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RayGen combines solar technologies for bush solar revolution

raygen system

You get the best renewable energy stories tucked away in the rural press. Proof that solar power innovation in the bush is moving ahead by leaps and bounds. This despite the often backwards policy of our elected representatives. So it was this week when a bit of digging unearthed the unveiling of a $3.6 million […]

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Abbott accepts gift of Coal Seam Gas well at Kirribilli House

csg well at kirribilli house

1 April 2015: Tony Abbott announced today that he has accepted the ‘very kind’ gift of a free Coal Seam Gas Well to be installed on the front lawn of Kirribilli House. The offer from the ‘Concerned Oil, Diesel & Gas Executives Rejecting Solar” (CODGERS) to come and frack every last molecule of gas from […]

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Deal or no deal? Renewable energy target negotiations hit tipping point

deal or no deal logo

So is it deal or no deal? What is the current state of the renewable energy target negotiations between the government and the Senate? Last week a split appeared to form in the previously rock-solid front put forward by the organisations lobbying on behalf of the renewable energy sector. The break was instigated by the […]

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Fossil fuel city flips to renewables

a texan dog with solar panels

It’s not a surprise that the U.S. city of Georgetown has decided to go 100 percent renewable, after all solar has become an unstoppable force. What does raise eyebrows though is that Georgetown is in Texas, the state synonymous with gushing fossil fuel, the Bush family and well, more gushing fossil fuel. Even more surprising perhaps […]

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Uncertainty grows as solar panel anti dumping report delayed again

solar panels and a no dumping sign

The long-delayed anti-dumping investigation into Chinese solar panels is having the desired effect of disrupting the solar industry in Australia, whatever the outcome. Desired that is by the fossil fuel giants and their fans in federal politics. One sure way to kill a fledgling industry is to manufacture uncertainty. Such has been the case with […]

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Solar will be the dominant energy source by 2050 (thanks to batteries)

solar battery

More evidence emerged this week of the imminent arrival of the solar storage revolution. First was a report by the Deutsche Bank, the latest to predict that solar will become the dominant energy source by 2050, displacing other traditional energy such as fossil fuels. “Over the next 20 years, we expect the electricity market to […]

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Why Are Solar Owners Charged GST On Money They Never Spent?

electricity bill including GST

I have a 6kW (24 panel) solar system on my roof. My last quarterly electricity bill is here. The good news is that it was for only $33.60. The interesting thing is the breakdown of the $33.60. If you look at the bottom of the bill, I paid $12.68 in electricity charges but a whopping […]

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Are AGL’s New Solar Packages a Trick or a Treat for Aussie Consumers?

mousetrap and solar panel

Just to prove that energy giants can move with the times like the rest of us, AGL Energy, who only a few months ago described solar household tariffs as a ‘scam‘, has decided roll out a couple of new solar energy products. One is happening now — a (sort of) solar leasing offer — while the other a promise […]

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India’s renewable energy sector on cusp of greatness

indian flag and solar panels

As we in Australia struggle with a federal government attitude to renewables halfway between apathy and utter neglect, things continue apace on the sub continent. Indeed India’s renewable energy policy is now primed to make the country one of the world’s leaders in alternative energy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made the development of alternative […]

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How To Divert Your Excess Solar PV to a Hot Water Cylinder.

a diversion sign

This guest blog post has been written by experienced solar installer, electrician, solar company owner and all round good guy, Mark Cavanagh from MC Electrical in Brisbane. Mark answers a really common question we are getting here at SolarQuotes: “Can I divert my excess solar energy into my hot water cylinder instead of selling it to the grid for […]

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