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About Sunboost, Solar Installers


Estimated pricing for system: $200 - $5,491 depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Sunboost is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves ACT. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Sunboost Solar Reviews

Great service, turn around and price.

Recently had a 10kw system installed (chose to upgrade from std equipment to Seraphim panels & Solax inverters) for $7200 after rebate. Good communicating through out the process. Reasonably quick turn around considering the time of year and rebates being reduced (approx 2 months from signing contract to having the system on my roof). No issues at all in my experience. Show additional information

Beware of this company - con artists

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by the fact the cricket legend Allan Border fronts their marketing. We saw their advertising and almost go sucked in by their pressure sales tactics. Paid a $300 deposit for a double storey solar installation in Perth, Western Australia, with a ten day cooling off period. Got spooked by the bad reviews which came to light with a bit of research and the appalling English of our sales agent who purported to be in Sydney. We were also quoted on a 6.6kw panels and then the contract came through it stated we were only getting 5kw panels. So we decided not to proceed and asked for our deposit to be refunded. Radio silence which was odd after all the friendly and effusive banter during the sign up process. Resorted to demanding deposit back in writing three times and then got sent a form which said please sign on the understanding that to process a refund the company will deduct a $220 administration fee and the refund would take four weeks. What an absolute joke. Threatened legal action and that we would contact Allan Border's management agency to let them know what sort of business he is actually endorsing. This company needs to be examined carefully as all is not as it seems. Avoid at all costs. Show additional information

Great installation

Easy to understand and friendly service with quality products at a great price Show additional information

Worst company

If there was something lesser that one star I would have given the same. After making a deposit in the month of November, 25/11 to be exact, today I have cancelled the contract as they say there will be an additional charge to accommodate for the additional wiring and scissor-lift. My concern was that during quote no such things were mentioned and they even mentioned they cannot proceed with any install/ until finance is approved.

Sunboost, have some sense if a person gets finance approves and then amend it, it will be a whole new application thus another credit search and not everyone is happy having two credit searches in short span of time.

In short, the worst company to deal with.
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Better price for equivalent system

Very quick
Punctual & quick
This is where they stuffed up, I am still waiting for the net meter which I had to apply for, which they were going to do. Plus the system monitoring device not produced as promised.
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Took my deposit faster than a greyhound chasing a rabbit

I signed up and paid a deposit over a month ago and still waiting on installation date despite asking several times ! Show additional information

Quick easy deal, installed within one week, no hassles, neat clean professional install at the right price

Easy to deal with, punctual on site, cleaned up after install, no problems. Quick grid connect with solar input all handled directly with our supplier. Would deal with them again. Show additional information

No communication

I would not recommend Sunboost to anyone. Gave dates & no one showed up. No communication amongst sales people & installers. Make promises & don't follow through. Show additional information

Fantastic offer, I can pay online feels genuine rather than others asking me to reveal my credit card details over phone

Easy quotes and got different option to choose. Payment through online not through phone with warranty Show additional information

Excellent Sandie and Bruno

The two, Sandie and Bruno not only accurately and rightly represented Sunboost and the installers but also did their best in ensuring the work was immaculately done. They were down to earth, friendly and just wonderful. I have no hesitations in recommending them to someone who want installers that know their work and customer service. Show additional information

Wrong inverter poor communication

The sales was easy they demanded payment before installation. After installation I was told by the installers that I would have to contact my provider to change the meters. They did not help me at all after it was installed. The system sat on the roof for 3 months. Then they connected the feed in to my shed. They had to come back twice to connect it properly so I got some feed in. After I ordered another system I find they placed the original panels incorrectly and they now have to be moved. They placed more panels on the southern side than the north. I now find they installed a 1 phase inverter instead of a 3 phase this does not give me full use of the system and my power bills are excessive. The inverter has already cut out with a fault code and had to be fixed I have emailed phoned and get the run around from two people. They not answer emails do not call back. Excuses in a meeting, on leave off on maternity leave or will leave message and they will call you back. Pathetic after sales and when I relied on their technical skills and knowledge they have left me hanging. They still hold $300 for the upgraded system and that has been almost another 3 months. I am taking it to Consumer and Business Services and complaining to the Ombudsmen Show additional information

Bordering on scam

Charged an extra undisclosed $600 on finance as an "application fee", and installation date kept sliding while we sorted it out
Call centre out of India, and they use sneaky sales tactic to get your deposit, making it harder to walk away.

