Redflow Boss Praises South Australia’s Tesla Battery Deal

Redflow CEO on Telsa battery storage project

Redflow CEO Simon Hackett has said South Australia’s 129 MWh Tesla project sets up the state as a world leader in battery storage.

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Google Rapidly Approaching 100% Renewables

Sunport Delfzijl solar farm

Sunport Delfzijl, Netherlands | Image: Groningen Seaports NV

Google has inked a deal to purchase all the electricity generated by the largest solar farm in the Netherlands for the next decade to power its new Eemshaven data center , bringing the company closer to its 100% renewables goal.

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Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions On The Rise

Greenhouse gas emissions Australia

After accusations of an emissions cover-up, Australia’s Federal Government has finally released “missing” quarterly greenhouse gas emissions data.

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Solar Power Helps Clean Up Coal Mining’s Mess In The UK

Solar energy powering contaminated water cleanup

Coal’s legacy – more than emissions | Image: Coal Authority

Solar electricity isn’t just preventing new damage from burning coal, it’s also helping to deal with the legacy left from abandoned coal mining operations in the UK.

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Strong Interest In Residential Solar And Batteries Continues In Australia

Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey

Energy Consumers Australia’s third national survey indicates 30% of Australian households intend installing solar panels and 36% will purchase battery storage in the next 5 years.

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Solar + Storage Powering Ahead In Tonga

Solar panels and battery storage at hospital in Tonga

Image: Tonga Power

The island nation of Tonga is closing in on its renewable energy target with a helping hand from solar power and the international community, including Australia.

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Solar Farm Built On Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant Site

Solar farm at Phipps Bend

Where nuclear energy failed, solar power has succeeded | United Renewable Energy

A 1MW solar power station has been constructed on the site of the Phipps Bend nuclear power facility in Tennessee, which was never completed.

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Call For 3GW Publicly Owned Wind & Solar Power In Northern QLD

Wind, solar power and storage in northern Queensland

Image: LEAN Queensland

The Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) says 86 local ALP branches in Queensland are now supporting its call for public ownership of renewable energy projects in the north of the state.

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UK Celebrates Solar Independence Day

Solar power in the UK

UK Solar Independence Day 2017

Since the first Solar Independence Day in 2014, the UK’s PV-based capacity has nearly tripled – an achievement well worth celebrating.

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Australia’s Largest Solar Car Park Canopy Project Nears Completion

Solar Car Park Canopy Project - Adelaide

Solar Car Park Canopy – Westfield Marion | Scentre Group

The end of this week will see the completion of Australia’s largest solar car park canopy project, installed at a Westfield shopping centre.

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