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About Sunboost, Solar Installers

Sunboost is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves ACT. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Sunboost Solar Reviews

Sun Boost report.

After a lot of searching for a quality solar system we went with Sun Boost. Great quality, great price , fast clean installation, extremely happy. Show additional information
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Month+ to get solar meter. Show additional information
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They initially quoted 6.6kw of panels (24 275 watt panels) even though it was obvious by the latter quotes I got from solar quotes preferred suppliers that only 20 would fit, when I complained I was supplied with 20 300 watt panels which is 6Kw. The installation was fast and neat with no damage to the roof???? so all up I’m happy but it’s early days and am still waiting for Origin to install smart meter so I can’t comment on the system performance. Show additional information

Best Service ive had for years

Positive all the way through, Sales staff are up front, there job is to explain and sell you a Solar system that you want. Once we decided to go with Sunboost, it was all great, Good OLD fashioned service, I was given a installation date, and I thought "OH Yeah", like this is going to happen, Being a fussy tradesmen myself and a born critic of every body else's work, I was ready to pounce on any short comings, Well they stuffed me, Everything went to plan exactly as they said, ladies that dealt with the finance side of things were precise, and a receipt arrived instantly after every payment.

I got exactly what I paid for, and the staff work very hard at being the best, and it sure pays off. I have no hesitation recommending Sunboost to anyone thinking of buying solar. We live several hours out of Brisbane, fully installed for $3400, They used local top tradesmen for the installation, not one hiccup. Well done to all the Sunboost team, 5 star for sure.
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Value for money

Well done Sunoost sales team were good and not too pushy Show additional information
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If you want a proper Solar system installed, DO NOT USE SUN BOOST

I meant what I said in my title.

I have nothing good to say about Sunboost, all they want is their money after they tried to sell you their products.

After all, you will get a system that is poorly installed by their dodgy, unqualified contractors. They had to come 3 times to complete the installation and still they didn't install the system properly. The installers came and said they didn't bring the racks to fit the panels and said they can install the panels first and come back to re-fit the racks later on. After numbers of contacting their so called customer service or technical department they finally send out the "boss" of the installer to check the installation. Then all he could have told me is there is nothing he can do about re-fitting the racks because it has already been installed.

My solar system is not working to how it's supposed to work, most of the panels are gathering dust and collecting water because of the fitting angle of the panels are only 5 degrees. the "boss" of the installer told me I just need to get on the roof myself and clean it every few months? Like I need to do it myself to keep it clean. How crazy is that.
I have the system fitted for almost 1 year and I have spent at least 6 months trying to have the issue rectified even through making a complain to NSW fair trading.

Only to get a reply back from fair trading saying that because they are not responding at all so they can not process my claim any further???

" Although I am unable to provide you with a resolution to your complaint, you can lodge a complaint with NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal)."

Seriously this is not what we needed it as a consumer. I paid $8000 for the system because they told me I need to have micro inverter fitted.

If you need a solar system installed and you would like to have "warranty" or "aftersale services", DO NOT GO WITH SUN BOOST.

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Above Average quality of Panels and Inverter with expert installation team.

Only the app assoc with the inverter took a bit of clarification but once this was cleared then all good.
Overall experience 4/5 stars.
Thanks Sunboost AND of course Allan Border.
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Extremely Satisfied

The team at Sunboost was excellent to deal with and the customer service that I received from Rex was second to none. I will definitely be recommending Sunboost to all my friends and family. Show additional information
I decided not to go with 11kw system with 40 solar panels. Was given a new quote in the afternoon and system was installed the very next morning. Had a choice of different panels and inverters and I chose 21 Trina Mono 285W honey max and Solis 6Kw 3 phase inverter with wifi monitoring. It is impossible to work out wifi as it has a separate network and does not use my nbn wifi. Can scroll up and down from the panel and inverter placed in garage as I requested. Tariff rate of 7.5 cents per Kw and Fairdeal 33 discount is ok for the time being. Show additional information


My experience with sunboost has been a mix of lies and shonky deals. I should have given more credit to the multitude of bad reviews they have on the net, they're all true. When the original deal wouldn't fit on my roof, I was strung along with a number of very suspect offers, including the use of heavy industrial rated panels. I kept saying that I wanted to opt out of the deal, but Jordan kept saying "give me another chance, I've got a great deal to offer you". These all turned out to be more expensive, or using bad quality panels. When they finally accepted that I didn't want to continue, they told me I needed to fill out a form to get my deposit back, but took ages to send it to me. I finally filled it out and returned it, but they still didn't return my money. I rang and asked what the problem was and Jordan said it was all ok and it would be in my bank within a week. It's now more than a week later and still no money. I told then that if they didn't transfer the money by today that I'd write a bad review and go to Consumer Affairs, but they still haven't transferred my money. Do not deal with this company, unless you want to be lied to and ripped off. Show additional information
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Excellent. Great customer service

They provided a quote promptly. The installation was done smoothly, and the installers were friendly and easy to deal with. Arrived early to do the job too.

