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Energex Tries To Stop Tide Of Batteries With Bonkers Tariff 31 and 33 Rule

king energex on a throne

Energex is the state government owned network operator for all of Queensland.  They receive electricity from the high voltage transmission lines that Powerlink manages and distribute it to the state’s homes and businesses. They also kindly distribute it things that aren’t homes or business, including my cousin’s non-profit Fight Club Community Center1.

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Reposit Power Review: Does It Really Halve The Payback Time Of Your Battery?

Reposit pokie

Reposit is a Canberra based startup. They make software which optimizes the performance of a home battery system. The software is installed on a controller the size of a circuit breaker that sits in your switchboard.

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Congratulations! Your 10 Year Solar Panel Product Warranty Is Probably 25 Thanks To Australian Consumer Law

magician turning a 10 year warranty in to 25 year warranty

When people ask me about solar panel warranties, I tell them to look at the product warranty.  This is usually for 10 or 12 years. I tell them not to worry about the performance warranty, which is normally for 25 years or sometimes 30.  You see, while most manufacturers are happy to honor their product warranties, not […]

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Will Trump Take A Dump On Solar?

usa flag in solar cells

Donald Trump has won the US Presidential election.  The people of the United States of America have spoken.  They haven’t spoken very well, but they have done it.  And since they will have a guy in charge who never shuts up, they’re not likely to stop now.

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Is Tesla’s Solar Roof Fair Dinkum?

elon musk on tv

On Saturday the 29th of October, Elon Musk made an announcement that thousands of Australians were waiting to hear. He spent 37 seconds making that announcement. Then he spent most of the rest of the time spruiking Tesla’s new solar tiles.

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The Sonnen Battery: Expensive & Warranty Unclear

  Sonnen is a German company who have been making home batteries longer than Tesla.  They were originally known as sonnenBatterie but shortened their name and called their battery system that.  Its full name in Australia is the sonnenBatterie eco. Their system is 100% made in Germany using 100% made in Japan batteries and their […]

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The Tesla Powerwall 2: Batteries Can Finally Pay For Themselves

Powerwall 2 technical details.

Today at 12:15 Eastern Standard Time, Elon Musk announced the arrival of the Tesla Powerwall 2. Some people were enthusiastically looking forward to this announcement, but I was not. I fully expected to be underwhelmed, and as soon as Musk finished his two or three sentences on the actual system, I felt a near fatal […]

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Solarwatt Solar Panels’ 30 Year Product Warranty Is World’s Best

solarwatt homepage

When it comes to product warranties for solar panels, the American company SunPower has long been king with one that lasts for 25 years.  Not only will they replace any of their panels that fail in that time, but they will send people around to install a new one free of charge and cart away […]

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Trina Solar’s Honey Plus Polycrystalline Panel Sets A Sweet Record With 19.86% Efficiency

Trina honey logo

Trina Solar announced a new world record for solar panel efficiency on Tuesday. The announcement was made via a press release that was mostly comprised of words. But that wasn’t all it contained.  Oh no, this press release was far too important to get by just using them. It also contained numbers, punctuation, and percentage […]

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Has Maxim Just Killed The Microinverter & DC Optimiser?

3 maxim chips compared to a micro inverter and dc optimiser

Maxim Integrated is a Californian electronics company that has been going strong for 33 years and has only ever been delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Exchange once.  As you may be able to tell from their name, they like to integrate things and have developed a way to optimise the power from individual solar panels using […]

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