of the reviewer

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Happy customer

Skylight Energy is top notch customer service, Jean in particular who has been involved since day 1 from the start of installing the solar panel and explaining the process till the end of installation. Fro sure I’ll recommend skylight Energy.
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Review removed at the request of the reviewer

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Original Review on 25-04-2020:

Up and going, well informed. Mark our salesperson was helpful and gave great advice

Great service and gave fair quotes with the many varied options that we were seeking. we didn't settle on cheapest but one that gave us a good outcome. Mark our salesperson was well informed and polite. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Paul: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

very good , no problems to date
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Sales without support

This is a follow-up to my review of 21 Dec last year. At that point the system had just been repaired by a third party at our expense because Skylight wouldn't do the job.

Skylight had left us with a failed DC Isolator for a month and a half after they were first asked to fix it and before the third party stepped in to save the day, time in which there was more than likely an electrocution hazard as well as an out of order system producing no power.

Add to that the fact that Skylight have ignored all requests to stand by their supposed Warranty and to reimburse the cost of repairing their failed installation, let alone reimburse any lost income from the period of outage, and we see why I'll now be lodging a complaint about them with the Dept of Fair Trading.

Skylight is keen to talk to you while they're trying to sell you something but go to water when needed to support their work. In my experience they're in fact almost comically bad actors because until I ran across their inability to support their product I'd gotten them a few other quotes and customers; now for the sake of a $330 repair bill they've destroyed their credibility and naturally cost themselves any further business from me.

Photo of the corroded, failed and potentially dangerous DC Isolator attached.

Buyer beware.

Original review:
Original installation two years ago in Dec 2018.

Last week the system at last returned to service having been down and out for almost 3 months, repaired by a 3rd party solar installer because Skylight could not or would not do the job.

I notified Skylight on 13 October 2020 that the system seemed to have been down at that point for four weeks and provided photos suggesting strongly that the DC isolator switch was likely at fault having corroded and failed.

Office staff were reliably polite and concerned to help but ... nothing happened. Skylight could not get anyone to fix the problem.

Time wore on.
They didn't return phone calls.

Frustrated but still keen to help staff finally on 25 Nov suggested: "I will continue to try to find someone who can get this rectified for you, however if you do find someone else who is able to fix this please send us their quote and I will talk to my manager about reimbursing you".

At that point, admiring the honesty of the office staff but being well over trying to get an actual result from Skylight, I gave up and located a contractor who eventually repaired the fault on 10 December almost three months after the failure.

I've no invoice yet but will I be expecting Skylight to pay it for me? Hell yes!

The three month outage has cost several hundred dollars in lost solar production income alone, plus the cost of the repair.

So - Skylight?
Skylight is a super keen sales operation which in my experience heavily relies upon great office staff to paper over its apparent inability to support its product.

It's extremely disappointing that their installation failed within two years but it's beyond the Pale that they couldn't repair that failure.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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6.6kW system installed in Perth

From outset Steven the sales guy from skylight made contact sent me a quote and layout plan and advised me to research what he was offering which I did and found that the panels he was offering (Hyundai 350w) were very well rated with great reviews and customer satisfaction aswell as warranty. With the SMA inverter or fronius (I went with SMA as it’s operating temperature was higher)
The staff kept in contact as to when the install would happen and gave me a couple of options. The day of the install came and skylight called me to advise the solar install wouldn’t happen that day due to issues with paperwork, which I later found out was a supplier issue not skylights, anyway half an hour after the call the installed called me to say he was on his way and would be 15mins to my surprise. The install was easy and installed within a day and the installation is neat and tidy.

Very happy customer.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Original Review on 30-03-2020:

The system works, but its not fully installed

The engagement with Skylight has gone smoothly enough - from consultation, through quote & proposal to schedule. They removed my old 6kw system on the Thursday & advised the Saturday for installing the 10kw replacement. It rained Saturday so they did advise 20/03 for installation. The electrician arrived 1 hour late, but the installers were another hour later. They ended up installing 20/30 panels on the angled roof no problems, but left 10 in my garage awaiting their return. Its the 30th today & I have not heard from them apart from a brief email from the office stating they were awaiting feedback from installers as to when they could return. Isaac the electrician was good enough to connect the 20 into the Inverter & setup the wifi. This all works very well. I have not paid anything apart from the 5% deposit. (Perhaps a delay due to Coronavirus) Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked Bruce: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes, it has. I'm quite pleased with its performance & I'm inclined to acquire more panels to maximise my output with the addition of a battery.
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Review removed at the request of the reviewer

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Very good service

Sale process was good
Installation team was a very good team
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Installation of solar panels.

