CEC Recommends Home Battery Storage Grants For Queensland

Battery system grants - Queensland

Image: Ricinator

Among its policy priority recommendations ahead of Queensland’s election, the Clean Energy Council has suggested a small battery grants scheme and other actions to support energy storage be implemented in the state. [Read more…]

SMA Battery Inverters For 20 MW Energy Storage Project

Sunny Central Storage battery inverter

Sunny Central Storage battery inverter

Solar inverter manufacturer SMA has announced it is supplying Sunny Central Storage battery inverters for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP’s) Beacon Energy Storage System. [Read more…]

More Big Solar Planned For The Northern Territory

2018 could be the year large-scale solar really starts to make its presence felt in the Northern Territory, with at least two major projects in the works. [Read more…]

CEC Warns On Looming Approved Solar Panel Listing Expiries

Approved solar panels listing

Solar panel image Stocksnap

More than half the currently listed solar modules on the CEC’s Approved Products List are scheduled to expire on February 1 next year. [Read more…]

International Solar Alliance Nears Prime Time

International Solar Alliance

Image: ISA

A “curtain-raiser” event for the founding ceremony of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) took place in Bonn, Germany yesterday. [Read more…]

BMW Sets 100% Renewable Energy Goal

BMW - wind and solar power

Solar panel image: marcusspiske

BMW Group announced at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn that its global operations will be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2020. [Read more…]

650MW Renewables Reverse Auction Launches In Victoria

Victoria renewable energy auction

Image : seagul

The Victorian government’s renewable energy reverse auction is expected to drive up to $1.3 billion in new investment in large-scale projects in the state. [Read more…]

Queensland Election Solar Scorecard

Queensland election solar scorecard

Solar Citizens has released its Solar Scorecard for the Queensland election – and there’s no surprises as to which parties lead and lag on renewables. [Read more…]

2017’s Emissions Projections “A Step Back For Humankind”

Carbon dioxide emissions on the rise

Image: stevepb

After three years of nearly no growth, global carbon dioxide emissions attributable to fossil fuels and industry are expected to reach around 37 billion tonnes in 2017, up 2%. [Read more…]

RCR Tomlinson Preferred Contractor For Two Major Solar Farms

Clermont Solar Farm - Wemen Sun Farm

Image: plonk66

RCR Tomlinson Ltd announced yesterday it has been chosen as the preferred Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor for two new large-scale solar farms in Australia. [Read more…]