The Sunboost team is very professional in handling any queries, they reply emails and would call. All the paperwork were handled properly. They informed us along the way of how things were. Very happy with their work. Highly recommended.
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Good Value for Money Installer

Price was the best I could find after months of research. Found that the phone sales person wasn't the most knowledgeable person on solar. However the sort answers to my questions and gave me options to suit my needs. Installation was done quick within a week of giving deposit. They broke a couple of roof tiles and a ridge tile during installation. Put a ton of silicon on them as a remedy. I had to replace them later. I went with mid range quality Seraphim Mono 300W tier 1 panels and a Solis 1P5K-4G-MX Inverter. Performance of panels has been great in the first 8 weeks. Have averaged 25kWh to 29kWh on sunny days. The worst cloudy day was 12kWh. Location is Northern Beaches of Sydney. Have knocked my electricity bill down by 70%. Show additional information

Pushy Sales People but Good Service Ultimately

They were quite forceful in getting me to sign up. Deposit paid and then the installation occurred three weeks later. I’m very happy so far. Show additional information
Guided through by Adam very quick satisfactory installation. Great savings on my solar system. Show additional information
Very strong almost pushy sales, but eventually got a reasonable price. Paid extra due to a difficult property, which I have into because I was over it all. Show additional information
The after installation backup assistance was very good. Zara was very good on the phone to correct a alarm on my system caused by a switch in my meter box. OK. Overall it was a smooth process start to finish. Thanks very much. Show additional information
I have repeatedly contacted Sunboost for an email for warranty and other information re my solar system. I have received no reply, their service is poor, and I would not have chosen Sunboost if I had read the reviews first. Show additional information
Sunboost installation team was reliable, friendly and efficient. The back-up from Sunboost was excellent. am now whether it is all completed with as much efficiency and success as I have experienced so far.

I did not go with any of your 3 quotes because 1 did not respond and the other 2 were more expensive although one of those two was very helpful nevertheless. Your assistance through Solar Quotes was extremely helpful even though I did not go with the quotes and is appreciated.

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Excellent service with installation in 10 days although connection to the grid took a further 4 weeks. We have yet to see what feedback credit to the grid will result in as it is now approaching winter but our expectations are high ! Show additional information
There was some communication issues with the salesmen, hard to understand but eventually we got there. We agree on a price but was asked for another $250 more for the inverter on the day of the installation. I agreed to $150 and Rex covered the other $100 because the inverter was supplied by the installation contractors who were excellent and very professional to deal with but over all very satisfied with job. I can't wait to see the difference this will make on my next power bill... hopefully alot. Cheers Sunboost. Show additional information
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I gave a deposit for a 6.6KW, they kept on changing the installation dates as they insist on same day 100% payment, but Bank will not pay the loaned amount until an inspector will approve... for this reason, they kept on moving the dates, until 4 months later, frustrated, I requested to refund my deposit, and opted for another installer suggested by Solar quotes, bingo!!!, done in 2 weeks!

Sunboost sales people are rude, never reply the emails when after they knew i am requesteing a refund. their phone calls are hidden numbers as always so you cant call them back. delayed the deposit until now... i need consumer affairs on this.
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Paid a deposit for the 6.4kW system to be installed Jan 2, 2019. However, when installers arrived they found that our rooftop was not suited to solar panels. Because the system will not work we requested for the deposit to be refunded. Jordan from Sunboost assured us that they will be happy to refund the deposit but said that we should consider buying the optimisers to make it work. Because the optimisers were expensive we decided not to go ahead. Since then, communication with Sunboost has been awful. They do not return phone calls or respond to emails. When we did get to speak to Sunboost, they keep insisting that we buy the optimisers to make it work, and will not take no for an answer. 3 months later, many exchanges of emails and phones calls they still insist we must buy the optimisers. Today (26 March 2019), Fiona from Sunboost had the decency to tell me that the cooling off period had expired and we are not entitled to the refund. This is obviously their tactic to keep delaying the refund till the cooling off period had expired. We will be taking this matter further with consumer affairs. Show additional information
Hi Finn
Thank you for your fantastic assistance
I have purchased
For the Supply and Installation of Complete Solar System [A] Total Cost (inc GST): 4690.00

Panel Details : 22 X 300 Watt Seraphim 300 W Mono Black Frame (SRP-
300-6MB) Panels.