Very happy with the eay that the panels where put on the roof.The team of guys worked all day nonstop on a very hot day. They caused no inconvenience to me and cleaned up all their mart. I would happerly recommend them.
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Review removed at the request of the reviewer

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Great price and good service

Quoting process was efficient.

The person who installed the panels was time, friendly and easy-going. He also disposed of the rubbish.

Customer service staff are accommodating and pleasant. They promptly contacted the energy provider.
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Skylight experience

6 months ago I gave them a deposit .
After 4 install dates did not happen I ask for a refund of deposit .
Would not refund said deposit is not refundable.
Meanwhile I found out that there is an issue with mains cable , it needs to be upgraded for panels to be installed which will cost thousands .
They will still not refund but said I have upgraded cable then they will install .
They terms and conditions say that property must be fit for purpose !!
I think that is taking it a bit far .
So they will not refund and I will not be getting Solar installed !
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Fantastic service from start to finish

Installation was done beautifully, installers were very polite and knew what they were doing. Customer service was also great, sales rep was very friendly and the admin staff helped with any queries promptly.
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Solar Installation - peace of mind

Skylight explained the quality of the panels quoted given the challenges of our roof to maximize the output
The current market is a minefield & they were able to layout all the facts & options available with no pressure to buy
An informed decision was made to purchase with real peace of mind
A cheaper system can be more expensive long term
The process from quote to installation was very professional
They are now following up with our energy supplier Red energy to install the meter to the grid
Their installers were neat, tidy & professional & kept us informed over the 2 days of installation.
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What customer service

There is no customer service. I have had issues from the day the system was installed. My system stops working and they do not want to send anybody out to repair. They expect me to reset the system all the time. I have no time every day to check if my system is making power or if it is on tilt again! What is this for customer service? And now they claim the system stops working because of my WIFI???? What has WIFI got to do with making power. My WIFI is working perfectly because I have to use it to reset the inverter all the time. Please stay away from this company
Inverter rating: 1/5
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Great team Skylight Solar

Installed very professionally my 13.5 jinko and fronius inventor very happy no piping on roof all taken inside roof very neat great installers very clear on product supplied what was agreed on
Very good

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Carlos was excellent - really did the utmost to find me the best deal. The installation with Tom Gentle was excellent - very efficient and professional. The time from order to shipping was excellent

Sales and quoting process was fantastic! The installation was professional, efficient and timely. The customer service was beyond expectation.
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Recommend skylight energy

Great company. Good installers. They do a professional job and are very nice. Carlos the sales rep is very good and works with you to get a good price. Good value for money and the office is always willing to help.
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Review removed at the request of the reviewer

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Good value all round and a vital home improvement.

Customer service people gave accurate information, installing team were hard workers and gave good feedback, I am happy with how the process has gone.
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Review removed at the request of the reviewer

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Fantastic Service

I have had the best experience with Skylight Energy from beginning to end. Carlos is the consultant i dealt with and his approach and knowledge of the system was fantastic and helped me find the right panels to suit my daily living.
I would recommend Skylight Energy to anyone wanting or thinking about Solar panels
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Worst ever

Had to wait over 3 months for installation, Installation terrible, did not know what they were doing. Didn't know how the inverter worked.
Left my solar panels banging in the wind after the installation was finished.
Even then had to wait 3 weeks of banging before I begged them to return to fix.
Never again.
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Fantastic Experience

Very professional sales team who went above and beyond to make my solar purchase a smooth experience. Installers were polite and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend.
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Highly recommended/ Professional Company

Steven was very informative/knowledgeable and gave numerous quotes to choose from. The installation earlier than expected, was quick with no mess or breakages. Customer service was impeccable, handling everything from go to finish.
Highly recommended.
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Good Install

The installers were great, what a good team, just thought the internal works in the ceiling space could have been finished off better rather than have an unsupported sagging conduits.
The huawei inverter failed after about 4 weeks of operation, the good news for me it was diagnosed quickly and changed out for a new unit within 2 weeks.
Overall Skylight Energy were okay and i will Continue using them for my Solar requirements.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Really helped me a lot. Good quality reasonable price.

