Australia’s Solahart Celebrates A Million Solar Panels

Solahart - one million solar panels

The Solahart name is usually associated with solar hot water – but the company also offers PV solar panels under the Solahart brand and has just hit a significant milestone in this arena.

Headquartered in Sydney, Solahart has been involved in solar hot water in Australia for around 70 years and its systems have also found their way to more than 70 countries around the world. Back in 2011, the company ventured into PV solutions, and subsequently Solahart branded solar panels. Yesterday the firm announced it had installed a million panels across Australia to date.

“Solar energy generated by Solahart’s fleet of solar panels as part of PV systems is equivalent to 315 MW of peak solar capacity – which is almost as large as the Collie Power Station in Western Australia,” said head of the company’s Solar Power and Battery Storage Division, Sean Box.

By “energy”, Mr. Box probably meant *power* – there is a difference. Regardless, it’s a significant achievement and one certainly worth celebrating.

“We are the only solar company in Australia that can say they have been in the solar industry for 70 years and installed over one million panels,” he said.

Who Manufactures Solahart PV Panels?

While the company’s modules are branded Solahart these days, it doesn’t make them. The two current lines of panels are Suncell, which are manufactured by China’s Astronergy; and Silhouette produced by South Korea’s Qcells. I’m not clear on what other brands may have been used in the past.

Are Solahart Panels Any Good?

While we don’t have anywhere near as much Australian customer feedback here on SolarQuotes as we do for some of the other bigger PV players, Solahart solar panel reviews have generally been positive – with the company averaging 4.7 stars overall from 36 ratings.

Solahart is currently listed on the SQ recommended panel brands chart.

The company currently pairs its panels with SolarEdge, Fimer and GoodWe inverters, and where batteries are involved, with the Powerwall, SolarEdge Home Battery and GoodWe energy storage solutions.

Who Installed The Millionth Solar Panel?

Since its first PV system sale 12 years ago, Solahart has kept close tabs on what’s gone where – to the point it has been able to identify Solahart Newcastle as the dealer to have installed the millionth module. This dealership alone has been responsible for more 100,000 of the tally. And the Newcastle team are pretty chuffed with the distinction.

“Congratulations to the Solahart Newcastle team and to the forward-thinking communities in the Newcastle and Upper Hunter regions, who are looking to clean, solar energy to power their homes and businesses,” said Stephen Cranch, General Manager of Solahart Industries.

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Michael caught the solar power bug after purchasing components to cobble together a small off-grid PV system in 2008. He's been reporting on Australian and international solar energy news ever since.



    The best bit is they only pair with Inverters that do not pose a National Security Risk. Not risky brands like Huawei

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