Clock Ticking For Coal Power In Great Britain

Coal power in Great Britain

Image: Benita5

The UK government announced last week how it intends ending unabated coal fired power generation in Great Britain by 2025 – and the date its proposed rules will come into effect. [Read more…]

Electric Plane Takes First Flight In Australia

Pipistrel Alpha Electro electric plane - Australia

Last week reportedly saw the first time a certified electric aircraft has flown in Australia – a Pipistrel Alpha Electro owned by Electro.Aero that successfully completed test flights in Perth. [Read more…]

Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – January 2018

auSSII solar report - January 2018

While the holiday season and lead-up to it had an impact on the number of Australians looking at going solar (as it often does), interest in new solar power installations was still very strong in December. [Read more…]

Solar Power To Feature In Victorian Turkey Farm Expansion

Solar energy in the Australian poultry industry

Image – foreground – OpenClipart-Vectors | background: eliseocabrera

Leadoux Turkeys in Bairnsdale is relocating and expanding its free-range production and processing venture, part of which will include installing a solar power system. [Read more…]

280MW+ Of Big Solar In The Pipeline For Victoria’s Moira Shire

Solar energy in the Shire of Moira - Victoria

Image: plonk66

The Shire of Moira looks set to be home to at least two and possibly three large scale solar farms in the near future. [Read more…]

New York State Governor Sets 1,500MW Energy Storage Goal

Energy storage in New York

Background image: jaidee

New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has proposed a USD$200 million investment to assist the state’s private sector in meeting an energy storage target of 1,500MW by 2025. [Read more…]

China’s Solar Electricity Generation Up 72%

Solar power in China

Solar panels image: anaterate

Solar power systems installed in China cranked 106.9 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity last year through to the end of November according to the country’s National Energy Administration. [Read more…]

Queensland’s Oakey 2 Solar Farm Reaches Financial Close

Oakey Solar Farm - Queensland, Australia

Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has committed $55 million in debt finance to the 55MW Oakey 2 solar farm project in south-east Queensland, construction of which will start soon. [Read more…]

Australian Distributed Solar PV Electricity Generation Statistics

Australian solar energy electricity generation

Image: Skeeze

Close to 1.8 million solar power systems are now installed in Australia – how much electricity have PV installations been generating? [Read more…]

Britain’s 2017 Low Carbon Electricity Records And Milestones

Low carbon electricity in Britain

Image: seagul

2017 was a big year for low-carbon electricity in Britain, with multiple new records set and the halving of carbon emissions in the electricity sector compared to 2012. [Read more…]