Staff went above and beyond to help me. Really appreciate it.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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DO NOT USE Skylight Energy at all costs

Update - 14th August 2020: I was contacted by phone from SKYLIGHT ENERGY who IF I take down the review they will fix all issues ASAP and sorry for the delay.

Well after contacting them several more times they said she would send a repairer out in about a week, this ended up taking 2 weeks and several more emails, but the repairer arrived on site but said they were only there to look at system and report, well they didn't even get on or in the roof just asked me the what the issues were which I repeated to them same as I had I said to SKYLIGHT previously on several occasions and they left saying they would send a report to them and left doing no repairs.

Again after several more emails and not until I said I would repost the review they again said a repairer would be out the next week, again after several emails later they gave me a date, which of course nobody arrived, this same process happened 3 more times.

And now it is over 3 more months later and no change, just a lot more LIES from all levels of the SKYLIGHT ENERGY team.

So as mentioned earlier I STRONGLY recommend you avoid these solar providers and go with anybody else, even simply throw your money on the ground and you might have more luck getting a satisfactory job then from SKYLIGHT ENERGY.

We are now going to fair trading and hopefully have more luck, well can't be any worse.

Original post:
The sales quoting went well, pushy though and once contract signed and payment made the problems started, firstly install date got changed and delayed a few times by Skylight, then on install day no one showed, then on second and 3rd install day no one should, with Skylight blaming installer and installer saying the parts have not arrived at his shop, then when they finally came to install they couldn't install where we were assured they could go, (I payed extra for micro inverter system so as to install in different locations) So they said they could only install on roof and not my shed as agreed and if I wouldn't except that they would leave, so I said fit to roof.

When job completed still issues, Skylight said they would organise meter install, now they say no, that's my problem even when I showed emails showing their statement, so another couple weeks to get meter installed, then not communicating properly, when I contacted installer to attend, he said no because Skylight hadn't paid him yet for several jobs.
I contacted Enphase who said installer needs to assign a plan of individual inverters which he hasn't done, and now 1 inverter has failed and no idea which one of the 23 it is so all panels need to come off until found.

System also doesn't monitor usage only production which in emails they said would monitor usage, imported and exported power.
It is now nearly 10 months and system still not working properly and we have been to fair trading who do there little bit, we gave them many chances to correct the issues now we off to court and see how that goes.
In closing DO NOT USE THEM they are all liars.

Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 3/5
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Excellent job!

I have installed a 5KW system 3.5 years ago with Skylight. Quote was competitive at that time.
Installation took place within weeks and professional installers came for the installation. Excellent customer service and assisted me to choose the most suitable system for my budget. System still running without any issues. Saving $800-$1000/year

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Best of the best

Carlos and team were professional honest trustworthy reliable and the tradesmen were the best we’ve had I can’t recommend this company highly enough , Top quality products top quality service top quality price so no more
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Best of the best

Carlos was most professional salesman .
After comparing every single competitor Carlos and his company Provided not only German quality products that were the best for the price of all other companies. I couldn’t recommend this company and I do not use other installers as they are all using Chinese products skylight energy with the only ones that used German inverters and panels at the most affordable price will be using this company for all my properties in future no question about that

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Excellent job

Had a great experience with Skylight energy from the beginning to the end of the process to have my solar system installed.
Great service fully recommended .

Panel rating: 5/5
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Fantastic Installation and Service

Fantastic experience with Skylight Energy. Salespeople Carlos and Yuri were both extremely helpful and explained every part of the process thoroughly from quotation to installation, I was especially happy that they quoted the exact system I needed rather than pushing for the most expensive option. Any questions I had were answered clearly and they provided high quality products at a reasonable price.

Installers were very polite and did a beautiful job, they walked me through everything they were doing and were happy to answer all the questions I had. They even took care of the smart meter installation for me!

A month on the solar panels work beautifully, and have saved me massively on my electricity bill. Highly recommend using Skylight Energy!

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Not a Good experience I expect Better

They seem good with the initial sale, but later I found out that the sale tactic is dishonest and misleading. For example they sold me a 10KW Goodwe inverter with a 10 years warranty. After the installation I found out that Goodwe only warranty their inverter for 5 years and you have to purchase the 5 years extended warranty from Goodwe. At the time I have not paid the system in full, so I took it up with them. They finally agree to purchase the extra 5 years warranty.

