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About Sunboost, Solar Installers

Sunboost is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves . Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Sunboost Solar Reviews

Sales delivered the best price and promised best service and a bonus coupon book gift. More than 5 installation dates came and went. No bonus coupon book. Over 30 emails back and forth. Better off saying we do not service Canberra than such poor customer service. Even now after 2 emails and 4 weeks I do not know if my system is commissioned as they do not reply to requests for information. I was promised the best but feel very disappointed by their service. Would give a one star but system seems to be working. Show additional information
Good pre- sales service and after signing of contract service.
Salesperson was kind, well mannered and patient throughout negotiations for the best deal.
Got it installed as soon as possible and on promised date. Company seems reputable after researching it. Also, Aussie based.
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I went with sun boost as they used well reported and top rated panels and inverter and they also use local installers. My installer lives just around the corner from my house and has been putting up panels by the truck load lately apparently. Very happy with the service from start to finish and we regularly generate over 35kw per day. Show additional information
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I save heaps of money going with Sunboost and their service was excellent Show additional information
Month+ to get solar meter. Show additional information
Edward from Sunboost was very helpful and easy to deal with.At the end he even called to ask if there is any questions I would like to ask. The team was very professional and had the panels done in a good amount of time. They were very tidy and cleaned up with no mess around. Thank you Sunboost for the installation and I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to have their Solar installed. Now just waiting from Origin Energy to install our net meter. Show additional information
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Very few system suppliers honoured their commitments of time or availability. Had to cancel two installations due to extensive delays and no resolution of the installation date. Still waiting for current supplier although they seem to be making noises about an installation date in the near future - who knows?
Basically, this is an industry that needs regulation and better licensing as well as heaps of monitoring.
Two previous suppliers who were dismissed for lack of action were - Energy Australia - very good price but unable to find an installer - I think they got the pricing wrong and were delaying until we pulled the plug.
SolarArena - overpriced and minimal system. Seemed to be keen to complete the job but Very expensive.
The current supplier had lots of good reviews on the internet and supposedly good communication system, however, they are currently not holding up to the standard mentioned in the reviews.
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I found that I could get a wholesale price if I looked hard enough. No need to waste my hard earned money on lining peoples pockets unnecessarily I feel.
Thanks for your help though Finn
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Took My Deposit 1/8/18, with a promise to install 1st or 2nd week in Sept . After many calls and Promises still waiting . Now is a promise to let me know when in the 1st week of Oct,. starting to get to the point of not believing anything they say ,but this is it, give them last chance to confirm a date in 1st week of Oct. then the [email protected]#$# will hit the fan . Show additional information
I had 60 degree roof which scared off 2 installers. After they tried a third time it was installed. The company came though in the end. Show additional information
Tried to increase the price pre installation so contract was cancelled. Only half of deposit has been returned. Dreadfull service and customer service. BUYER BEWARE!!!! NOT RECOMMENDED Show additional information
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It was all a lot easier to do than I thought it would be. Show additional information
I found Sunboost by chance through a Facebook add - and their price for the advertised system was several thousand less than quotes I'd got through solarquotes.
I've read everything from Finn on quality brands, installers etc but in the end the money was coming out of my pocket so the 'premium' prices installers would have been a longer payback period. In fact it was HALF the cost of some quotes!
I was a little worried about the prospect of someone not one of the 3 quotes from solarquotes, so checked up on their ABN - Been in Business since Feb 2017
I found Jeff from Sunboost (sales guy) a little pushy in the sense that he spoke very quickly which could easily confuse a newbie, but I was confident in what I wanted and the price was right so I paid my deposit on the phone during my first call.
System was a 10KW Solis (Ginlong) 3phase inverter and 40x Seraphim 275w poly panels (SRP-275-6PB)
Install date was booked for about a fortnight away and the actual installer turned up promptly on the morning of install date.
He was done and dusted within a few hours and the install job was well done, cleaned up and I was very happy.
Install of the net meter has a compulsory 7 day wait wait period and was done about a fortnight that finished.
Nearly 2 months later and IU watch my generation pretty religiously.

I was so happy, I recommended my mother-in-law (who I happen to like!) use Sunboost for her new system.
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Sunboost is really great provider of solar system. Communication with them is easy. Installation was on time and the guys were friendly and helpful. I haven't paid them yet even other than the deposit of $350. i find their offers the best especially with the technical support they offer. Show additional information
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I did not receive a quote from any of your Solar groups. Show additional information
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Don't do it Show additional information
The company did not visit the premises so on the installation day the roof was not prepared. I had given this information to the company. Also, a three phase inverter was warranted based on my information, but on the day it was not suitable. So installation has stalled. Show additional information
Very pleased. Now expect those power bills to significantly minimise. Show additional information
Absolute crap customer service from call centre in India I believe. Had 3 install dates and twice did not turn up without any communication. May be ok in Metro areas but not good in Country. WishIi went with your guy who was a fair bit more expensive but seemed very reliable. Still waiting for reply from no show. Show additional information
Some sales consultants where hard to understand.
The representative of Sunboost was easy to talk to and didn’t apply too much pressure in the sale. He said if anyone came up with a better price then he would better it.
Which he did. Another company kept dropping their price to get me to cancel my contract and sign up with them until I told them to stop calling me.
Sunboost kept their word and matched the other supplier.
It made my choice easy.
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Your site was very helpful with the information that we needed to make the right choice. Having the 3 quotes also showed us how companies are selling the same product with very different cost amounts. Show additional information
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Guaranted to do it 6 weeks and did it all in 4 weeks Show additional information
SUNBOOST'S customer service and communication was and is excellent. Kept me in the loop all throughout the process with updates on when the system was coming and getting installed. They were always there whenever i phoned-in and had a question. sometimes it was an answering machine but would call me back in a few minutes after that. their installer (BISHOP & CO. ELECTRICAL) were very professional in their schedule and turned up early as promised. confirmed with me on where i wanted the panels to be facing and gave suggestions on where it would best based on roof shape... everything was done in professionally as I watched.

For just a little over $4k, we now have 22 PV panels x 275w (SERAPHIM SRP-275-6PB) on the roof with a 5kw (SOLAX POWER X1 Boost inverter). monitoring the inverter over the internet is really fun. all i need now is to get my meter so i can see how much i'm feeding-into the grid and get money back otherwise, its fun to see the meter run backwards even on a cloudy/overcast day.

i will come back in a few years and update info on the performance of brands that i picked...

Thanks you to Solarquotes for the information that I got and help to make the decision on installing a PV system... should have done it a little bit earlier...
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Make sure that you allow for the weather! Show additional information
Has anyone had a successful outcome with Sunboost? I have paid deposit but still unsure on company. Trading as Bell Solar? All addresses in SA, WA, NSW serviced offices?

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We have only had the system for a couple of weeks so we are just getting used to it. So far seems to be good. Show additional information
Mot installed yet , iPad a deposit but house won't be ready for a couple of months. Show additional information