Model : SRP-300-6MB
Inverter Details : 1 Fronius Primo 5 kW 1 Phase 2 MPPT-INT Ver Grid
Connect (5.0-1) KW Inverter
Model : Primo 5.0-1

[B] Paid To Date: 4690.00

[C] Balance Due: 0.00
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Worst company ever! Installed the system and cracked our roof then refused to take responsibility!
Very dodgy - Worst ever!
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It was a very seamless transaction from start to finish. Sales and installers were all very professional and helpful. Show additional information
Stay away!!!!
Bad communication, unreliable, arrogant.
They will quote you a price and once you have paid your deposit and after 3 months chasing them to see when they will install the system they want more money.

I cancelled the job as dealing with this company was very unprofessional.
They are quick to take the deposit (December 2018), cancelled job (late February 2019), I have to keep emailing them to get my deposit back and they don’t respond.
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Promised for 6.4KW system to install within 2 weeks. Took 8 weeks to schedule. 18 Panels + 6 Free panels offered. Installed said on the roof he can install only 21 panels. Called them up and said can't refund for the remaining 3 panels because as per the deal it was free. Asked them to leave it with me without installing and said no.

So after long phone calls, they agree to refund $60 per panel ($180). So I ended up with 21 Panels. Not sure how much KW I would get.

Installer was nice. Mentioned this is their catch. Offer free panels and no use for average roof due to not enough space. Also said all panels are Chinese made poor quality.

I would not recommend these people. I feel I lost $4000 and not sure how long this system will last. Never expected this in Australia :( .
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Only negative was electrical installer took a while to send completed paperwork back to Sunboost which held things up a bit, however very happy with the service and installation of the system Sunboost sales staff very helpful and friendly overall good experience Show additional information
Just installed our solar panels today. The installer failed to notify that they drilled another hole on the rendered wall and put silicone. Not acceptable and not happy Jan?? Show additional information
Sunboost has excellent service, however the Electrical installer while he did an excellent job and was very helpful, however he cracked a skylight and failed to notify me, so when it rained my house got wet, he remains uncontactable even with the assistance of Sunboost. Show additional information
Today is the first day it generated electricity. My retailer had made the metering changes on the 8 February but did not tell me until I contacted them todat (14 February). Show additional information
Good value for money system with Aussie support from manufacturers. Quick installation by Sunboost Solar Show additional information
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I would have liked to have more information, but you only seem to deal with sales person. He was friendly and always got back with the info I needed. It was an excellent price - under $5k for 5kw system and they added another 1 kw, so in the end 6.6Kw. Installation was on time and to plan. System has been generating excellently from day 1+. There was a fault message on the inverter, so working erratically, and I had to work through a YouTube clip to work out how to adjust system. Overall a solid Pass, but I am left with the impression they are more interested in sales than service. It it worked out for me. Show additional information
We were extremely impressed with the professional way Greg Franich and his crew all worked and also their cheerful demeanour. It was a pleasure having them at our home. Workmanship first class. Show additional information
I ordered my system in November 2018. About 3 weeks later, got a call to say they could installed next day (mid December) or I could leave it til 30th Dec. I took the opportunity to take the next day.

Installers arrived about 1/2hr later than promised the next day. Whole system was installed and finished by lunch time and operational (as I already had a Solar Net meter).

I got the Solis 5kW Inverter with 6.6kW Seraphim panels. All working good with my exisitng solar systems (1.5kW and 3.2kW).

It has generated over 1MWh from the new system since day 1 (about 6 weeks now). So, going really well at the moment.

I had to pay an extra $200 as the DNSP wanted to export my limit from the new inverter as I had 11.3kW of panels on a single phase. But so far, the export limit has not kicked in. As I have a Tesla battery as well, so most of the solar energy is going to battery which can take 5kW charging rate, the rest is to house and excess to grid.
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Hopeless mob of BS artists. Wanted an extra $800 AFTER contract was signed. Installer failed to show up 5 times. Refused to respond to emails or take phone calls. 4 weeks later and STILL waiting for EWR so i can organise new meter and start putting electricity back into grid. Show additional information
No dramas, all good. Happened quickly and install was done by local Australian tradies. Show additional information
The information supplied by solar quotes was invaluable.
Particularly the tables showing brands and where they were ranked from entry level to high end. Thank you.
The system being supplied is Qcell panels with a Solax hybrid inverter.
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Ordered the system after calling the 1300 number and discussed the system with the salesperson on 04/01/2019, was promised an upgrade from 5 to 6 kW, salesperson advised that I would receive a receipt for the deposit via email that by the 05/01/2019 and the contract by 07/01/2019.
I'm still waiting for the receipt and the contract, the credit card payment advise has been submitted to my bank.
Sent them an email asking what has happened to the receipt and contract to date no reply.
After reading some of the reviews on this site about SUNBOOST I think the next step will be cancel the credit card deposit if possible and find another supplier, or just report this to Consumer Affairs.
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