The installation did not go as smooth as I expect. By the way this is my third solar installation at my premises, no issues with any of the previous installation. For the start I got sarking in my roof and explain to them not to damage the sarking. They told me they will only cut small holes for the cables to come through. When the job was completed I was stunned as they did not ask me to enter the house and access the manhole into the roof cavity. This rang an alarm bell. So the next day I climb up into the roof cavity and found that they cut many large holes in the sarking to insert the cable and cable conduit. They also had to cut up large holes in the sarking to tie cable tie to the conduit in an attempt to secure the conduit (see attached pictures). This is normally done using metal clips not cable ties. I was extremely disappointed there are so many damages to my sarking. I had to ask the company to come back and fix them up. They eventually did.

Then I had more issues with the panels configurations and the inverter connections. The inverter I got is a Goodwe GW10KL-DT which has 2 MPPT inputs. However, MPPT1 has 2 inputs that are parallel, and MPPT2 have a single input. This stuffed them up as they don't understand how to configure the solar array and make the connections. They thought it does not matter how you connect the solar array to the inverter inputs. Solar they have 3 solar arrays up on the roof, array one consist of 11 panels 400W (46.8V each), array 2 consist of 8 of 400W (46.8V each) and array 3 consist of 10 of 400W panels (46.8Veach), Then they connect array 1 and array 2 to the inputs of MPPT1, and array 3 to the input of MPPT2. When I told Skylight Energy of the issue, naturally they did not understand what I was talking about. They thought I was mad and thought I was just being difficult. When they turn up I show them the issues and explain to them that they cannot put 2 array that are completely different in voltages in parallel as this will produce little power on that input. They did not understand, as they are not familiar with parallel input. I had to demonstrate by switching the array one at a time to show them what would happen. After they saw that they understood and they had to reconfigure array 1 and array 2 to 10 panels per array and that feed the arrays to MPPT1 inputs. Array 3 then consist of 9 panels which feed to MPPT2 input.

After all that saga you would think it is finally over. Well it is NOT. After that Skylight Energy contacted me for a feedback on the phone. So I gave my feedback accordingly. Some 2 hours later, I received email from them, making a threat against me. Telling me to not to contact Skylightenergy again among other things.

To be fair to them Jean is good at her job, she promptly response to any issues or complains and try to rectify if possible.

I hope the company will do better for other customer and learn from their mistake.

I also urge any customer who are in possession of Goodwe inverter to check the warranty as Goodwe only provide 5 years warranty for their inverter. If the sale person told you that it is 10 years then you need to contact them to request the warranty certificate issued by Goodwe.

Oh there is another thing I would like to mention. They have said in their sales pitch that he will give $200 reward for any successful recommendation. My fiend who has put me to Skylight Enegy have yet to receive a cent from Skylight Energy. Skylight energy keep on telling him that it is with the account department. This has gone on for months now. I doubt if my friend will receive anything. Skylightenergy should own up to their promise.
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Fantastic company and trusted and honest Installers

Best Price for quality products , 6.6kw 20X330w risen tier 1 half cut solar panels, 5kw 3 phase wi fi inverter, titan solar rafters, installers were on time, very focus on the job and completed around lunchtime.Only thing I wasn't happy with was they did not assist me in adding wifi download to my phone.

Apart from this there customer service bookings were terrible but need to improve other wise good products and great installers so I still gave them 5 Stars.
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Happy with the end result

My experience with Skylight Energy is very good, from the initial quotes from Steven who answered all my questions, the very accommodating customer service Jean and the Installers Eddie and his company are very professional and polite. I will highly recommend this company for solar installation.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Shes a Beauty Mate!

Sales Process
too right mate Cheers Yuri for helping me with the Sales process and selecting the Perfect system for my home.
*very clear explanation and professional shading analysis was carried out.
*the panels were German Made Aleo brand
*A clear explanation was provided about how the Solar system actually works
*very polite
*a true expert in his field

Fantastic Installation
* shes a beauty up on the roof mate Cheers Brian for arranging it in a nick of time.
* only 1 week i waited before it got done, i couldn't believe it was so fast.
*Shes a true beauty mate
*Gaza and his team did a great job with the install
*looks great on the roof

Customer Service
*Clearly Explained

One of the Best Solar Companies in Australia Mate. Glad i came on board with Skylight Energy.

Authentic Australian based Business.

If your looking for a No Dramas installation go with Skylight Energy, i was very happy with my install and the whole sales process and installation process will be Sending my Brother and my sister to get thier houses arranged ASAP!

Cheers Mate

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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