It only got worse. Sunboost submitted the wrong name on the Meter request, so still no Meter. Notification was sent to a sunboost representative and not actioned.

They want a $220 administration fee to resolve the situation. I wanted their kit off my roof.

This is the single most stressful process I've been through in a long time. The only part worth talking about that was good was the installation, performed by Qld solar and storage. I'd recommend going direct to anyone reading this.

6 Months on, and the unit has stopped working, throwing an error. I've contacted Monika on the support team who was very helpful at first, but has now become unresponsive when I've asked for a date that the unit will be repaired or replaced. This while any positive balance in the the AGL account is being exhausted. We are now 2 weeks in with no real action taken.

I estimate it would be around $1000 cheaper and counting to go with any other company at this stage.
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A fine example of Poor Communication

I would never recommend this Company they are liars and cheats. They have had my deposit for over 12 months and have not refunded the money. The reason I wanted a refund is because they turned up to install a system without a site visit. they then decide it would need a scissor lift and need to be rescheduled. That was fine, there was never any communication regarding an extra cost for a scissor lift. they turned up for a second time without the scissor lift. they then said they need to charge extra and need to reschedule again. I accepted the extra charge after much argument. we rescheduled for a 3rd time. AGAIN they turned up without a scissor lift. I cancelled the order and have been asking for a refund for over 12 months. They are crooks and thieves.... Show additional information

Very good start to finish. Great payment plan options available and easy finance too

Yes very good Exellent payment plan options. Everyone easy to deal with. Show additional information

First rate installation

After a few hiccups with the sales team it was all smooth sailing from then on. Once finance was approved it took one week for installation.the team was first rate and professional. It was a stinking hot day 15/11/19 here in Perth . The old system was removed and 22 new panels installed. Work started at 7am and completed by 1 pm. I don’t know about the negative reviews as I can only speak for myself. So do not be influenced by the negative reviews. We were given 22 300 watt panels and a 5 kw growatt inverter finally this is the third solar system I have had installed (on 3 houses) so I know what I am talking about. Show additional information

Great service

Very polite professional service, always keeping me informed of the status of the installation. Install team very tidy informative and obliging. Commissioning assistance very professional. Show additional information

Fraud Company. Signed and paid 2 months ago, still haven't got anything

I signed the contract and paid deposit on 17th Sep and Sunboost promised to have the solar installed and up and running in 2 weeks.

After I paid the deposit, I did not hear from the company and after several follow ups, they finally booked 17th October to install the solar system. They also asked me to pay to full amount ($4500) which I did.

Then, on 17th October which I double confirmed the day before, nobody showed up. I contacted Sunboost and they finally sent someone in late afternoon. But, he advised that they have to reschedule as they don’t have the materials.

Then, it was rescheduled for 6th Nov. again, nobody showed up and after several follow ups, they again advised that they have to reschedule.

After this, I requested to cancel the contract and asked them to refund the amount which is $4500. They initially agreed to do that by last week, but as of today, they are refusing to provide update and do not respond to my calls.
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Great customer service

I paid a deposit on the pretence I have baught a house. I can't comment on installation or the product as I was unable to buy the house. As a result I spoke to my customer service rep, requesting a refund on my deposit. I few days later I asked for an email confirming my refund. Nathan was nothing but respectfully. With no hesitation he advised me on the refund process and sent me the email I asked for. I am very happy with the customer service I received although I didn't get the sola system. Show additional information

Aussie installers

Indians on the phone, but excellent local aussies company installed it Show additional information

Very suspicious of this company

I contacted Sunboost and paid a $300 deposit for a 6.6kw system for $3,600, fantastic price for regional Australia. Unfortunately the standard contract I was asked to sign required me to pay up front in full on arrival of the contractor, before any install work is done.

