Massive Energy Price Hike In The ACT – Rest Of Australia To Follow?

Beat electricity price rises with solar panels

Solar power to become even more attractive. | Image: cogdogblog, Public Domain

Uncertainty surrounding national energy policy has been blamed for a huge energy price hike in the ACT. This isn’t just bad news for those in Canberra – it’s perhaps a sign of things to come elsewhere in Australia.

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Australians Want More Government Focus On Renewable Energy: Poll

Wind and solar power in Australia

Solar panel image : Public Domain | Wind turbine image: Public Domain

Poll results just released indicate an overwhelming majority of Australians want to see a greater government focus on renewable energy, even if it costs more.

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Solar Powers Carbon Dioxide To Fuel Conversion

Solar power and carbon dioxide splitting

In another example of how solar power could help address the mess created by fossil fuel use, researchers have unveiled a new process for the solar-driven electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide into fuel components.

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Tasmania Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme Gets $10 Million Boost

Installing solar power in Tasmania

Solar Energy Products Popular In TEELS | Image: Mauro Gregori, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Funding for interest-free loans through the TEELS scheme has been doubled after significant interest from Tasmanians wanting to purchase solar power systems.

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Renault EV Batteries To Get Second Life In Solar Battery Systems

Powervault to use Renault EV batteries

Powervault incorporating re-used Renault EV batteries

Renault and Powervault in the UK have announced a partnership whereby Renault electric vehicle batteries will be re-used for home energy storage units, reducing the cost of a Powervault smart battery unit by 30%.

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Electricity Metering Rule Changes Could Boost Solar Battery Uptake

Smart meters and battery storage

Australia’s Smart Meter Revolution About To Get Into Gear? | Image: Christopher Corneschi

Implementation of rule changes in December concerning electricity meters may accelerate the uptake of home battery systems across Australia.

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Bellingen Shire Council Adding More Solar Energy Capacity

Solar panels in Bellingen Shire

Bellingen Shire Council Embracing Solar Power | Image: Public Domain

From bins to building rooftops, Bellingen Shire Council has been getting into solar power in various ways – with more to come.

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New York Snubs “Reckless” Trump With Massive Renewable Energy Initiative

New York state wind and solar power

New York pushing ahead with renewables

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced a USD $1.5 billion investment in major renewable energy projects for the state and the forming of an alliance to uphold the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Gippsland Getting Solar Funding

Solar panels for Yarram, Victoria

Gippsland solar PV projects | Image : Public Domain

Victoria’s Government via the Latrobe Valley Authority is providing funds for a solar power system installation at Yarram Recreation Reserve and other PV projects.

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NASA About To Test Roll Out Solar Array

NASA roll out solar test

Roll Out Solar Array | Image: Deployable Space Systems via NASA

Stowed in the trunk of  SpaceX’s Dragon capsule is an experimental roll-out solar panel array due to be launched today on a Falcon 9 rocket in a mission to the International Space Station.

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