Slow Cookers & Solar — A Perfect Combination (Free Bonus Recipe!)

Solar power and slow cookers

Winter is coming.   The cold month of June is almost upon us.  In Adelaide where I dwell, winter brings grey skies and decreased solar output.  The cold, dark of the evening arrives early and brings a time for family, fellowship, and food.

Now is the perfect time for me to write about slow cookers and how useful they are for solar households. [Read more…]

Inflexible Fossil Fuels: Why Starting And Stopping Coal & Gas Power Costs Big Bucks

Starting and stopping coal or gas power stations

A power station control room. Starting up one of these things is not trivial or cheap.

Coal power is gradually being driven out of business by renewables.  It simply can’t compete on price.  Most people know coal and gas power stations have to pay for fuel while sunshine and wind are free, but not many know how much it costs to start and stop fossil fuel generators. [Read more…]

Scrap Your Old Solar System & High Feed-in Tariff For A Bigger & Better Return

Replacing or upgrading a solar power system

If you have a small, old system, replacing it with a bigger, more efficient modern system is worth serious consideration. Even if it means losing that premium feed-in-tariff you’ve enjoyed for all these years.

Do you have a faithful, old, 1.5 kilowatt solar system installed?

Has it sat on your roof churning photons into electrical energy for 10 years or more?

Has it earned you a heap of money because it gets an old, premium feed-in tariff far higher than anything available now? [Read more…]

SA’s Wholesale Electricity Prices Now Lowest In Nation Thanks To Renewables

South Australia has the cheapest wholesale electricity.

South Australia’s gone from embarrassingly expensive to the cheapest wholesale electricity in just 10 years.

Over the past 12 months wholesale electricity prices have tumbled across Australia.  For the nation overall, they’re the lowest they’ve been for nine years.  But one state did particularly well and a large part of its success was because it now generates over 60% of its electricity from wind and solar. [Read more…]

Is Solar Still Worth It In Perth?

Going solar in Perth - is it worth it?

Short Answer: Yes. While the payback of solar in Perth is now longer, you can still own your Perth home faster with solar power than without — despite WA’s miserable feed-in tariff.

Longer answer: Read on… [Read more…]

ANU Claims Hydrogen At $2-3 A KG By 2030 — I Say Not Bloody Likely

Hydrogen vs. emission offset natural gas

Hydrogen won’t be $2-3 per kilogram by 2030. It’ll be much cheaper!

Hydrogen is the car fuel of the future.  Just not our future. 

[Read more…]

Why Solar Feed-in Tariffs Won’t Vanish Any Time Soon — Or Ever

Solar feed in tariffs in Australia

Solar feed-in tariffs are what you get paid when your rooftop solar power system sends energy into the grid. Their value will decrease in the future.  This is inevitable. As more solar capacity is built it will drive down the price of daytime electricity. [Read more…]

Solar Power Is Getting Cheaper, Faster Than Anyone Predicted

Ramez Naam on the cost of solar energy

Solar energy is getting cheaper faster than anyone predicted says Ramez Naam.

Utility-scale solar electricity is going to drive fossil fuels out of the power generation market, sooner rather than later, according to clean energy investor and advocate Ramez Naam. [Read more…]

Help! I’m Export Limited To Zero kW. Does Solar Make Any Sense?

Zero export limited - solar power in Australia

If you are not allowed to export any of your solar electricity, is it still worth getting panels?

Some people in Australia can’t export solar electricity to the grid.  This is because their local Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP) has export limited their home to zero kilowatts.  While this isn’t common — yet — it is a tragedy wrapped in personal economic pain. [Read more…]

100% Renewables Is Hard – But 96% Is Easy Says Windlab’s David Osmond

96% Renewable Energy In Australia

The road to 96% renewables is relatively cheap and easy. So let’s crack on!

A common delaying tactic of the enemies of our environment is to repeatedly remind us getting to 100% renewables, even for electricity generation, is difficult and expensive.

100% renewable is expensive, says Windlab’s David Osmond – but getting nearly all the way there, 96%, is easy and relatively cheap. [Read more…]

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