Obviously this contradicts fair trading guidelines and common sense. I tried to negotiate and offered a progress payment of 50% when the panels and inverter arrived and 50% when I received the Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work, again as per fair trading guidelines. I also wanted to know who their subcontractor was before I signed the contract so I could look them up. Sunboost counter offered 90% when the materials arrived and 10% when the certificate was issued approx 6 days after installation.

They also refused to tell me who would be doing the work unless I signed a contract. I cancelled the order and asked for my deposit back. Nobody should pay solar contractors up front, that is crazy and there is a real risk you will lose your money or worse, your roof leaks or your house catches on fire.
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BEWARE.......Dishonest and unreliable

This is not a review of an installed system rather the very unscrupulous and dishonest sales team. After a promised high end inverter and solar panels over the phone we paid a deposit, but on receiving the quote via email which included a base entry inverter not the one we agreed on, we cancelled immediately over the phone as is our rights under consumer law. "Clay" the ever polite sales rep promised a refund of the $300 but two and a half weeks later we are still waiting despite numerous phone calls and one stalling tactic after another. We now are lodging a claim with NCAT because Sunboost have scant regard for customers or ethics. We would advise strongly against dealing with them regardless of the "too good to be true" quotes. Show additional information

Steer Clear of Sunboost - Don't be fooled by the Allen Border ads

My father paid a deposit on 30 May 2019 and to date he is still waiting for a receipt and any documentation i.e. contract. Sunboost website claims the longest installation wait time is WA with an eight week approval - I'm in NW Qld. Sunboost were happy to take the deposit but I don't believe not fully knowing where Mount Isa was. Following several phone calls to Sunboost, my father finally got some action happening and a local electrician turned up out the blue early October to say he had received a job from Sunboost to install the system and it was being freighted up for installation.

Installation commenced on 10 October and is yet to be finished. During my own phone call to Sunboost on this day I was told there were no installers in Mount Isa and they had to get someone to travel from the coast. It would seem Sunboost are very happy to provide false information, particularly when there are approximately 12 installers in town and the actual installer being used lives 500 metres down the road!!!!

At this point I am unable to comment on the reliability of the system as it is still not fully installed and up and running and will be able to provide an edit in the future. I may add, other than the initial deposit, I understand the system is not yet paid for but could well be the customer is yet to receive any documentation and invoice notification.

I would advise to steer clear of Sunboost as my research has uncovered conflicting addresses and payment is asked to be made to a company called Bell Solar. Sadly my elderly father got taken in with the gloss.
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Be careful

The sales agent was lovely and plausible. Assured us that our supplier would do the install. We believed him and noted his advice we need a much bigger system than we actually did. But after a day when i received an email with wrong calculated price, i realised that they must be dodgy people. I immediately cancelled and requested my $200 back. But this is my second day. heard nothing until now. even still i am in cooling off period of 5 days. Show additional information


Bad installation, installer had a bad attitude, office people ask you a question and ignore your reply. Bad experience Show additional information

BE careful

The sales agent was lovely and plausible. Assured us that our supplier would do the install. We believed him and noted his advice we need a much bigger system than we actually did. Upon phone our supplier, they told us they did NOT install for anyone but themselves. We immediately cancelled and requested our $200 back. We heard nothing until we took advice from a solicitor friend who told us to go public and mention the former Australian Cricket Captain who is the masthead media person for the company. Lo and behold after two weeks of NO response, till we made the mention of the Former Captain...the money appeared in our account...Just BEWARE of this mob. Show additional information
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Good value for money system with Aussie support from manufacturers. Quick installation by Sunboost Solar Show additional information


