Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – June 2019

auSSII solar report - June 2019

Did the high level of interest in advanced solar power system monitoring we saw in April continue in May? Find out in our latest Australian Solar Systems Interest Index (auSSII) report.

System Capacity Preferences

Interest in 6kW and larger solar power systems continued to build during May; accounting for nearly 68% of preferences among those who had a system size in mind (April – 66%, March – 63%, February ~60%, January – 58%). Around 33% of all submissions indicated advice on system sizing was needed, up on April (31%).

System size preference May 2019

Readiness To Install

The proportion of those ready to purchase a solar power system immediately was around the 16% mark in May, down from 18% in April. Those wanting to buy a system from right now to within 3 months also dropped back a little; from 81% in April to a whisker over 80% in May.

Solar purchase intent - May 2019.

Price Vs. Quality

Preference for a top quality (most expensive) system stayed around the same as in April (13%), as did quote submissions requesting a system offering a balance of quality and price – just under 80% (also similar to March and February). Those wanting “good budget solar package” was again around the 7% mark.

Solar price vs. quality - May 2019

Solar Power System Monitoring

As mentioned in the last auSSII, April was the first full month when SQ’s quoting form asked the question – “Would you like consumption monitoring?”.

In April 65% selected “yes” and in May, this climbed higher to reach 67%. As regular visitors to this site would know, SQ founder Finn is a big fan of solar power system monitoring.  Discover why he believes a solar monitoring system is a wise choice here.

Solar Consumption Monitoring - May 2019

Battery Ready Systems

Interest in “battery-ready” solar power systems remained fairly steady in May – a bit over 26% ( ~27% in April and March). This question is on the quoting form to assist prospective installers with system design when compiling a quote.

Battery Ready Solar Interest - May 2019

Solar + Energy Storage

8% indicated interest in a battery being installed at the same time as the their solar power system, up on April’s 7%. Solar batteries may be very attractive to many, but pricing still has some way to go to make them more widely accessible (and worthwhile installing). Something that stands out on the graph is the complete lack of interest in batteries during May in the Northern Territory – hence the blank slot.

Concurrent solar + battery storage installation - May 2019

Battery Size Preference

Among those wanting a concurrent battery installation and who specified capacity, approximately 20% indicated a 1-5kWh system in May (21% in April), 45% a 5-10kWh battery (43% in April) and 35% a 10kWh+ battery (same as April). There continued to be significantly more uncertainty on choosing a battery size compared to choosing PV capacity – with close to 54% wanting advice on energy storage sizing in May.

Battery capacity preference May 2019

Battery Use Intention

Just 3% wanted a solar battery primarily for backup purposes – down from 6% in April. 48% were wanting a battery for minimising grid electricity use, while 49% wanted it for both applications (47% in April).

Intended battery use May 2019

Electricity Costs

Where Australians using our service knew how much they were paying quarterly for electricity, in May just on 50% said they had electricity bills of $500 – $1,000 (same as April) and close to 13% said  $1,000 or more (11% in April).

How much Australians pay for electricity - May 2019

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