South East Qld - Once they have your deposit it is very hard to get in contact with them, no response to our emails or phone calls. BEWARE, the hidden costs especially if you are going through finance. The price they quote is not the amount financed, they say its the interest but they are pocketing that interest amount for themselves, it is not being charged by the finance company. Also beware if they ask you to resubmit your finance documents after the cooling off period because something went wrong with the first agreement. They're increasing the finance amount hoping you don't notice. Obviously alot of red flags before installation and thankfully we cancelled beforehand. Fingers crossed on a refund of our deposit. I thought going with a company that had alot of good reviews, we would have no problems with them, but from my experience i found them extremely dishonest and dodgy. Maybe it was the bad reviews i should have looked at more closely. 0 stars Show additional information

Oh how disappointing

System installed today = Of course we can't use it. For the first time we hear that a smart meter must be installed and Sunboost informs the energy provider 7 days after payment . Of course this couldn't be done before installation of the system. So we are expected to pay for a system we can't use and this is after harassment by their sale staff from the beginning.. They seem to have a reasonable product but are so obnoxious to deal with. Show additional information
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Would NEVER Recommend SUN BOOST

BEWARE! All the representatives have been well drilled in being nice and what to say. Sometimes, they were hard to understand. We requested for a hot water time switch. Sun Boost said we can organize this ourselves for approximately $400. But the rep said Sun Boost can do it for $200 by sending a solar panel installer who is also an electrician.
The installer was a nice, young electrician who said he has done everything Sun Boost had asked by installing the changeover for the hot water timer switch.

We phoned and left messages for the electrician on 3 different occasions. He never responded. It wasn't until the electrician from our electricity supplier came to change our meter, that we found out that Sun Boost and their young electrician never installed an inverter switch for the hot water system. They still haven't had any explanation why they took our money but never gave us this service. We had been using hot water for 3 weeks, believing we were using solar.
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Never got installed canceled before got to far

It was a frustrating process, we went back and forth with emails for 7 days in the end we worked out that they cant best the local installers.
They wanted payment in full before installing the equipment that left me with no faith in the installation.

They said they was number one company and could beat any quote from other contractors. But this was not the case they would send new quotes but try to substitute with a cheaper product and say it was same so each time I had to investigate and find the products are not same and are of lower quality. It was very disappointing all i can say is do your home work. Don't trust what they say
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Maybe not politically correct but I found the language barrier with the supplier very stressful, but considered the price I had to pay to acquire the reasonable deal on offer. Show additional information

Great Price

All of the suppliers that provided quotes were great, Sunboost just came in cheaper for kW (even though some of the otehr suppliers had possibly better standard systems). Show additional information

Dodgy install and poor after sales service

Sales process was very smooth right up to install. No site visit so the contractor turned up with no idea on what the install should require and no flexibility to change what he had. The contractor was less than helpful. The job was not finished on the install date as a part for the inverter was faulty. Contractor left promising to return with the part and hasn't been heard of since. Called Sunboost to have them follow up snd they didn't reply first time and after more calls to their office am waiting for someone to call back because they say install is complete from their side. If your in the market for solar go elsewhere and find a company that offers service and follows through to complete their install. Hope i never need to try out their warranty! Show additional information

Rated One Star, because there is nothing lower !!!

Gave me the run around after full and final payment was made in August/September 2018 - yes 2018 !!!

- Sent initial installer to site on multiple occasions without correct materials
- initial installer opted to not attend site as promised on multiple occasions
- alternate installer refused to proceed with installation citing "safety concerns" with the design/site
- Sunboost refused to provide written response addressing "safety concerns" raised by their contracted installer
- Sunboost cancelled contract in March 2019 but as at September have yet to remit refund
- Sunboost initially proposed to deduct admin costs for their non-performance from (yet to be paid) refund
- Sunboost will not contemplate compensation to me for their non performance
- Sunboost have not provided any reason as to why they cancelled the contract
- Sunboost contact via use of multiple phone numbers and staff, apparently no staff member has a surname or takes 'ownership" of the issue
- Sunboost consistently fail to return calls at agreed times, writer has been caused to keep in touch.
- Sunboost have consistently preferred spoken word to written confirmation response
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Gave me the run around after deposit was paid.

Extract from email sent to Sunboost on 2nd May 2019:

"Have refused to supply contact details of a local installer.

No evidence of having supplied my details to a local installer.

Stated the installer could not be contacted due to being out of town.

Stated the installer could not be contacted due to being in Victoria.

Have failed to return calls at agreed times, writer has been caused to keep in touch.

Promised time frames for installation have lapsed three times.

Sunboost representative has stated that promised work had not been organised as he (representative) had stayed on holidays longer than expected.

Have failed to confirm installation date by agreed times.

Have preferenced spoken word to written documents."

Sunboost were advised that their services were no longer required, no telephone conversations on the matter would be entered into, and their staff or representatives where hereby prohibited from entering my property.

As of August the 14th 2019, Sunboost persists to attempt contact via frequently changing phone numbers.
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Sun Boost, the supplier were spot on when it came to service. Setting up the wifi, contacting me and my electricity supplier. The quality was better than proportionate to the price. Highly recommend. Show additional information

Warning- if you have a two storey house – it may just be too much trouble for the installers.

I initially did my research, I sort of knew Sunboost were one of the “fastfood outlets” for Solar installations. I had a friend in the same suburb use them and everything turned out well for her. After cancelling one day for the install, on the new date the installers turned up. The manager wanted to initially change where the panels had agreed to go so that it would be closer to the fuse box. He was concerned about length of cable he would have to use. After it was determined they needed to go where planned, he said the roof was too high to safely get the panels up. I said they were welcome to carry the panels inside to a second storey balcony where there was easy access to the roof. They were not interested, panels too large. However not as large as the sofa that was carried up last week. He then said the roof pitch was a bit steep. After that it was all action deciding which job they could get to next – hopefully a single storey house with an easy install.

I felt that with so much work on, the installers could cherry pick the easy jobs and one’s like mine which would take longer and would be more difficult, they were not interested in. One installer said if I hired a lift from a hire store for about $300 they could go ahead. When Sunboost eventually came back to me they said they could do the job for another $1,200. Good one.

If you have a simple install, why not risk it, it didn’t work for me, but I can understand the economics of it as they probably get paid the same irrespective of how long the install takes.

Note – still waiting on my deposit to be refunded after 3 follow up calls over 2 weeks.
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I found that I could get a wholesale price if I looked hard enough. No need to waste my hard earned money on lining peoples pockets unnecessarily I feel.
Thanks for your help though Finn
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No. Show additional information

Sun Boost report.

After a lot of searching for a quality solar system we went with Sun Boost. Great quality, great price , fast clean installation, extremely happy. Show additional information
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Month+ to get solar meter. Show additional information
Show additional information
They initially quoted 6.6kw of panels (24 275 watt panels) even though it was obvious by the latter quotes I got from solar quotes preferred suppliers that only 20 would fit, when I complained I was supplied with 20 300 watt panels which is 6Kw. The installation was fast and neat with no damage to the roof???? so all up I’m happy but it’s early days and am still waiting for Origin to install smart meter so I can’t comment on the system performance. Show additional information

Best Service ive had for years

Positive all the way through, Sales staff are up front, there job is to explain and sell you a Solar system that you want. Once we decided to go with Sunboost, it was all great, Good OLD fashioned service, I was given a installation date, and I thought "OH Yeah", like this is going to happen, Being a fussy tradesmen myself and a born critic of every body else's work, I was ready to pounce on any short comings, Well they stuffed me, Everything went to plan exactly as they said, ladies that dealt with the finance side of things were precise, and a receipt arrived instantly after every payment.

I got exactly what I paid for, and the staff work very hard at being the best, and it sure pays off. I have no hesitation recommending Sunboost to anyone thinking of buying solar. We live several hours out of Brisbane, fully installed for $3400, They used local top tradesmen for the installation, not one hiccup. Well done to all the Sunboost team, 5 star for sure.
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